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  1. I'll buy. Message Doctorchaos ingame when you can.
  2. With the rams, you will likely be doing it on a door tile because of the slope, but you can't drag while using or queue up use actions, which means people can just spam drag binds while walking through the door repeatedly and steal your ram. happened to me today, nothing i could do in the situation as i cant keep everyone targeted. i can record this if necessary.
  3. personally i feel both should be removed, but keep pendulums in. preferably implemented alongside delayed death tabs in order to mitigate backdooring (which, while shitty for newer players as they dont learn anything, is also the only way a sizable portion of the server will get pvp because the game is so anti-pvp with how it handles things.)
  4. steal from me once, shame on me steal from me twice, shame on you. guy is a chronic thief, he shouldn't expect respect or trust towards him, you shouldn't expect respect or trust towards him either. The out of game harassment isn't cool, i'll agree on that, and a few people have been permabanned in the past for harassing people. But regardless, if you prove to be malicious time and time again people are going to expect you to act maliciously and with that being said he will get no sympathy from me and he should return the items.
  5. id like to buy a single cobb of corn with 90 woa please master pedro
  6. get out of here with my scale REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  7. A thief is a rat, and no rat will be welcome in our kingdom (TC) on Chaos, for what it's worth. Sorry your belongings were stolen Tuga. I'd help reimburse if i could.
  8. i don't think so, one of my favorite ideas was the ability to unplan parts of a house as you knocked off stuff, like knocking out the outer 4 tiles and being able to remove them
  9. Do you want me to give you a scenario for the staff team to run through, or do you want me to organize a raid on the test server to demonstrate that this is still a broken mechanic? My kingdom members have already confirmed that this still worked before the patch even went live, but if you want something to observe ill try to get something together. If im unable to get people to join me in my efforts, set up multiple catapulters, put two people on a dirtwall, have the two people spamming wooden fences/gates (doesn't matter) while the catapulters try to remove the house (like the full house itself, like what would happen in a normal raid) Reason being that in most cases, barring extreme terrain, the interior token house usually isnt in a position where you can cause severe structural damage where its wide open, or if it is possible but being defended you won't be able to drain without a safe route. In order to get a safe route, you would need to go through a dirtwall, to go through a dirtwall you must remove the entirety of the longhouse on top, which are usually around 2x18 in size with multiple stories. And yes, the entirety, that means the structural walls, the parapets, any fences on any level of the structure, the floors. The kicker is, a fence anywhere on the interior prevents the house from being demolished, this is also barring the other issue of walls on top stories being near impossible to hit and requiring manual bashing.
  10. My "hypothetical" issues aren't hypothetical, they existed before, and they exist now. But please, enlighten me at how ignoring this issue by telling me to test it, doing so, and coming back after double confirming it exists and letting you know to do what exactly? Tell me again that this balance issue is still a hypothetical? And before you tell me you wouldn't do that, your staff members did it last time you asked people to test something, they presented an issue, they were told to test it (again), they did, they presented the issue again, and they got told once again to test it. I'm done here, i'm sure there wont be people complaining about this "hypothetical" problem in the near future, but if they do ill be sure to blast the forums with i told you so because my "hypothetical" issues were dead accurate, as usual, -every- -single- -time- a change like this is made around PvP.
  11. Just to clarify, we aren't talking about repairing, we are talking about spamming fences inside of a house that stops progression of a raid via removing the ability to destroy the house and impeding the raiders ability to progress. BEFORE the change you could outspam fences, AFTER the change you can outspam many times more. It's been something myself and others who raid (very few people because the game has made it so difficult already). The easy solution would be to prevent wooden fence spam from preventing the house to be destroyed, as myself and many others have previously suggested, sometimes in feedback threads made by the developers themselves. Repairing is perfectly fine, the time difference between fences and house walls is questionable. As for bugs galore, when that screenshot was taken, people were complaining about the walls being unbashable, i then inferred that it wouldnt be fixed because it took parapets being indestructable over three months to be fixed, and chain fences just as long (and not sure if they have actually been fixed yet as i haven't raided anything since, seeing as how 1000 catapult shots or more were rendered completely useless because the object took no damage or wasnt possible to hit depending on the scenario.) I'll apologize for that though, as that part was more written out of rage or spite. The first part of what i wrote holds water, and anyone with a working knowledge of basic arithmetic can see how broken it is. In some cases working knowledge of basic arithmetic may not be necessary, because you can just spam wooden fences in the same house where the attackers aren't catapulting to prevent its removal, forcing them to constantly have to shift taking much muhc much much longer than just winching and firing. If you can't remove a longhouse, you can't remove a portion of the dirtwall, if you can't remove a portion of the dirtwall (depending on deed design), you can't hit the tokenhouse. If you can't hit the tokenhouse, you can't drain the deed. If you can't drain the deed, you can't disband the deed and can't access any goodies held in safemines.
  12. I think you have me mixed up with someone else, because i offered you a tome and several rare bones, and lump silver for the equivalent of multiple charges.
  13. if you need me to test my ability to build a wooden fence before you can fire a catapult shot, you need remedial lessons in basic arithmetic. 10 seconds to shoot, 5 shots per fence, but takes 5 seconds to build fence. :/ 50 seconds to remove, 5 to build, i dont know how people dont see this as a problem. And yes, i'm aware of the damage splash, its not enough, you can still outbuild with a single person, and even then, the deterrance isnt the house itself its the dirtwall and you cant remove the dirtwall without removing the house, and you cant remove the house if a single wall exists anywhere. So if you want to not get raided, you just have two people build a wooden fence in different spots around the longhouse as time goes on, and unless you have 10 trebs or enjoy pushing something constantly (but if you push they will be able to build like 15 fences in the time you relocate it), you wont be able to do anything. Sorry.
  14. As summed in discord, the effect on PvP from these changes inb4 "b-b-but it hasnt been out for more than a day how could you possibly know what the new meta is going to be and the effect it has on raiding" with complete disregard for the fact ive been raiding for like 10 years.
  15. Willieman did go out of his way to screw them over, but, Davih handled the situation poorly, both with Willieman, when Necroe was taunting him, and with myself when I tried to go out of my way to reimburse him. This really isn't the thread for this to be in anyway, but, yes.