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Found 102 results

  1. I always found the name pool for horses a bit limited, so I made this mod that allows to replace or add new names, and now with a new item for custom names. Features: Add new possible names into male, female and generic name pools Completely replace the built-in wurm name pools so that only the custom names will be available A custom item, Naming Tag, craftable with a wood scrap and some cloth string, allows custom names or select one of the available random names from Wurm. The maximum characters via naming tag is 20, which is achieved at 100ql. Requirements: Ago's Mod Loader Instructions: Extract the zip file to your mod folders, configure the file to your desire. To change/add names, open the file at "mods/JPWM_OffspringNames/names.txt". Inside you'll find 3 categories, generic, male and female. Below those add one name per line. By default the mod will disable horse names on birth, this is to allow custom names with the naming tag, however if you wish to use the initial version functionality, just change the nameMethod to 1 (or Wurm in GUI) and alternatively disable the naming tag as well. Downloads: Version 1.1.1 (BETA) - Please let me know issues or other things with the naming tag. Version 1.0 Properties file with support for Server Mod GUI Manager
  2. It would be really great if we could have some new tameable animals added to Wurm. Here's a list of things I'd love to see new lairs for: Badgers (can help players dig when tamed) Moose (rideable, hitchable) Salamanders (rideable) Polar bears (winter spawns) Snow leopards (winter spawns) Phoenixes (must be kept inside a house with a roof if you want to stop them flying away, have healing powers when tamed) Panthers Ducks/swans Sea horses Foxes Rabbits If adding animals is going to be too difficult, it may be easier to change current animals so that they have more functions or variety in the game. Option one: Let more animals spawn from lairs (thus giving champions and other conditions) and bring back old animal lairs that have been missed since they stopped spawning. Here are my ideas: Dogs (bring back lairs) Deer (bring back lairs) Tortoises (new lairs, plus increased spawns) Pigs (new lairs) Sheep (new lairs) Hens/roosters (new lairs) Pheasants (new lairs) Hell hounds (new lairs) Better yet, let all animals spawn from lairs! Option 2: Let more of the current animals be tamed/charmed or dominated. Suggestions: Spiders (tame/charm) Lava spiders (tame/charm) Whales (tame/charm) Anacondas (tame/charm) Dolphins (tame/charm) Octopi (tame/charm) Huge sharks (tame/charm) Sea serpents (dominate) Option 3: Make or bring back more types/colours. Ideas: Unicorns (multi-coloured for different conditions) Dogs (different breeds) Cats (different breeds, including non-aggressive ones) Wolves (different colours)
  3. Please can we change the programming so that animals can cross server borders? I'm sure it's been said before, but I'm mentioning it again because it's quite a big thing and would be particularly helpful to breeders such as myself not having to start again on every new server we go to. I understand the programming part is easier said than done, and obviously this isn't going to happen overnight, but I'm hoping this issue could be given a higher priority in future. I suppose it would make sense for creatures that can't swim not to be able to cross, but we should at least be able to lead creatures over on a boat like we can do to different parts of our own servers.
  4. Our beloved Rageed has gone missing! Last seen in the vicinity of Alora near S-12/13. Rageed is a very important member of our village that has special needs and needs to be constantly brushed and reassured. Please help us find our horse! Ayuna is spending countless nights in suffering due to the separation which has lead to fatal wounds and continued quick shortcuts down the mountain. The terrible expedition has her scarred for life! Please assist Ayuna in recovering her horsie!
  5. As the programming currently stands, you can only breed another champion from a female champion; there is no chance of males by themselves passing on the trait. As someone who breeds champions, sometimes I only have a male and no females, which is very frustrating when trying to breed more. I think that males should have at least a small chance to pass on the trait, even if it's much smaller than the chance of a female passing it on.
