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  1. On the Select Your Title window, switch the Send button's action from closing the form to leaving it open, but still send the update to the server. This would make changing titles so much faster and with the skill gain tied to titles (that is the inference) it is an important action for optimal skill gain.
  2. I was getting continual skill gain shooting hardened ven hell scorps until I stopped on the bridge. It was at night, 60 archery, 55 longbow shooting longbow. The moment I left the bridge, skill gain ticked again. Everything else was the same. I was hitting the scorp from the bridge, just not getting a single tick of skill.
  3. Playing on a WU server. I received no skill gain when shooting arrows from a large cart parked on a bridge.
  4. I logged in a long time ago after the new map and graphics were implemented. Yeah, settled next to a cave, logged out, logged back in later to find I had been blocked from moving by someone deeding both sides of the cave entrance. The game is a griefer's pot-of-gold imho.
  5. What is (now) the point of distinction and the reason for limitations? This sort of comes off as lop-sided. Why not just allow any to follow any?
  6. I too would like to bump this awesome WU server and team. Holy Valley is a great PVE login server with practically unlimited opportunity for hunting and grinding skills. The setup of the login server is the best I have ever seen, starting with Castle Cedarwood and continuing throughout the map, they have really strived to create the best PVE environment. Free deeds with templars and they even have a hota event setup on this PVE server along with a rift area for higher fight training. When you are ready, join Genesis through the portal and bring your gear and horse with you for PMK warfare. I am still preparing for that journey but I get more and more excited for it every day. The GMs are great, very helpful and generous. They care about their server and players and it shows. If you are looking for a very well-balanced WU server where you can enjoy all that Wurm Unlimited has to offer, give Anarchy Isles a try! You won't be disappointed.
  7. I thought someone said capitols were free - but then I guess all of them would be that large
  8. I am playing a character on Wurm Unlimited and attempted to reach 100 faith. At around 99.996??? faith stopped ticking. I confirmed with a GM that his stopped at the same value. Is faith intentionally coded to prevent reaching 100.00?
  9. If we could only get that third-person-view turned on, we would all probably appreciate the new animations all the more! Thanks for the update!
  10. Regarding these two game mechanics: 1) charging a fee (any fee) to mail something 2) limiting what can be mailed (except the obvious things that cannot be picked up and placed into the mailbox.) Can any dev please explain how these add a positive benefit to Code Club or Wurm Online players? I don't care from what angle you explain it. Be it economic or otherwise. I just want to know why such mechanics exist because I see no positive benefit whatsoever to either of these things. Thank you.
  11. What has come to the attention of the dev team? What has been discussed? Oh, that players are selling liquids like crazy, and are only getting charged 1 copper for mailing! 1 measly copper? THIS IS WRONG!!! We MUST do something about this GRIEVOUS SIN! What's next? Are we going to see mailing fees for everything based on weight? A small barrel full of milk is going to cost 45c to mail? That's how much they sell for!!! I swear, every time I take a break from Wurm, come back, plunk down money for a few months on my toons and learn the devs did something GOOD while I was away, they discover their mistake and correct it. Bah!!!
  12. Could you possibly post a pic of the map?
  13. Didn't Led try something like this on Epic? I don't think it went over well.
  14. With the ability to buy/sell toons, isn't Wurm pay to win already?
  15. I play every now and then. The crafting seems good and is the familiar gather resources, refine and create at crafting stations. Crafting feels kind of like EQ2 or Rift. Fighting is about as clunky as Wurm imho. In fact, fighting is pretty hard. Each zone is marked by a totem pole of skulls, with higher zones showing greater numbers of skulls. Stick to the 1 or 2 skull zones at first or you will get very frustrated with fighting. There are not nearly as many skills as Wurm has. The top-level game map is a strange overhead isometric RTS style map where you run around following paths to various areas and towns. Random events will zone you into smaller areas as you move around the game map to experience encounters. The zone concept really breaks immersion for me and will for you as well, especially if you are used to Wurm's no-zone open world. Each town is really just a walled zone - and I mean like the old days of rooms (think Meridian59, etc.). Right now, there is an update about every 5-10 days and they are almost always 3 gig or so - yes, 3 gig! It actually gets frustrating to have to download that much so often, but I will say the updates are loaded with good stuff. The one truly unfortunate thing I think is the cash shop feature which pretty much makes it feel like pay to win. But folks claim it isnt as the cash shop focuses on tons (and I do mean tons) of cosmetics. Housing is pre-built structures that you can decorate with items. They are very expensive. All that said, I think the game will eventually be awesome and may one day approach the complexity of Wurm Online. Hope this helps.