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  1. Hey, I want to thank everyone for the replies. People praise this community for good reason. Jberg whispered me and mailed me a "carepackage" i'll check it out tonight (if I can find a mailbox ) If I stay near guard towers I can get myself sorted again. After that it's just finding a new place to call home This topic can be closed off. (Not sure if I can do that myself)
  2. And doing all that without getting eating. Looking forward to it Thanks for the reply this is really helpful.
  3. Hi, I want to restart wurm online after a long period of absence. I have enough skills to manage but I have none of the needed tools. Have things like a file, but nothing to cut or mine with. I'm around Kinoss Bay. I used to have a deed there but that deed is long gone. Someone else is living in the area and I can barely recognise it. So what i need help with is: Tools or a way to get/make them. Some tips on an area with some access to the basics where I can start up again. Maybe a nice community of people to join (don't specifically want the hermit life again). I hope some of you can give me tips. Would really like to play again, but the hurdles I have to take to get the basics back have been holding me back for a while now.
  4. independence

    I like the sound of this. I bought wurm unlimited to just fiddle around recently. But it made me want to play the real thing again on a more permanent server. It has been a few years so i'm a bit rusty.