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  1. I can remember were I took this, but recent stubbled over it. Quite a nice shot.
  2. I've been playing SWGEMU, Thehunter Call of the Wild and now the Division, which O never picked up.
  3. With such a great slab of rock, I thought I'd do a quick guide on prospecting Milo style. Enjoy
  4. Added the playlist as I'm up to 5 episodes now and you don't want to miss out!
  5. Being one that never played SWG and one that is a lover of Skill based sandbox mmo's, I decided to hop on in. I have to say I'm really enjoying it. SO here we have a start of a series where one such noob, myself, gets in and learns this classic mmo. Hope fully in my learning I'll shed some light on things that I have had trouble learning and give a heads up to others learning as well. So we are up to 5 episodes so far an Being a wurm player I'm sure other would love to have a go again, it really is a special game. I've added thje playlist here so people can keep track on it easier.
  6. New Video - "Loyalty Rewards"
  7. New video out...."Never not been Premium"
  8. Thanks so much for posting the video of my castle!  Please stop back in a few months come back and see the cathedral I'm building on the waterfront below.

  9. I reckon if I was to join another chaos kingdom again, it would be this one. Good work guys.
  10. If you want to see this on video, here it is. Very impressive.
  11. New video added. Forgot to bump post
  12. Angel West Enchant and Angel Wares have been fully restocked, both in NW central MArket near the Museum.
  13. Sounds like a good idea for a video, I might head up there sometime if I have the time.