  6. One of the main problems with the AH system currently is that there are more reasons to stay at 50 skill than there are to go above it. The chances of negative traits are a serious drawback to ever grinding it any higher, and I think this needs to change; it should be desirable to have skills higher, not lower. A good way to do this would be to add motivations that are available only at higher skills. My idea is we modify it so that names and traits that currently can't be passed down have a chance at being passed on by parents at higher AH levels. 1. Horse names or parts of names have a higher chance of passing down to offspring at a higher AH level. 2. Males can pass on conditions such as champion, greenish, etc. as well as females with a small chance at first, increasing with AH level. 3. Christmas animals can pass on their names (bird, French, piper, etc.) only at a very high AH level. 4. Over 90 AH cared for animals never die of anything (currently they drop dead for no apparent reason, even if it's not often)
  7. Hi, how many tiles and how deep are needed to keep non Swimming animals on an Island?
  8. Simple and useful, just a place to hitch animals like we already do on carts, but they'll be facing the object instead of facing away from it. I suggest 2 designs: a simple pole for just one or two horses, and a wide one for several animals Like this example 'Cause fenced areas may not be what you wanted your deed to look like, and you can also put those in front of buildings to make like taverns Please support the idea to make this happen
  9. I know that animals staying traitors was supposed to be bug, and clearly that's been fixed, but I miss them staying traitors. I really wanted to get a traitor collection like I had on Chaos. Please could we put it back so that if they're not killed after the mission they stay traitors? That will give traitors a dual purpose again - being killed or being collected. I know wanting to kill them is more common, but I also know I'm not the only breeder who wants to collect them, and they're useless for karma purposes once the mission is over, they may as well stay traitors.
  10. I love champion animals and have a collection of them. However, I believe the current system could use some tweaking. Here are my ideas: 1. More champions! First prize would be for all animals to spawn from lairs and therefore as champions. If that would be a problem, I'd love to have a few champion animals added. Personally I'd vote for champion tortoises. 2. Make rideable champions bigger. Their size is a large part of what makes champions so awesome, and riding on a taller animal with a better vantage point would be great. 3. Make all champions leadable. I'm thinking here particularly of champion spiders and lava spiders. 4. Allow swimming champions to be led across server borders. 5. Let male champions have a small chance of passing on the champion trait if bred with a normal female (currently only female champions have a chance). It would be great if this feature could also be applied to Christmas animals, so that males could pass on their names (dove, bird, etc.) when bred with normal females. 6. Size-appropriate drops from champions. Let champions drop more meat, glands, etc. because of their larger size. I'd particularly love it if champion tortoises dropped large tortoise shells that would make shields equivalent to large metal shields - though it would need to be modified so that tortoise shields can be improved to be a truly useful function. 7. If we're going with making more animals champions, let champion horses and hell horses have a percentage chance of passing on their names at a high animal husbandry. 8. Let some of the other champions be rideable. For example, wolves are clearly too small to ride in their normal state, but champion wolves are bigger than horses and definitely look like they can be ridden. The same for rats, cave bugs, etc.
  11. I'd really love a fence that players can cross, but animals can't. Could we add that feature to woven fences? We could make it so that animals can't cross unless they're led across by a player. I wouldn't mind if a new type of fence was made for this function, but it may just be easier to modify the already existing woven fences.
  12. So aggressive animals can only be cared and branded for once they're not aggro anymore. This can usually be solved by taming or dominating, but there are some animals, such as spiders, laver spiders, sharks, etc. that you can't tame or dominate. Please could we make it so that when the love effect de-aggros these animals, they can be cared for and branded? I'd particularly like this for my champion lava spider.
  13. I know the issue of animals not being able to cross server borders is proving difficult to fix. I was thinking that while the devs are working on a proper long term solution to this, there may be a short term fix we could use in the meantime. What if there was a karma ability 'reanimate corpse'? You could kill an animal, put its body in your inventory, cross to another server, then use 3000 karma to bring it back to life. Kind of like the zombie spell, except with this the animals would be truly alive, not die after a few days, be rideable, breedable, etc. This would also be useful for those unfortunate accidents that always seem to happen, like when you kill your favourite horse by mistake, or forget to unequip your weapon when taming your other pets. It would probably need to exclude unique so that people couldn't bring nogumps and things to freedom, but for horses and other animals, as well as champion pets, it would be a good start. We can always work on better ways like animal crates in the future. I'm not sure if this idea would be easier to programme than crates or people leading animals through water across servers, but it's worth looking into. We've all been waiting a long time for this, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd be happy to have a temporary fix while the devs sort out a better long term method.
