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  1. I still cant believe this isn't getting fixed right away, there really is no excuse. This is setting an example, balance clearly is not a priority here, lol... My accounts won't be renewed until this is addressed either. No, not really. You said that its not balanced, but, you don't really care they can't participate in the one side of the game they care about because CodeClub made a ###### moronic balance decision, and then you tell them it will get fixed, with no date or time being released, when people already have no confidence in the soonTM strategy because the last couple of times you either didn't deliver at all, or delivered something completely and utterly underwhelming. And honest question, how are you going to balance 10 different gods? You already demonstrated you can't even balance a single meditation path?
  2. I get this, but, you still haven't answered my question. Why is it ok to leave it as is when you have literally made it impossible for an entire subset of the population to PvP on an even remotely fair ground, without offering something in return? You still haven't told me what you expect these players to do in the meantime? Are they supposed to avoid PvP for the next year? Ask people kindly not to raid them because they are unable to heal themselves?
  3. Is it intended to allow BL PMK's to be a libila priest and follow playergods? Or are they going to get told they shouldn't have spent that gold coin too?
  4. But you were perfectly fine with it being slipped in, mentioned in no news post, and no patch note, which really just contradicts this entire "balance" facade. Alexgopen's table is a great visual representation of "balance" by the wurm team. I don't see why it can't be done next update if it was implemented all willy nilly? How do you expect the HOTS players to PvP on an even remotely fair ground? "hey guys we're gonna overhaul the priest system Soon(TM), but in the mean time, no priests for this one kingdom" What you just did is basically the equivalent of having a red headed kid, a brown haired kid, and a black haired kid have their pick at juice boxes, but, you randomly take the red-headed kids juiceboxes away and then tell him he can't have anything to drink for an undefined amount of time because the new flavors taste better for everyone even though the other two children are sitting in front of him sipping on their juiceboxes. What is the redhead supposed to do in the meantime? Die of dehydration? With what you just said, apparently so, and it's quite tragic too considering you could simply give him the orange flavored capri suns until the new ones come in. This defies logic, it quite literally baffles me. With balance changes like this taking the lead, no wonder you guys don't allow a WU anticheat, LOL.
  5. so in the meantime they can just go ###### themselves right? You say you want to make good balance changes, sweeping balance changes even, but this is hardly ever delivered on, but what you do deliver on is changes like this, a change/bugfix made with no balance in mind. No quality of life in mind, and no thought of the players who would have to deal with it every day. Just like usual, i don't know why i expected anything different, nothing has changed in the 10 years i've played this game, literally nothing, at least we get told to get ###### nicely now instead of with no patch notes i suppose. Who cares about having heals, damage bonus, pillar control, who ever uses that in pvp? lol? Whatever, i made this thread expecting nothing, i got nothing (as usual every time someone asks for a pvp change). Changes like this made with no foresight are the reason the PvP in this game is dying, and that's a hard fact proven by your own servergraphs. I'm done talking to a wall. All i can do is to advise the 30 BL who voted on this thread to start voting with your wallet instead.
  6. +1
  7. Nobody noticed because those who were already priests are still priests, now that there are people returning and trying to priest up again because its getting closer to summer, they are finding out they can't. I assure you people would have complained about it sooner if they had known, but, many people do not wish to be priests when the population is in its yearly down swing on a PvP server, they usually grind their accounts around this time and priest up for the inevitable population spikes. But just because it was changed, and because you have hardly any new blood coming in to PvP servers 3/4ths out of the year and nobody complained because nobody knew as it didn't affect those were currently priests and still does not does not mean it was a good change or one that could be justified, it's still a garbage change. Sure its a bug, but, i feel like it was pretty easy to see that it deeply inconveniences an entire portion of the playerbase and is archaic in its design. If it is a bug, is it also a bug that those who were already playergod priests are allowed to remain priests? Why did you not remove their faith because it was unintended they have it? Why was it not announced that such a bug that everyone thought was a feature for so long, and that people had invested hundreds of dollars into accounts and man hours into grinding accounts for, was changed? I'm drifting off here, but, it seems like the only bugs being fixed are the ones that when fixed, deeply inconvenience players, and not the bugs that deeply inconvenience players by being around. You dont develop around me, i get that, and i also understand people remember the bad more than the good, but, for real man, what the ###### was this change?
  8. but you rushed out this small change that does nothing but gimp the existing HOTS playerbase without putting in the other incoming balance changes to make it somewhat fair and actually balanced? Does this change seem fair to you? Does it seem something like you would expect these people to put up with? Playing PvP with no heals in combat, not the greatest selection of area coverage spells, no oakshell, no charm for hellhorses, having to once again pay more for a different kingdom priest alt the vpn required to use it to enchant their gear to participate? Does it seem like these players enjoy being limited to the most gimped god in the game on top of having disadvantages from the implementation of the cooking system just weeks prior? Why do you expect these players to continue to pay when at every turn they just get shafted by changes made like this with not even a ###### thought of balance or planning put into it, and when they ask for a change, you tell them to wait for a sweeping balance change that for all we know may never come? We are still waiting on the epic fixes and it's been almost a year now. Will they be able to play the game on the same page as everyone else in a year? In two years? I understand you have your roadmaps and priorities, but this is something that shouldn't be that hard to change, and its a ###### ENORMOUS inconvenience for those who have to deal with it every day.
  9. yes
  10. no clue why this was added, does nothing for balance and gimps the kingdom with the worst base god even more than they already are. "hey lets just ###### HOTS in particular" For those who don't know, if you are in the HOTS template kingdom, you are forced to play as a Libila follower, you can not follow any demigods, even if they are BL based. The only way around this is to convert to the kingdom as another priest, which is undoubtedly a bug. This also does not apply to HOTS-based PMKs. I also dont see this getting reverted for another 3 years, but, worth complaining about in the meantime. Speaking personally here, i have no idea why this was changed. I can't see a balance reason, and it does nothing for QOL the game and seems like it was made to go out of their way to gimp a kingdom. Like, was this even thought about? Tested?
  11. cough cough revert to pre-ff and its viable again cough cough cough cough oh dear lord, i've seem to come down with the cold.
  12. It's not viable. Base damage is too low even with every possible buff in the game, and this is before we even count in armour reduction. Dual wielding is also very bad as your offhand weapon does quite literally just about nothing and the developers have made no step into introducing viability to either of these things again in the past seven or eight years. toodles.
  13. was already nerfed niki used to be able to get 90 channeling in 2-3 days time with it using doorlocks.
  14. tell me again how sotg or hate path is balanced, id love to read that. without the failed and overused argument of "oh but it took me time to get it!!"
  15. id give it a 6/10 knowing what i know now, and knowing that what id like to see changed are very easy changes. thanks for showing this to me WU, you shattered my illusion of the game.