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  1. Currently with the walls on chaos and epic most deeds are 300 slope with 2 tiles on top then 300 slope again on the other side the calculations required to hit the walls on the inner side are stupid.. I could be winching 20 while I am 10 tiles away to hit the first wall of the longhouse on top then to hit the second inner wall of that same long house 1 tile away you think you would only need to add one yeah? Nah you would have to add 1-10 to hit and if you are lucky it's just a wall and doesn't have anything stupid on it like a parapet cause that changes the winch again. Make the winching system easier not harder we don't need ql and damage modifications to change winch distance we need a system that when you winch 20 you hit tile 20 raising is stupid hard enough unles you have a spare 4-5 hours on some deeds. sory about the wall of text but I am on my mobile
  2. Bid withdrawn. Sorry i have acquired another char and no longer need to bid.
  3. Bid withdrawn. Sorry i have acquired another char and no longer need to bid.
  4. bamp
  5. Ttp
  6. As per topic WTS Rare strange bone 30s ono PM me if interested thanks.
  7. As per topic PM me price/Skilldump thanks
  8. all passives are the same. Priests of Magranon with 40 faith and 20 favor receive a 25% bonus to damage dealt in combat. then Priests of Fo with 60 faith and 30 favor are ignored by normal animals. They will also ignore your pet if you have one. This does not include hyenas or 'monsters' like dragons, trolls, lava fiends, goblins or scorpions. you will not see a buff window for the 25% damage you just get it
  9. remove the block until a balance has been put in place? this is how balanced it is with this ninja patch atm The donkey being BL just and fyi
  10. Remove Player gods revert to old 4 gods only until priest balance has been made. i mean i play smegain.... 25% damage res stone LOF and Heal. + all the other stuff..... also no more ninja patches... no one likes them
  11. as a black light follower i was able to go to white light or black light and change to nathan tosiek or nahjo. no deed flipping nothing the game allowed it. if Hots was not meant to be able to don't you think an announcement should have been made? .. i mean now that its been "Fixed" people was doing it thinking it was intended. This means people joined hots and went to priest up as they have been able to for the last 2 or so years now and have paid money and now all this time has been wasted for them. Those who are still Nathan Tosiek Nahjo smegain etc in HOTS are they going to be punished as this is not allowed now? do they have to convert to Libila? and will they be given a free convert to another kingdom with there current faith? seems a little unfair for those paying customers is all.
  12. The lock is new.. like within the past couple of days? Lib has been able to have different followers since the new gods come out. WHY THE CHANGE!?
  13. SOLD please close
  14. SOLD
  15. Join Wurm University today! get to meet great people and then you get to meet me! Dont have to be experienced or have a strong account! just be interested in learning and wanting to have a great time. Not sure if you want to bring a Main to chaos ? we allow you to tryout with a prem alt first. if you do this we would suggest having 21 body control so you an ride a horse... chaos is no fun when a nogump Apply here! http://www.wurmuniversity.com/