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  1. Why would I pay someone to do the terraforming I want to do, theyll jsut do something Ill need to change later ;p And too much lag on Xanalag and too big, Id never deed there
  2. I ahve to agree with this - Id try a new server with untouched land and no pre terraforming in a heartbeat. Instead Im stuck looking at WU for an ideal server :/
  3. Rare saw pls COD to Ghab thx
  4. One to Ghab thanks
  5. this has been requested multiple times and their was a fairly recent thread about this wiht nothing done - of course. +1 from me and CC jsut might lkeep my 8 premmed chars playing - at least for a bit longer.
  6. well all I can say is combat changes on epic is not going to help. Aftrer today wiht the champ without influence bias towards MR I cant be bothered playing epic anymore, gg cc staff.
  7. wow so Oscarius stays champ because of miscommunicaton . After premming up some sermon alts to get the sme influence in our favor Im pretty much done now wiht Epic. Way to keep people playing guys........
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  9. 23
  10. Okay so tree diameter is being fixed possibly , what about animal tree collision? If we have to sidestep trees (or just hack our way through a forest) then animals should have to go around trees as well. It is hard enough for new players as it is without them getting stuck in a wall of trees while animals attack from the other side or catch up cos animals run through the trees.
  11. 2.4s
  12. 3.6s