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  1. Whats the goal of this change...? The extra dmg over distance is kinda pointless, since its capped at 20 and people tend to bring crates of ammo. Winching for long distances is unfavorable since the DPS is lower and thus easy to repair. Ammo consumption is really not a big thing for catapults, people move them for max DPS and tricky shoots. Changing the winching angle based on skill and ql just makes it harder to learn the distances since raids got diffrent ql siege equipment and one person may call out "I winch 23 from here" which will no longer be the same for another person with diffrent skill. And doesn't dirtwalls still block? 45 degree archs arent ideal for catapulting, merely distance. ideally you want archs that fly as vertically as possible to avoid the dirtwalls. I mean the lower arched flying projectile in the pic below fly FURTHER but is utterely useless for actual raiding. I'm just a bit confused about the test changes. Mind clearing up why they were coded?
  2. It's been said before in the past. The skills are the same. Meditation, valrei titles and posessions separate. Epic has no skillbonus % but uses a curve to determine effective skill. Taddaaaa~ But devs refuse any kind of merge. so thats that.
  3. No. There is your answer. You dont need retro to do it. I'm so fed up with the lies and false promises. Stop wasting time trying to change anything and just accept the fact pvp is not going to last.
  4. It's almost as if people have completely forgoten why the ORIGINAL HH's were nerfed in tankyness and made speedy. Oh well, the new meta is unicorns with oakshell and LOF with a interceptor or 2 on hellhorses. gg. gonna take 2-3 months before it gets annoying due to the current lack of unicorn breeding.
  5. Mclovin he aint buying a royal lounge chaise and settles for a mere bench, you know what to do in order to win.
  6. And at first they wanted a tiny high slope multi-tiered hill/cliff by the water...
  7. Awww Greyfox think he, as a customer, is entitled to the companys marketing plan. adorable.
  8. This. Actions unrelated to pvp shouldn't interfer with rank in any shape or form.
  9. [Delete]
  10. also got this while making this thread: ... edit: also after editing a post...
  11. Meals on plates tend to have liquids on them to a certain degree, thus its logical if they allow liquids. But the game doesn't distinguish between liquid and solids occupying its volume. Thus it cant tell if its 6kg of water or something like this: Allowing liquids is most certainly intentional due to game mechanics and the plate-specific crafting recipies involving liquid in the game.
  12. Gary and sme keep ranks that way eh? nice staff.