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  1. 7s
  2. another bump for a very woadful decision to ignore this thread
  3. bump sicne theres pvp conversion testing and this would be a perfect time to change the champion mechanics for testing
  4. bump - pls consider devs
  5. As Jake says, was asked for and I was hoping also. Most current pvp players think this would be beneficial, wish the devs could have added this for testing
  6. choices

  7. Have to agree definite +1 here
  8. -1 also. its hard enough to get high ql pelts even with good butchering skill, most changes lately have been nerfs and not beneficial to the game imho. Please dont add another ............
  9. +1 the more variations the better
  10. the rare axe and the rare forge thanks - will pick up now if thats ok?
  11. 403. That’s an error. Your client does not have permission to get URL /qUT2Ggj_qaLR1x6w3_qXo-Eypdc7j4onDp1Hb1PWhNO_59EUlxAUMn5YYYdGPWVYnEQQqJpc0GtjHvw=w1920-h950-rw from this server. (Client IP address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) Forbidden That’s all we know.
  12. I believe what Retro was saying is that there is no rule just fair play as your released animals cannot be used by new players or any players if branded, you would be better off killing them or keeping them. At least killing them allows more wild or bred animals to exist or spawn. (This goes back to the reason deed animal ratios was bought in as people hoarded so many animals the wild spawns decreased severely
  13. Why would there be? I have done it before.............. The only thing is branded animals cannot be lead by anyone so basically they roam around till they are killed or die. Don't think you can unbrand an animal before releasing though
  14. COD set 3 to Krivak thx
  15. Rare horseshoe to krivak pls
  16. yes pls Sorrow, might as well thx
  17. Sure that would be fine - COD to Riddic pls
  18. I would like to buy the source crystals and the ribboned shoulder pads, be back home in 3 hours Ill contact you then or tomorrow
  19. Source crystals and ribboned shoulder pads - I would like to buy the source crystals and shoulder pads, will be back home from work in 3 hours from the time of this message. Let me know if you'll be on, otherwise I'm off work tomorrow.

  20. Might be selling but not in a hurry https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Bambam