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  1. fast response and smooth exchange, recommend this guy for all your bulk needs
  2. +1 Sounds good
  3. I would like all the sub recipes, pls COD to pagwani thx
  4. or spawn like treasure chests and respawn elsewhere once drained
  5. 3
  6. pvp is already dying , and yes it is very hard for new players and almost impossible for them to catch up whether on Epic or Chaos. With the meta super-duper accounts on Chaos and Epic I'm surprised we get any new players at all...........
  7. +1 to all ideas brought up in this thread
  8. 2s for the 61ql compass with WOA 89? pls COD to RIddic if ok
  9. 1.5s for the human skull shoulder pad? Pls COD to Riddic if okay Ok I withddraw, got one elsewhere but thanks anyway
  10. Ill buy them all - pls COD glimmer, and shoulder pads to Ghab thx
  11. I still think they need to stop the making of player gods and gradually remove the player gods from the game. They definitely have cheapened the original 4 gods, making most of the 4 relatively useless compared to the player gods.
  12. Baloo it takes time to get 99 dmg on the eggs, then it 'hatches' so to speak, may take a few days , doesn't happen in a few hours - well that's what happened last few Easters
  13. wts

    5 silver for the rare hammer? Pls COD to Ghab thx if ok Also 20 90+ql lockpicks pls COD to Riddic thx
  14. silver ring with the nolo 1s pls COD to Ghab if you still have it?
  15. Ill pick them up in 2-3 hours after work, and thx
  16. 3s for 1 right elaborate and 1 left elaborate shoulder pad? If ok pls COD to Riddic thx Also 3s for 1 left and 1 right basic shoulder pads? Same person to COD if ok
  17. yeah just saw, sorry at work, not paying attention
  18. oops
  19. lol
  20. 4s
  21. 7s
  22. The slate slab (or is it slate brick between the marble and sandstone? ) I like that look but I think a checkerboard of marble and slate would look good. personally I don't like the pottery look but might be interesting. Sandstone is good too, okay I wasn't much help then lol Edit: Love the way your deed is shaping up btw
  23. I also like Brashs and Reys ideas, - Devs any reply? Maybe?
  24. 34x, 22y Rabbit Roost can be added