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  1. beer recipe CoD to me
  2. Pale Ale Stout Whiskey CoD to me
  3. Send me #12 & #13.
  4. Also looking for a Nathan Priest for a conversion, if its possible to be a Nathan follower on Freedom isles.
  5. Great Player for fast and easy transaction. Bought some support beams, concrete and mortar. Zahl is happy.
  6. If you still have those 4 seryll lump, cod them to me
  7. CoD me those 2 seryll lump
  8. I"m seeking a Fo priest for a conversion. Preferably near Whitefey or Greymead in Xanadu, but i can travel if its not too far.
  9. Stone rune of magranon, zinc 12,53ql 20c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 14,64ql 25c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 15,16ql 25c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 16,56ql 30c CoD to the Zahl
  10. Bump for Seryll only
  11. bump, still looking
  12. Steel : I have enough for now thanks to Macoofer. Seryll: from low Ql to around 70ish, i might buy higher Ql. : Need a lot so any quantity is welcome. : 1 X Seryll Breastplate, 2 X Seryll Plate Sabatons, The piece of my armor set i still need. My location is G-18 Xanadu, im coastal. Leave me a message here or in game. (same name ingame, Zahl)
  13. Someone triped on a cord and unpluged the server ?
  14. w91 - 3s COD to Zana
  15. Good price, fast service.