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  1. 5s carving knife, cod Oblivionnreaver if you accept.
  2. More stuff added!
  3. No longer for sale, please close.
  4. Rift is on top of an abandonded deed, area's already flattened and all.
  5. Located in east indy, looking for a forge imp as high as you can get it, message me with your prices. Don't ahve the mining so you'll have to bring your own rock shards.
  6. Bump, selling for 35 silver each or 60 silver for both!
  7. 88QL iron lump 97coc-1,7s 89QL rake 91woa-1,1s To oblivionnreaver thanks
  8. Will the location be inland or coastal?
  9. Bump, still for sale!
  10. 4s.
  11. Hatchet, iron QL_90 WoA_90 1,0s to oblivionnreaver thanks
  12. Channeling doesn't really mean much for it when it's 10 diff. 30 faith gets 10 favor in 1.5-2m so that's 25-30 lamps an hour or so depending on how many fails for a priest around starting channeling. Bless is pretty good for grinding channeling for everyone that doesn't have light token anyway.
  13. It only requires 30 meditation to get the path level, i don't think it takes you down to path lvl 6 if you don't repremium/ die enough to get meditation under 30, so you should be able to use any meditation abilities, except for refreshing other players with PoL4. Non-premium can get faith up to 30, they just can't priest until prem'd. A single priest can bless hundreds of lamps in a day and you can make a new acc, get 30 faith then prem and sell the referral and take the 2 silver first prem bonus and get a 30 faith priest for a month for 1-2 silver so any item that casts bless would have to be insanely easy to make (like casting bless on a shaft or something) to compete with that.
  14. Sent, 20m.