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  1. Caption: "In anticipation of the Fall Update when Wurmians get steam powered carts!"
  2. Has this been done yet? I would so love to be able to transmutate those remaining ores. Please someone give us a Transmutation Rod that creates moon metal nodes!
  3. I brought an alt of mine over to a new server and a new deed. He was friends with the major but otherwise had no connection to the deed. All permissions under the non-citizen role were unchecked. He was able to do the following: He could drop items into a hota statue He could snuff and light a hota statue He could pick up dirt piles and drop dirt into existing piles. He could snuff and light a small copper brazier. Note: Planting it did nothing to stop him from lighting and snuffing.
  4. I ended up moving to Anarchy Isles. The server approach is very similar to what we had on Urath. I am having loads of fun and the PMKs on the PVP server are growing.
  5. could we get an explanation of the colors used for the various ores? Update: They appear to be the same colors used in the Livemap mod. If so, they are: This is from the Livemap source code: TILE_CAVE_WALL, Color.DARK_GRAY TILE_CAVE_WALL_REINFORCED, Color.DARK_GRAY TILE_CAVE, Color.PINK TILE_CAVE_FLOOR_REINFORCED, Color.PINK TILE_CAVE_EXIT, Color.PINK TILE_CAVE_WALL_ORE_IRON, Color.RED.darker() TILE_CAVE_WALL_LAVA, Color.RED TILE_CAVE_WALL_ORE_COPPER, Color.GREEN TILE_CAVE_WALL_ORE_TIN, Color.GRAY TILE_CAVE_WALL_ORE_GOLD, Color.YELLOW.darker() TILE_CAVE_WALL_ORE_ADAMANTINE, Color.CYAN TILE_CAVE_WALL_ORE_GLIMMERSTEEL, Color.YELLOW.brighter() TILE_CAVE_WALL_ORE_SILVER, Color.LIGHT_GRAY TILE_CAVE_WALL_ORE_LEAD, Color.PINK.darker().darker() TILE_CAVE_WALL_ORE_ZINC, new Color(235, 235, 235) TILE_CAVE_WALL_SLATE, Color.BLACK TILE_CAVE_WALL_MARBLE, Color.WHITE
  6. Maybe some of you remember the cartoon of Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog who were enemies during the workday but friends afterwards? Well that's how it is over here at Anarchy Isles. For those ready for the battle, the work day is spent on the Genesis PVP server where several PMKs battle it out for supremacy. But at the end of the day, most are back over on Holy Valley PVE where we all get together and fight dragons, tend our private deeds and make gear for each other - to swap on the battlefields! The servers have some of the best mods implemented. The devs will even help you design and implement your own PMK graphics! Also, the Anarchy Isles boast two new religions, Odin and Loki each with their own mix of spells. We invite you to join us for the work and the play of Anarchy Isles PVP/PVE. Teamspeak: TS3.agqc.ca Web: http://www.agqc.ca/anarchy/index.html PvE (Holyvalley - Login) Map: http://www.agqc.ca/anarchy/mapholyvalley.html PvP (Genesis) Map: http://www.agqc.ca/anarchy/mapgenesis.html An extra PvE map will be added to cluster in the next months. Clock in and join the fun!
  7. Caption: "That's what you get for eating my gauntlet!" or Caption: "Oh well, this was not the unicorn that ate my gauntlet!"
  8. I cannot edit my profile pic. Just noticed this was logged already. Remove post please.
  9. The tallest one seemed to be the only one that actually paid attention to my orders. However, the hilarious thing was that when I ordered him to come north of me, he turned around and walked south and never stopped. I still don't know where he is, lol. In the context of talking pets, I did have a champ rat tamed (charmed) at the same time as the summon for the skeletons. I wonder if that had anything to do with it. I will keep testing it... Thanks!
  10. What is the trick to getting the skeletons summoned from the Black Tome ability to actually attack something? They wont auto-attack if I am attacked and when I select one and right click on a target it says I am too busy to order them. Confusing....
  11. Another way something can become 'missing' is by accidentally dropping it into a satchel in your inventory or in a container and not realizing it. Drag and drop is not always responsive enough.
  12. We have this already on the Anarchy Isles PVE (and PVP) servers.
  13. Well, of course. With all of the "reveal" client mods out there, I was thinking more along the lines of a reveal for water tiles so a mayor can see all the possible locations on the deed before deciding where to place fountains.
  14. I have a set of chain that I have worn for 4+ years (with a plate great helm). The set has 90+ aosp on all pieces. With an LT longsword I have had very little issues killing trolls. But the best tactic for trolls is definitely a long bow. Trolls cannot handle a barrage of arrows.
  15. Would love to have a device or option to show which tiles are water tiles.