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  1. My closest encounter with the mystery that is "Wurm" was a worm-looking god creature on the Valrei map. Other than that, I have zero clue why Wurm Online is called "Wurm" online. Who or what is Wurm?
  2. Thanks Joneya. I played with it a little bit and figured it all out. No clue why I panicked. Thanks for responding. By the way, anyone who has not yet tried Deedplanner - you're missing out on a huge reserve of Wurm creativity you may not know you have.
  3. Sorry if this has been asked before, but is there a small manual somewhere, with FAQs? I'm trying to figure out how to delete something once it has been "placed", without using Undo. And also, How can I "move" the map around in 2D view? I find I'm only able to zoom in or zoom out. And in Wurmian view, how do I move the map, as well? Those are all my questions. Thanks!!
  4. So you mean something like this?
  5. I found it fascinating. Especially being able to see critters. First time being able to do this...
  6. PMing you
  7. Hi! Sounds good! Please send to Ayuna, and who will be receiving the eggs?
  8. I have 100 eggs. Am looking to Barter 50 or 100 of them for (equal amount) 50 or 100 rose sprouts. Thanks!
  9. Please COD oak spindle (c68 w78) and w88 hammer to Ayuna. (60c altogether)
  10. Have to agree with you on the willow model. It reminds me too much of the willows on Runescape. :/
  11. Pick one tree that you think, or feel, is the most beautiful and appealing tree, for whatever good or silly reason. Add optional explanation below. (My choice is the linden tree, because I love the shape, vibrant coloring of the leaves, and the fact that it's the underdog of trees.)
  12. 1 60gl Lurker in the Deep pendulum to Ayuna, please.
  13. yoyos and decided to make a...