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  1. Material quantity and weight for floor boards has been reduced. Floorboards will also have their weight and volume adjusted Added the /almanac command to the /help list. Added a method of removing the mortar from a prepared reinforced floor with a stone chisel. Studying a harvestable tree, bush, or trellis now requires the harvest permission on deed. Bugfix: Fix for removing reinforcements from cave floors. Bugfix: The /almanac command will now work even if the almanac is in a group or in a container in your inventory. Bugfix: Fixed issue with paving floorboards over marsh Bugfix: Mortar will consume 2kg when preparing a reinforced floor for paving instead of consuming the entire combined lump. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which prevented mine_forward on veins on deed without add/remove reinforcement permission. Bugfix: Corrected text when moving an object to center. Bugfix: Corrected some issues with kingdom specific help on Epic servers.
  2. Added new bushes Added clad reinforced cave walls Added Almanac Added seryll, glimmersteel and adamantine chain bardings Bugfix: Incomplete stone fences now show the correct materials Bugfix: Fixed a number of fences not showing decay Bugfix: Sandstone shard pile Bugfix: Pile of sage and fresh herbs
  3. The Almanac! Crafted with sheet of paper and string + 2 leather strips, the almanac will hold reports you create about the nature of the tree, bush or trellis and estimate the harvest times. Reports are created by studying a harvestable tree, bush or trellis during its harvest season. You then can write down the record using a reed pen with ink or dye on paper. Forestry skill will determine how much information is collected resulting quality of the report will determine how far in the future you can see harvest times. These reports may then be stored inside the almanac. The almanac can then be used to check on harvest times and read up on information about the reports they have stored inside. The command /almanac will tell you what is in season as long as you have the applicable reports. Catapult tweaks Tweaked distance for crowded message when using siege weapons. Shouldn’t be able to use 3 rams on a single wall anymore. Increased skill gain from using catapults. Tweaked damage output from catapults upwards, should be a bit harder to hit the 20 damage cap at 10 winches now. Damage from catas/trebs over the 20 damage cap that is currently ignored will now increase the splash radius, and deal a small amount of the extra damage (the ignored damage over 20) to things in that increased radius. The radius gained from this is up for changing, as with the base radius. Cooking affinity adjustments An option to fix players missing certain available cooking affinities has been added to your character profile. This is a ONE TIME TOGGLE which will switch your character to the new affinity system. The new affinity calculation will not take rarity of cooker into account for determining affinity This will recalculate affinities gained from existing meals as well as all future meals. New characters created after this update will automatically be on the new system. Repairing changes Changes to fence, floor and wall repairing and improving. Base timer for repairing and improving these is now 4-8 seconds, depending on your repair or building skill. This applies to all building material types. Timer is doubled if there is an enemy presence nearby. Damage repaired per action is now between 5 and 10 damage, depending on repairing skill and the quality of the item you’re using to repair. Cave building Clad reinforced cave walls introduced. Created by activating a trowel and building on a reinforced wall. Paved reinforced cave floors introduced. Created by preparing a reinforced cave floor with mortar and then applying paving. Epic CA Help changes Epic now has 3 global CA help grouped by kingdoms; JK help, MR help, HotS help. These Channels are visible globally by all members of the kingdom. Harvest time changes Harvest times have been adjusted slightly. Changes: Olives: Starfall of Fires, Week 1 Lemon: Starfall of Ravens, Week 2 Orange: Starfall of Ravens,Week 4 Walnut: Starfall of Dancers, Week 1 Additions: Raspberry: Starfall of Dancers, Week 1 Blueberry: Starfall of Shark, Week 3 Lingonberry: Starfall of Dancers, Week 3 Harvest times will still vary slightly to the actual starting week Olives have been reduced to once season now that multiple olives can be harvested. Other changes and introductions New transmutation liquids have been added to change moss to tundra and tundra to dirt. Copper and Orange juice transmutes