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  1. Any info about update for textures? Now all new textures = black holes.
  2. U can up him statas and use like guard. Or use it with mission ruller.
  3. Trying to reinstall client, but I and all my mates no texture for Temple (build by gods quest) So.. Why item added without model?) Or why it used into quests?
  4. Bump... Still bugged creatures spawn.
  5. server

    Libila fixes work for someone after For me "You decide not to convert."
  6. Subj. Can anyone: Create a modification that removes the growth of crops in the winter season?
  7. Im about networks.. If server and client started localy -- He can't download pacs form own PC by Inet IP, but can by or 192.168.blah.blah =) If I remember correctly the lectures about the networks. We must wait for him and find out the truth
  8. it could be if server and client started on same PC
  9. You do not quite understand, but the truth is somewhere near. If I understand correctly, then: on non-epic servers with a skill of 10 points, I can do items 10 +/- ql. But on epic I will make items by formula like a "item ql = skill * ~2". ModQLLimit fix some skills, but I want more, For example all skills
  10. Hello there! Can some one create mod which the disable x2 effectiveness on Epic server or make it x1 without food with ability on skill and xN , where N = food quality and affected skill but not more x1.99. Yep, I know -- I can do non-epic server, but The Curve very interesting for me and my players.
  11. Only on non-epic servers
  12. Hi! Can you add? Limits on crafting locks/lockpicks (disable effectives on Epic servers). Now I Can create lockpicks 70ql with 30 skill.
  13. Guys, what is the Server Fixes mod? No info in thread and git about this
  14. Hello there! My mate have problem with game: He enter in game and game close without error screen. What's we try: Update vcard driver (radeon 6750m) Install latest java and delete other versions Install all x64 from _common_redist Try to start with lovest graphics on 1024x768 Disable antivirus Hs_error_pid logs https://yadi.sk/d/Q2n6pj_G3J6HBk Have onyone ideas about this? Shii~~..Oh.. Sorry guys, wrong section... Question about WU. Moderators can we move topic to WU Client bugs?