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  1. Bump delivery location is around d12
  2. Wtb 2- male 5spd bison, 2-female 5spd bison, male and female golden bay 5spd horses, and 1-5spd unicorn on indy server. I can pick up but delivery is preferred. Pm Trovak in game or here. Will be in game most evenings between 7pm-11pm central time.
  3. Do you still have the bison for sale as im looking for 2 males and 2 females.
  4. Yea this itemm has been sold please close
  5. Bump
  6. Rake coc72 and pick c55 w76 68ql to trovak
  7. Where do you need it and what server
  8. Wts 2k dirt 1.25s pickup only near lormere. Can deliver to east or west coast from lormere for pickup. Exchangable crates or purchase for 10c/per crate. Pm Trovak in game or respond here.