moss to tundra. Iron and Raspberry juice transmutes tundra to dirt (tundra will still disappear when packed and dug). Transmutation liquid requirements are 1/5th of resource tile requirements (around 35-45 kgs ql dependent) 3 new fruit bushes have been added – blueberry, raspberry and lingonberry. Blueberry and raspberry sprouts can be found by foraging so that you can plant your own bushes. Lingonberry bushes will spawn on tundra and will not have sprouts for planting. All three berries can still be found via foraging. Skillgain for anything that produces liquid has been scaled by the amount of liquid created. Tundra will now spread faster and more often. Metal sheets in the crafting window now properly reference the material they are from in crafting recipes. Decorative pillars can now be built inside buildings. Path of Insanity Random Teleport menu option now has a confirm to help prevent erroneous clicks. Move to Center has been added to the move items menu. Weight of paper has been reduced from 0.50 to 0.01. Trellis ages have now been added. Currently despite having sprouts they cannot be picked or pruned. Tile borders and corners now show in caves This allows the building of fences and gates on deed only Higher fences may require mining the roof higher to provide sufficient clearance. Bug Fixes: Bugfix: Fixed examine description for slate slabs. Bugfix: Fixed examine description for sandstone shards. Bugfix: Fixed an issue where loadable items which were planted/secured off deed could still be loaded. Bugfix: Tarring a corner tile floorboard should no longer change the tile to a full tile floorboard. Bugfix: Fixed a bug which prevented fences from being built on the south and east sides of buildings with the new arched walls. Bugfix: Fixed a bug which gave masonry skill for building wooden fences. Bugfix: Fixed an issue where you were not disembarked from animals which could only be ridden when tamed when they became untamed. Bugfix: You are again able to use rename on chairs. Bugfix: Battering Ram now checks destroy fences permission when being used to destroy fences instead of destroy buildings permission. Bugfix: Fixed an issue where the level command would dig a dirt instead of reporting that you needed dirt in your inventory to fill the corners. Bugfix: You can now use a mallet/pliers to add or remove trim from underground plain stone walls. Bugfix: Build option was removed when right clicking on complete walls with a mallet activated. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused replaced locks to become bugged and not reusable. Bugfix: The snake and the woman HotA statue is now available. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused single use spell runes to not work properly Bugfix: Fixed a bug where decorative pillars never decayed off deed. Bugfix: Fixed the double nature menu on mycelium tiles. Bugfix: Fixed an issue preventing some gates in underground structures from opening properly. Bugfix: Rock salt can now be analysed. Bugfix: Fixed an issue where vehicle passengers entering a cave could not distinguish veins and reinforcements from regular cave walls. Bugfix: Fixed the issue where some passenger seats of some boats could not access the hold because of distance. Bugfix: Fixed an issue preventing dragging items through arched walls. Bugfix: Fixed a few problems related to underground error messages when performing tasks if a bridge was above ground on those tiles. Bugfix: Fixed a bug which sometimes caused an error message when improving items in carts. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused you to log in on a vehicle as a commander even though you logged out as passenger. Bugfix: Tackled more spelling and text errors. Bugfix: Levelling with a dredge should now give an error when the dredge is full. Client updates New players (under 15 farming) will be able to see the state of growth of the farm field they are currently standing on, range will increase as usual as skill goes up. Added borders and tile corners to caves. House floors now have tile corners. Keybind for MOVE_CENTER added in settings (Move to center under keybindings – Items). (4.0 Client) Dyes have been tweaked closer to current stable look. Bugfix: (4.0 client) Fixed an issue on flooring tile borders which did not allow you to select the item on that border. Bugfix: (4.0 client) Fixed tunneling animation when switching from equipped to unequipped pickaxe. Bugfix: (4.0 client) Fixed ghosted model images when pushing and pulling items.
  4. A few months after the last road map, we take the time to outlay the plans for the next few months, sharing a little of what’s to come. Read the full post here.
