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  1. ok seems that its all good using stable client now so maybe thats also why
  2. ok i tried it this way let's see if it crashes. thanks
  3. I got amd radeon 7770hd, it's a couple years old by now. Somehow a java update deleted my 64bit version but i got it again. Any way to make sure wurm is launching with 64bit java? and also idk how to give params to a shortcut
  4. sometimes it doesnt crash it just doesnt respond and i have to force close it
  5. well i got a crash log but its just console log copied over i guess, here it is anyway:
  6. i forgot to copy the crash messages but i hope my console log can be enough (otherwise i'll copy the next crash)
  7. 2.25 on skillcheck rune
  8. +1
  9. So if you play with sounds on, there's usually howling wind even when you're inside your house, which (among with weather effects like rain) ruins the feeling of being safe from the elements. There's already an event message when you try to sleep in a windy environment - ' The house is too windy to provide protection. ', but even if the house is fully built you can hear the wind 100%. I'm wondering if it's possible to check if the player is in a fully built building (that you could sleep in for example), and muffle the wind sounds?
  10. does this work for 'Ride'? thanks
  11. Hey so I noticed there's no mount/ride/embark( as captain/passenger) keybinds, any reason why not?
  12. I bet you will still be able to sac for 99% nutrition, you just won't get any of the affinities
  13. Wow nice, makes me want to go digging around for one gl with the auction
  14. i got a spyglass even tho i havent kept my premium up continuously for more than 4 months at a time
  15. yes, cod to Kurson thank you