  14. I'm trying to keep a collection of animals, but if I don't want them to start dying from the deed ratio, I'm going to have to spend a fortune on upkeep for a deed twenty times the size I actually need it. The current deed ration is one animal per 15 tiles. 15 tiles? There is no conceivable way one animal can need 15 tiles. One animal per two tiles would be perfect. Actually, you could probably keep one animal per one tile. I have a lot of animals and I keep two of them in two by one pens, and they manage perfectly well. If we can't get rid of this, could we at least make it more reasonable? If it can't be an animal per two or three animals, at least make it one per every five? That's more than enough for one animal. The number of animals that can be on one server at a time can be modified it necessary so that plenty still spawn for everyone else who doesn't have big animal collections, I don't think anyone would complain about having more animals around - giving everything from fight skill to meat to a collection opportunity for those of us who breed them, animals are useful for all of us. I understand that having a lot of animals may make a certain deed laggy, but that should be for the deed owner and village members to decide if they are willing to deal with.
  15. Please could we make it so that we can tame the sea creatures? If we could tame dolphins, octopi, whales and sharks, and dominate sea serpents, that would be awesome. Also can we tame spiders and lava spiders? They're the only animals that spawn as champions that you can't tame or dominate, and I'd really like to see that change.
  16. It's nice having an animal that's cared for by someone else, with one glaring problem: if it's someone you don't know (personally I have a few animals cared for by people I don't know), they could log on one day and decide to stop caring for the animals they don't have anymore to clear their caring for list. A venerable cared for animal can die within hours of someone stopping caring for it, so you probably won't get a chance to care for it yourself, unless you happen to be online and examining it the moment it's no longer cared for; most likely it ends up dead. I suggest we make a caring for override option. If you have an animal that's already cared for, you can care for it as well, overriding the original caring for. If the other person stops caring, it won't die because you're caring for it, and if you stop caring for it, the other person's caring for still stands, so you won't be able to use it as a way to kill other people's animals.
  17. I've got a deed owned by my main, and all my alts, including my Fo alt, have permissions to do anything on deed. They have individual permissions, and are also members of the village, and village permissions are set the same. According to all permissions, any of my priests should be able to tame/charm/dominate, as well as cast deity spells. What really confuses me is that it was working just a little while ago. I used my Fo priest to charm a champion crocodile. About an hour later, I tried to charm a champion cave bug and I couldn't. It said that would be very bad for my karma and was disallowed on the server. I hadn't changed my permissions at all. I checked, and they were still all the same. I tried with other animals, and I can't charm any of them now, but I don't get what's changed or how to change it back. All I did on my main was feed some animals and do some farming; there's no way that should have magically changed the permissions, and even if it did, I checked and all the same boxes are ticked that were ticked when I charmed the crocodile. All of my animals are branded, the crocodile is now untamed, I had enough favour and permission to manage all animals on deed. The Fo alt can still do other spells like Genesis. I've tried reclogging and ticking some other boxes in the permissions just in case they needed to reset, but nothing is working. How on earth am I supposed to change whatever it is back so that my Fo can charm again?
  18. I know that caring for an animal makes it live a long time - years. But it doesn't live forever. Cared for animals die, even if it is years later. Could we remove this please? Personally I'd feel a lot better if I knew I wasn't going to log on one day and find one of my cared for animals dead. It's not so much of a problem for animals you can breed, as you can breed more of them before they become venerable, but for animals that you can't breed, it is a problem. Dogs and deer with conditions no longer spawn, and most of the people who have any of the remaining ones (myself included) have males, which you can't breed. I have a male slow dog which I dearly love, but I know that someday it'll die and I'll never be able to get another one, unless the caring for is changed so that it won't die as long as I care for it. There are also now the Christmas animals, all male and therefore unbreedable, which are also slated to die without hope of getting another unless this is changed. Another factor is that many people have horse names they particularly like, and care for a horse for that reason. When that horse dies, getting another one with the same name, colour and qualities is virtually impossible. For all intents and purposes, that horse is lost forever.
  19. I was wondering if I could get some help with people from other servers re info on the Christmas animals. I'd like to collect them all eventually, which obviously requires knowing what they all are, but I know some are different on different servers. If anyone knows what the Christmas animals are called on other servers, please let me know! And of course if you're willing to sell or trade, let me know about that too It's only a matter of time before it's possible to move animals between servers... These are the animals on Exodus: Drummers: roosters Doves: tortoises Aquaphobic swans: bison Turtles: pheasants Pipers: hell scorpions Birds: wolves Purrty dancing paws: champion wild cats French: hens Great horned goose: deer Napoleons: unicorns Butters: dogs Golden rings: rams We also have near year's narwhals, unicorns. What does everyone else have?
