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  1. sure if its a freedom only thing imagine the lag if 20+ people are all bowing eachother at the same time and all those arrows appear glowing
  2. lets not forget the nerf to fletching which was completely fine to begin with?
  3. this is what happens when you get alcoholic title.. someone in epic who did it had to sit for 2 weeks and not be able to do anything until the points of the effect go away if you dont want to be stuck not able to do anything dont grind it lol
  4. Its great that other skills level up body control.. but in no way is it a viable or good amount.
  5. yeah but you will still get comparably a lot less than before so what is the point in stating this when we already know it? It needs to be made so the veteran accounts wont be stuck miles ahead of newer players because of terrible skill gains.
  6. +1 Archery bodycontrol amounts were ridiculous though they were nerfed completely, maybe make it a fraction of what it was so it is worthwhile lol also the changes to fletching were unneccesary and make it way harder for new players to get body control up for both of these changes.. Why not ask the playerbase what they think in order to get better updates for everyone rather than just ninja updating?
  7. i dont even get emails to reset my other forum accounts passwords anymore.. terrible service provider why dont you do something about it?