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  1. Just getting around to all vids on the last few pages. This is a beautiful song and beautiful video to go with it. Nice find.
  2. A clever Lord of the Rings crossover with Les Miserables.
  3. For Les Mis lovers, this is a must watch. For those who don't like Les Mis or musicals, skip this one. Ramin Karimloo is one of my favorite singers, and has played a few different characters in Les Mis. Amazing voice.
  4. In my opinion, that's the trouble with the crowd funded games. At least those I've seen so far, like Shroud of the Avatar. It never ends, because then the funding ends. It's just one money grab after another, ad infinitum. Of course from day one, there's the promise and lure that "someday" it will all be free, so keep spending all your money on it in the meantime (and if you don't spend big on the game, you are some kind of <expletive deleted> who doesn't "care" about the game). lol. From time to time over the last couple years I've gone on a hunt for a game with the feel of Wurm, and come up empty every time. Honestly, the closest I've ever seen to the feel of Wurm is UO. One of the very first things I noticed and that sold me on Wurm is the similarity of "feel" to UO. Wurm is, imo, superior to UO in so many ways, although there are a few things I'd like to see in Wurm that are more like the UO systems. But as much as I loved UO, I don't think I could go back to the top-down (really more of a slanted view, not top-down, not sure what it's called), view now after Wurm.
  5. Good one. Put a smile on my face this morning. And thanks for introducing me to Alestorm. Never watched their vids before. **heads back to youtube**
  6. Ok, so I'm in a silly-fun, happy-music mood today. (nice vid with scenes from different parts of the movie)
  7. Ringo Starr invents music with Shelly Long, Dennis Quaid and others, from the movie Caveman.
  8. So, a couple things are still not clear. Do they re-sprout on the existing trellis if they go shriveled? Or if we miss it, does the trellis poof with it and we have to make another? And do we now have to make the rounds and keep all the decorative trellises pruned? As someone else said, doesn't that cancel out the benefits of decorations not taking decay on deed? Not everyone uses them for harvesting.
  9. Have the blueberry and raspberry sprouts actually been added to foraging yet? I've yet to find one. Has anyone found any yet?
  10. If that's true, then I'm at a complete loss to see how it would be effective since clicking on the "name" header sorts it alphabetically. So wouldn't a macroer simply click the header first? But then I know next to nothing about programming and zero about macroing so maybe there's something I'm missing there? Meanwhile, those of us who like to arrange our inventory a certain way, and not alphabetically, have to rearrange it every time we log in because it's been scrambled again. The saving of our preferred inv arrangement has been asked for, begged for, in many threads, for as long as I've been playing. For some reason, this particular annoyance continues to plague us. +1 (yet again, lol) to saving our arrangement when logging out or getting disconnected.
  11. +1 to anything that contributes to the beautification of Wurm.
  12. Agreed. Attractive but kinda useless decoration. I like the idea of having something like the alchemist desk with a bit larger volume for cooking, that would slow decay a bit. Currently, for convenience, I use a second oven with about a dozen bowls that I put small amounts of different liquids I use for cooking, milk, cream, whipped cream, gravy, etc., etc. so I don't have to keep sealing and unsealing. For storage of larger amounts I use sealed amphoras and barrels of course. The problem with that system though is that if I don't do any cooking for a few days, when I go back to it they've all started decaying and I have to decide whether to pour them all out or lower the ql with refills. It wouldn't hurt my feelings at all to have something that would give the convenience of what I do with the bowls, only that slows decay a bit. Especially if it came with a nice kitcheny (word?) appearance. +1
  13. Hehe, yeah. Actually my comment was more a wink & a nod to the devs to let us do that.
  14. +1. Not enough time this morning to comment on all the great ideas I see here for implementation but the overall principle is sound, imo. The Mayor/Owner/Overlord should have overriding ownership of anything built on their deed. They're paying for it after all. There are some great ideas in this thread for protecting villagers' interests.
  15. The bridge pics look great!! Just a teensy little observation though, wholly related to my ocd leanings....the landings need matching slabs. Now to decide which of my bridges I want to redo first. lol.