  20. Animals packing grass seems out of hand. I have 1x1 pens with single animal (for example i had 16 cows in 16 1x1 pens) and animals are packing the tiles constantly, even when feed and piles of grass a few days later they will still pack the tiles. Wagons/Carts perfectly positioned for 1 tile per animal even on long grass seems to get packed within a day. The only way i can keep animals from packing grass is to park them on enchanted grass. Animals *still* bunch up on the corners, but i know that is a known issue and is not what i am talking about. so to be clear one (1) animal in a 1x1 pen or hitched over a single tile regardless of health or satiety and without negative conditions where the grass is long (or steppe) on a deed with a good animal ratio and even when pile of grass is present on said tile are still packing tiles. I just fixed the tile below (after wasting a vast amount of time to make sure every animals was full and healthy and replanting this time with steppe to see if any different) and no, there are no negative traits on the animals down there, and yes, i feed them before replanting, and yes i made sure they ate multiple times before replanting, and yes, they are/were all healthy, and yes, i tried leaving piles of food.........................................there is something wrong beyond control in game. I have been raising animals a long time and this is far worse then i have ever seen. Note on the left side (cannot see in picture) are 12 horses and 6 hell horses all cared for and all on enchanted grass, there has not been a single packed tile, it is only grass/steppe that is being constantly packed this is really starting to degrade game play and cannot possibly be intended
  21. Just a simple animation alteration. I'd like to see cattle type animals (bison, horses, cows, deer, dogs...etc.) have an animation that shows them laying down sometimes. Similar to how the chickens can sit. I'd also like to see the time the chickens sit to be extended. Having them sit for no more than a second or two looks kind of silly.
  22. I loved the special animals that spawned for the 12 days of Christmas! I hope this will be something that repeats every year in future? I have a few ideas for if it does. It would be a bit weird to have a new 12 funny named animals every year, the server would fill up very quickly with strange beings, but it would be boring just to have the same ones every year. I was thinking that each year a new animal is added. So say for example next year we add a new animal and take off one of the old ones. Then the year after we'd add another animal, then for the remaining 11 randomly pick from all the past animals. Maybe after a few years we can start phasing out the older ones. Eventually we'd have special named versions of all the animals, but it would take many years, so we wouldn't be running out of things to do any time soon. It may also be nice to have the special animals give higher fighting skill when killed for those who don't want to collect them. What does everyone think?
  23. I'm on Exodus and I'm looking for a number of rare animals - champions, the 12 days of Christmas funny named ones, etc. I'm sure other people must also be looking. For some reason, on this server a bunch of the Christmas animals were slaughtered as they spawned. I'm hoping that people on other servers may still have the ones I'm looking for. I know taking animals between servers isn't currently possible, but with enough pressure from players we must be able to get it into the coding eventually. My idea is that anyone looking for animals finds someone either on another server or their server who has what they want and they arrange a trade, or a sale if they don't have the desired trading animal. If it's across servers the trade will obviously need to wait until the change is made so animals can be taken across servers. Here's what I have to trade: Butter (dog) Champion Purrty Dancing Paw (cat) Napoleon (unicorn) Aquaphobic swans (bison) Great horned goose (deer) Piper (hell scorpious, but collection only, I can't dominate it) Champion black bears (male and female) Champion wolves (male and female) Champion brown bears (male and female) Black sheep and rams Champion large rats (male and female) Champion deer (male and female) Champion scorpions (male and female) Champion crocodiles (male and female) Champion goblins (male and female) Champion wild cats (male and female) Champion unicorns (male and female) Coming soon: 5 speed horses, hell horses, cows and bison Here's what I'm looking for: Female champion dog Female champion troll Female tortoise Any female dogs with other conditions such as slow, hardened, etc. Any female deer with other conditions such as slow, hardened, etc. French (hen) Golden ring (ram) If anyone is interested in trading or just getting some extra silver, there should still be Christmas animals on other servers that can be found, just some of them are extinct here on Exodus already. Hopefully just a quick search of the spawning area will find some like I found the ones I have Let me know!
