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  1. Bump less then 24 hours left!
  2. Up for auction is a Wurm University PMK pack Starting Bid: 1s Min bid: 1s Buyout: none. Reserve: None. Delivery to any coastal deed on freedom cluster other then Xanadu or Chaos Pickup available from south Exo. This includes 1 Wagon / 1 Kingdom Flag / 1 Kingdom Banner / 1 Military Tent / 1 Tall Banner Back of wagon Back of tent
  3. still selling seryll stuffs
  4. Wts Seryll armor pieces Pm Offers thanks.
  5. Lock picking ****
  6. so is it against the rules to shield train on a penned animals now? from my understanding the skill gain is only the first 15 mins right?? whats stopping you from rotating around unless it isnt allowed?
  7. Accepted a B/O for this set. Please close thank you to all those that made a bid
  8. less then 24 hours left! 36s is the highest bid. come on peeps get your hands on this great plate set
  9. As per topic I am Auctioning a Full seryll plate set Starting bid - Min bid is - reserve - None Buyout - BUYOUT ACCEPTED Sniper - Good luck happy bidding.
  10. bumpppp
  11. as per topic want to sell Addy Med maul 25s PM if interested thanks
  12. Prices. 3s per chest piece 2s per piece for everything else. added these prices marked on screenshot
  13. As per title 4s each. discount for bulk purchase. pm if interested thanks no more glimmer sold out sorry
  14. Up