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  1. Changes and additions Dye requirement for large and small crates has been reduced to 2.50kg and 1.50kg respectively. Merchants who move on due to poor business (self-dismiss) will now return their goods and coins inside a backpack through the mail system instead of returning each item individually. Cultivate option is now present on grass, steppe and mycelium tiles. You will now be able to forage and botanize on mycelium tiles. Planter racks will no longer fit in large storage units. Plants inside planter racks currently in large storage units will no longer grow. God conversion changes: HotS template kingdoms (default and PMK) can follow Libila or any player god. All others can follow anyone except Libila. As per the option for PMK libila priests in 1.3, Libila priests will be able to use the /transfer option to change to a player god deity without a faith loss until the 10th of April Bug Fixes Bugfix: More text issues addressed. Bugfix: Changed a number of recipes that were using HFC instead of baking.
  2. Changed examine message on small egg to indicate fertility. Dye amounts for bulk storage bins and food storage bins has been reduced to 3kgs needed. Change: Removed merchant contracts from mission items list. Mailing costs for liquids and combined resources is now calculated at 1 copper/5kg weight. Bloodthirst Changes: Fix: Bloodthirst now properly gives 30 on a killshot. Change Changed how the power is gained on the BT weapon. Can cast on it to increase it up to 1000, increasing it to 1000 will be along the same difficulty of a normal cast to 100. Each cast with a power higher than the current power/10 will add that power to the cast. This will naturally cap it at around 1000, maybe a really lucky 1100ish before casting to increase is impossible. Power increase is now also gained when killing creatures as well as other players. Killing creatures will now increase the power equal to the creature’s CR. Between 5000 and 7500 power this will scale down to half the creature’s CR. Stun times and frequency from creature combat moves has been reduced. Bugfixes Bugfix: Removed Gift Pack from mission item list. Bugfix: Fixed an issue where rift resources were not rewarded properly based on participation over 60. Bugfix: Description for Red Dragon Madness achievement fixed. Bugfix: Felled trees should now decay on deed. Bugfix: Fix for client crash when managing citizens when a role name was blank. Bugfix: Fixed a bug which changed the state of cakes as candles were added – This does mean cakes can no longer be wrapped however. Bugfix: A few mailing issues regarding paper products were fixed. (details below) Returned paper/papyrus items cost changed from 1 copper to 1 iron. Second mailing screen text changed to reflect that paper/papyrus return costs are 1 iron. Inscribed paper/papyrus now shows as inscribed while in the mail (and not as just paper or papyrus. Bugfix: Fix for cookbook display of nameable recipes for those who already have one named for them and make another recipe which has not been named yet. Bugfix: Fix for artifacts not dropping properly in some situations upon logging out. Bugfix: Possible fix for time stopping issue in game. (Hotfixed March 5) Bugfix: “You cannot dig in such terrain” error should now check the correct tile. (Hotfixed March 5) Bugfix: Restored examine message that went missing from floorboards. Bugfix: Change the order of focus loss in combat logs so that it appears after damage text to prevent confusion. Bugfix: Citizens no longer blocked from freezing lava on deed if not part of an alliance. Bugfix: When improving roofs, floors and walls, material is removed from inventory at the end of the action instead of at the 5 second point. Bugfix: Fixed an issue with checks for digging skill and slopes in some situations. Bugfix: 100 Plate armour smithing title should now work correctly on Epic.
  3. Horses, Hell Horses and Unicorns show bridles Hell Horses show all equipment and trait colours Added new animations: groom, pull, throw (combat and snowballs), take, drop Firstaid and push loop to properly reflect action time Diamond hota medallion shows when worn
  4. Hi Everyone, On the 11th of March at at 1300 UTC (1400 server time) we will be taking down Deliverance for extended maintenance to address some hardware issues. The downtime will last 2-3 hours and will only affect Deliverance. We appreciate your patience during this downtime. -The Wurm team.
  5. Since 1.3 Mailing liquids has been charged at 1c no matter the volume, while this has been going on since then, it’s come to the attention of the dev team and it’s been discussed, with the decision to change how combined goods in general work. With the upcoming patch this will be fixed to reflect 1c per 1 unit of volume (e.g. 1c mailing cost for every 1kg of water/milk/alcohol). We’re providing warning for this as we know many have enjoyed the discounted mailing, and to allow you all to make sure that when the patch comes in everyone is well prepared and informed. Update: After ongoing discussion and community feedback, we'll be addressing a few things, firstly, liquids will now be charged 1c per 5 kgs, regardless of unit size, a small barrel of any liquid will now cost 10c (1c container 45 / 5 = 9c) Secondly, this will now apply to all items that can be combined and mailed, hopefully improving trade of smaller combined items without damaging bulk trade. We appreciate all feedback, but I do stress that these threads are the very point of warnings like this is to provide information and avoid the changes just being pushed on as was done in the past, so keep it constructive and avoid bashing the devs!
  6. Bugfix: Gold and silver horseshoes now use Jewelry smithing for improving. Bugfix: Storage unit shelves will now be the same wood type as the external container (last wood type used in creation). Bugfix: Remove internal components of items from missions. Bugfix: Add to crafting window option was removed from completed cupboards and storage units. Bugfix: Fixed an issue where built-in internal components of a storage container did not reflect the rarity of the external container if the container turned rare upon improving. Bugfix: Planted banners and flags limit per tile increased to 4. Bugfix: Fix for items taking a massive decay tick when removed from a decay reduced container after a period of time. Bugfix: Gold rune of Fo will now correctly have a 10% chance of an extra item per harvest for Forestry and Milking actions as opposed to the 10% bonus to skill. Bugfix: Fixed attaching runes to boats. Manage permission is required. Bugfis: Corrected an issue where some skills were not using the correct Skill knowledge value for checks when non-prem, allowing them to perform skill limited actions over the 20 skill cap. If non premium all actions requiring higher skill should not be possible. Bugfix: Fixed the Area of Effect for a random prayer heal to the 3 x 3 area intended. Bugfix: Planted herbs and spices will only grow while planted on the ground or in planter racks.
  7. We’re pleased to confirm that PayPal transactions are back up and running, all purchases should be processed within the next hour and will return to their usual speed from now on. We appreciate your patience during this time. -The Wurm team
  8. Wide tunnel entrances Tunnels can be up to 3 tiles wide. To widen a tunnel, the tile you mine must only be connected to ONE open tunnel only. Mine doors cannot be placed on tunnel entrances that are 2 or more tiles wide. Alchemist Cupboard Created with Fine carpentry. Contains 10 2kg liquid containers. Slows decay on contents. Storage unit Created using Carpentry. Has 3 racks which can hold large items like fishing rods, and saddles. Does not slow decay. Unicorn Improvements Gold and silver horse shoes can now be created with Jewellery smithing Unicorns can now be equipped with saddles, bridles and gold/silver horse shoes Body strength of unicorns has been boosted to 30 (horses are 20 and hell horses are 35) This means that unicorns have a smaller speed penalty when being ridden than horses, and they may also be hitched, but unhitch when no longer tame Bug Fixes Bugfix: Fix to disable teleporting if artifacts are equipped. Bugfix: Various grammar and spelling fixes. Bugfix: An issue with picking up items on deeds and within buildings with the proper settings has been fixed. Art Update Art update details can be found here
  9. Added alchemist’s cupboard Added storage unit Unicorn now shows equipped saddle and shoes New player animations Fighting: Shieldbash Dodge Kick Sprawling Stunned Focus Parry (shield) Parry (weapon) Other actions: Building walls and fences (mallet/hammer or trowel) Building floors Butcher Bury First aid Drink (ocean or container) Push