  24. Hey everyone, I've been around in the game for quite a long time now, and have been handling animals and breeding most of the time. While I've had the chance to breed a few 5-speeder lines on different servers, I have now settled down and am getting the first 6-trait horses. I will not claim to know everything about breeding animals, but am hopefully able to help some newer players with their first own lines of animals. Contents: 1.) Which Animal Do I Want To Breed? 2.) Breeding Pens 3.) Animal Husbandry 3.1) Age & Caring 4.) Breeding, Inbreeding & Traits 5.) Fo and How Religion Helps 6.) Enchanted Grass 01.) Which Animal Do I Want To Breed? There are plenty of different types of animals you can breed in Wurm. A full list of animals can be found here.This page also gives you an overview of the required taming skill, and the fighting skill required should it attack you in order to defeat it. It also lets you know which animals can be lead without being tame. Most passive animals (animals that do not attack you) can be lead without having been previously tamed, but all hostile animals as well as some of the passive ones need taming first. I suggest starting with a type of animal that is naturally neutral and can be lead without being tame. The most common animal to be bred are horses. They are the easiest to breed in a way, as they receive names upon being born. That means you will be able to easily see who is the parent of whom and whether horses you wish to breed with are in any way related. This is important to avoid inbreeding, which you can look up in part 4 of the guide. However, if you can keep track of who is the parent of who, you can breed any other animal as well. The only other animal that is named are hell horses, which you most likely should not begin to breed with unless you are already a veteran player with high taming and fighting skill. I recommend starting with one of the following animals: - Horses - Bulls & Cows - Bison - Sheep 02.) Breeding Pens Every breeder needs a meadow or breeding pens. Both work, although I recommend breeding pens for the following reason: On a meadow, which would in real life be preferred, the animals can roam freely. Often, especially if there is a slope nearby, that results in all animals stacking up on one or two tiles, no matter how large the meadow is, thus dramatically increasing the chance of disease among them. With breeding pens, this can be avoided. The typical breeding pens are 1x2 tiles big, and contain 1-2 animals per pen. The fewer animals you have in one pen, the lower the chance of disease. The best thing to do in order to keep them all fed, is to plant seeds on flat ground tiles, creating fields. Animals will feed off of it, and even help your fields gain yield if there are not too many animals on the same field tile. That way you gain animals, and some crops, and keep your animals fat at the same time. If you have animals that eat fish or meat, you will obviously have to provide that instead of fields. The fence types that surround your breeding pens do not matter, but make sure you have enough space to lead the animal fully into the breeding pen. This is the reason the typical pen size is 1x2, as the animal doesn't follow you instantly but with abouta tile distance behind you. With a 1x2 tile there is no issue. If you decide to use a 1x1 tile as breeding pen, that works but make sure to put two gates on it, best on separate ends, so you can lead your animal straight into the pen without any further issues. 03.) Animal Husbandry Good care of your animals is important in order to avoid unwanted deaths among the animals, often caused by disease. You should groom every animal in your care at least once a day. This does not ensure your animals will not catch disease, but it critically decreases the chance, even if you have too many animals on the same tile for a while. Animals can be groomed once every hour, although you will not receive the message that the creature requires grooming until a few hours after the last time you tended to it. The Animal Husbandry skill is important for breeding. You can gain it by grooming and breeding your animals. It determines the chance of you successfully grooming and breeding your animals, and makes them shy away less often upon trying. It also determines which traits you are able to see. At 20 AH (Animal Husbandry) you can see the first, at 43 the last trait, and the "Bred in Captivity" trait, which does not really tell you more than you already know, unlocks at 83. Further more, it determines how many animals you can care for at a time. Each 10 skill give you an extra animal. 03.1) Age & Caring You can see the age of each animal by its name. Here you can find a list of all ages, and how long the animal will approximately be at that age. Animals that are Aged or older, might die if not taken care of properly, or if you are unlucky. Venerable horses are likely to die within a couple of weeks of becoming Venerable, unless cared for. Young animals, and early adolescent animals will not breed yet. It will tell you that the creature is not in the mood at that time. Just wait a few days and try again. Caring for an animal is possible by right-clicking it, and selecting Care for. This will make you specially care for that particular animal. What that does is it ensures your animal will live for a long time, much longer than normal animals. I have taken care of a horse that was venerable for a few months, and it still has not died. It is rumored that animals that are taken care of can live forever, although some people believe that they just live exceptionally long. It definitely makes sense to care for pregnant Venerable animals to ensure they do not have a miscarriage and die from that, or die during pregnancy if you want the baby. It also makes sense to care for animals you especially like, that have very good traits or whatever your reason might be. The amount of animals you can take care of are determined by your Animal Husbandry skill. You are able to care for one extra animal per 10 skill you gain. To stop caring for all animals, type /stopcaring in chat and you will not care for any animal anymore. To stop caring for a single animal, repeat the right-click and Care for process of taking of it in the first place. 