  5. CA help merging: CA help for the Freedom servers (excluding Chaos) will now be merged into one single CA help. Siege weapon tweaks: Battering ram damage lowered slightly.Fixed bug with projectiles sometimes not appearing when fired. Fixed so battering ram checks slope on the correct layer. Fixed catapult/trebuchet projectiles so they can no longer damage indestructible items. Fixed so catapult/trebuchet projectiles will properly check permissions on items they damage on pve servers. Lowered damage that catapult/trebuchet projectiles deal to items they land on. Archery towers and turrets no longer stack damage on a target on the same tile. Only one archery tower or turret will fire at any one tile (and anything on it). Which one will fire at a tile is determined by the QL of the tower or turret, and the distance to the tile, in a similar manner to how altars work. Better visualisation of firing ranges (and which tiles are fired at) for each turret and tower will be coming in a future update. Fixed damage type that turrets deal to match their type. Fixed firing speed of archery towers and turrets. Added a 30 second window between somebody uses a battering ram and another person being able to drag the ram. The user of the ram should be able to drag the ram within that window still. Bugfix: Legendary titles will now be awarded upon gaining the skill tick instead of upon next login. Bugfix: Easter eggs will now decay on deed. Bugfix: Sandstone slabs can now be improved. Bugfix: A few text corrections with Smeagain conversions and picnic baskets. Bugfix: Deity avatars can no longer be rebirthed. Bugfix: Planted flags on deed will no longer take damage. Bugfix: Log piles can no longer exceed 100 logs when chopping from a wagon. Bugfix: Addressed issue where some Rift creatures could be dominated. Bugfix: Unfinished decoration items will now form a pile if more than 18 are on a tile. Known Issues Bug fix to address spawn issues on Xanadu is still ongoing, attempted fix was not successful
  6. Oleander can now be used as a herb in cooking Siege Weapons Bugs and Fixes Post-Live Fixed up the message for what buildings you hit. Added fail message on cata/treb. Lowered the damage variance for battering rams, a fail will now deal 1/5th damage instead of none. Capped damage given to projectiles when they land – should now be the same as whats dealt to whatever you hit. Fixed cata/treb projectiles not hitting fences sometimes. Lowered difficulty for using the battering ram – fences are also now lower difficulty than walls. Planned floors/walls should now be properly ignored by cata/treb. Rewrote how the checks worked for roofs and floors A projectile that clearly passes through a roof now should hit it and land there. The box it uses for this isn’t exact to the model, so if the projectile is going over the roof, try lowering your angle or power slightly landing closer to the bottom of the roof than the top of it will be more accurate. Lowered damage of archery towers and turrets Turrets should now be able to fire from the top of a house or bridge Archery towers now have a damage falloff, the further they fire, the less damage will be dealt Gates and doors that both players can move through will no longer block attacks Bugfix: Corrected text when prospecting sandstone veins Bugfix: Sandstone slab floors can now be built
  7. The bunny has been dead tired, after the poor Easter bunny massacre of 2016, he’s had to run around the starter deeds single pawedly and hasn’t had the time to hide all the eggs in the grass! To help him out, we’ve got a code for you all to redeem while he takes a well earned rest in the shade. To redeem the key, simply type /redeemkey 9VMY486QSC8D-QH84F6O8UMSN in the chat window Happy Easter! The Wurm Online team. TL;DR, we totally didn’t break something this year.
  8. Changes and additions: New method for getting rid of unwanted hedges: Hedges can now be cut down similar to trees and bushes with a cut down action or the CUT_DOWN keybind. Destroying hedges on deed is tied to the “destroy fences” permission. Dredging additions and changes: You can now flatten and level with a dredge. You must not be embarked when using flatten or level. When dredging from a boat, the dirt/sand/clay will go directly into the hold if there is room. (You must have room in the dredge for this to happen). The spawning of Valrei mobs has changed so that they spawn spread out across the server instead of in groups of 10. Keybind MILK added. Underground housing will now be enabled on PvP servers. Happy Easter! Hot cross buns have been added as a recipe, you’ll have to find out how to make it yourself though! New housing additions SANDSTONE INTRODUCED: Will act like marble or slate vein. Will spawn randomly out of rock tiles across the server. Can be created with a transmutation rod. NEW ITEMS: Sandstone bricks (Sandstone shard + chisel). Sandstone slabs (Sandstone shard + chisel). Slate bricks (Slate shard + chisel). Slate slabs (Slate shard + chisel). Round stones (Rock shard + chisel). CHANGED ITEMS: Slate slabs now are created with 88kgs of slate shards and a chisel. Pottery bricks now require 5kgs of clay instead of 15. Pottery brick floors will have new textures. Stone slab house floors will have new texture. House stone slabs will be changing to sandstone slab flooring to