04.) Breeding, Inbreeding & Traits Breeding animals can be a lot of fun. However, there are few logical restrictions that apply: The animals you breed have to be of the same type and different gender. You might laugh when reading this, but admittedly, I don't think there is anyone who hasn't tried to breed dogs with horses and sheep with pigs just for fun. Sadly, it does not work so we'll have to stick to the good old concept of breeding morally correct. One thing to watch out for when breeding is Inbreeding. Breeding a child with a parent, or breeding two siblings is considered inbreeding and therefore bad. It can result in bad traits on the newborn animal. Inbreeding is only "valid" as long as the parents are alive. As soon as they are dead, the horses that were previously siblings can be bred without a higher risk for bad traits. This is why a lot of people breed two same good horses a lot of times, and then kill them when they are venerable in order to breed their foals. However, this practise is frowned upon by a lot of players who are morally attached to the animals they are keeping, and I suggest you just get different breeding pairs to start breeding with to avoid the issue alltogether. Another thing to ensure, is that you don't breed animals that are thin. If an animal is thin by the time it is supposed to give birth, that might lead to a miscarriage. Miscarriages happen rarely but can be caused by old age or too low fat reserves. They can lead to either of three scenarios: The mother might die, the baby might die, or both might end up dead. Traits are what determines the animal's characteristics, bonuses and the market value of each individual creature. There are good and bad traits, which can increase and reduce the value of your animal. The traits most players look for in the animals they buy are speed traits, a single bad trait may make your animal unsellable already. Nobody wants animals with bad traits and pay money for them. 5-speeders, animals with all 5 speed traits, are the most common to be sold among the community. You can see a list of all traits here. Animals with bad traits are commonly not used for breeding. If you have few animals, I recommend you use them as work animals and hitch them to large carts or wagons for them to be pulled (if you don't care about the negative effects on it), or you kill / release it. If you wish to breed horses with 5 speed traits, it makes sense to breed with horses who only have speed traits, as other traits might take the place of a possible speed trait in your young animal. 05.) Fo & How Religion Helps The God commonly connected to animals, breeding and nature is Fo. A lot of players who wish to specialize in breeding and animal keeping, become a follower or priest of Fo. At first, this does not change a lot, but as you progress as a Fo priest, you gain an important ability: At 60 faith and 30 favor, you are ignored by all animals and will no further be attacked by them. As I do not wish to explain religion in this topic, I will just give you a link: where you can check out all important features. Feel free to pass me a PM if you are interested in learning more about the faith, and I'll gladly help you out with more information on this. This particular faith will allow you to be ignored by hostile animals. This enables you to breed normally hostile animals without having to worry about being attacked every single time. No other religion offers a particular bonus in breeding, but this one is very handy. It will also give you two spells, Humid Drizzle and Genesis, the first of which helps with taking care of the animals by grooming all animals within a 4-tile radius in any direction around you, and the second of which allows you to remove bad traits on your animals. 06.) Enchanted Grass Enchanted grass is something that can be created through a meditation skill on the Path of Love. You can read all about meditating and the particular path on the links provided. It is rumored to attract wild animals and have a chance of spawning wild ones, as well as provide a very good basis for your animals to feed on. Grazers can graze on it, and will ultimately turn fat after a while, same as with fields. However, the chance of the animals trampling on the tile and packing the enchanted grass is reasonably lower. Well, let me know if I have made a mistake or if I have forgotten something, but I think that's all for now! Thank you for reading. If you have anything regarding breeding you need advise with, please feel free to message me any time. (Updated 2017)
  25. this is nothing big just a small but fun thing i would like to see is being able to pet your animals :} it would be cute and fun and maybe create a stronger bond between you? i would love to be able to pet my horses