retain the same texture (if this is not immediate it will be addressed). Round cobble roads are now paved with round stones. Rough cobble roads are now paved with colossus bricks. NEW WALL TYPES: Left arch. T arch. Right arch. NEW WALL TEXTURES: Rendered wall – Plain stone wall + 20kgs of clay Sandstone wall – 20 sandstone bricks and 20 mortar. Pottery brick wall – 20 pottery bricks and 20 mortar. Slate wall – 20 slate bricks and 20 mortar. Rounded stone wall – 20 round stones and 20 mortar. marble wall – 20 marble bricks and 20 mortar. NEW PAVEMENT TYPES: Sandstone slab pavement. Sandstone brick pavement. Slate slab pavement. Slate brick pavement (existing slate slab pavement will become slate brick pavement). Marble brick pavement. Pottery brick pavement. NEW FENCE TYPES: Pottery brick fence. Pottery brick iron fence. Pottery brick iron fence gate. Sandstone fence. Sandstone iron fence. Sandstone iron fence gate. Marble fence. Marble iron fence. Marble iron fence gate. Rendered fence. Rendered iron fence. Rendered iron fence gate. Slate fence. Slate iron fence. Slate iron fence gate. Round stone fence. Round stone iron fence. Round stone iron fence gate. Siege weapon changes: CATAPULTS AND TREBUCHETS: New algorithm now used for Catapults/Trebuchet projectiles that properly takes into account starting power, gravity and firing angle of the siege weapon: Starting power determined by number of winches for catapult, and loaded amount for trebuchet – power directly relates to starting velocity (so 20 winches is 20m/s). Arc of the projectile is checked along it for any walls, floors, bridges or fences it hits, otherwise it will travel the full arc until it hits the ground. Anything within a small radius of the landing position will take damage, radius depends on the size of the thrown projectile. Weight, quality, and final velocity of the projectile all add into how much damage it deals to the things it lands on – metal and stone projectiles do the most damage. Projectiles still have a maximum of 20 damage per shot. Added new actions to catapults and trebuchets to allow changing of the firing angle. Firing angle defaults to 45 degrees, can be changed to be between 5 and 85 degrees. Added messages when winching and changing the firing angle of a catapult or trebuchet that will give an approximate firing distance of the projectile. Action time for winching now takes skill into account, will be 33% faster at 100 skill. Projectile landing messages now give a full breakdown of everything they hit, and how many of each thing – as well as naming which structure(s) received damage. BATTERING RAMS ADDED: Minimum 21 body strength to use it. Uses the War Machines skill for skill checks – action time is 33% faster at 100 skill with a base timer of 30 seconds. Checks a short area in front of the ram for anything to hit, first thing it hits will take damage. Area should be closely lined up with the model. Can only be used by one person at any time, user must be quite close to be able to use it. Damage dealt increased by the ram quality and the skill check result. Ram does double damage to walls underground. Citizen or ally with destroy wall permissions will deal bonus damage. Cannot be used on steep slopes. ARCHERY TOWER AND MAGIC TURRET CHANGES: Turrets and archery towers now have increased range based on their quality – up to 5x their base range at 100ql. Turrets and archery towers will now shoot faster based on quality – up to 33% faster at 100ql. Turrets that fail to fire anything when they have a chance to will now do a firing animation without sending out a projectile. Changed the projectile starting positions of turrets and archery towers to line up with their models – This should allow them to fire from anywhere they have proper line of sight to a target. Added a 3x bonus to damage when bashing arched walls manually. Bug Fixes Bug fix: Fix for negative quality rift resources as participation reward. Bug fix: Fix to prevent most unique creatures from spawning inside a deed. New dragon types use a different spawn mechanic and may still spawn in a village. Bug fix: Christmas trees and snowmen were removed from the mission items lists. Bug fix: Fix for offline tamed/charmed pets sometimes not logging back online with their owner. Bug fix: Addressed a few spelling and text errors. Bug fix: Hot stills can now be picked up from the ground if empty. Bug fix: You can now properly use the /join village command even if the village which recruited you has more than one word in its name. Bug fix: Some recipe fixes: Eggnog can no longer use itself to make more eggnog. Sausage skins can no longer be nested inside each other. Bug fix: Improved checks to allow pushing items from a house floor onto a bridge and from a bridge onto a house floor. Bug fix: Improved bridge checks, if a bridge is destroyed or decays, planted items on that bridge should no longer give the error message ‘You need to be on the same bridge’ when interacting with them. Bug fix: Addressed infrequent issue in which roof and floor damage exceeded 100. Bug fix: Fixed dual faith issues between Chaos and Freedom PvE servers. Leaving Libila on Chaos and joining no other deity will now properly set you to no deity when crossing back to Freedom servers. Bug fix: Deity colossi can now be destroyed by owner and/or mayor on a deed.