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  1. I guess people can't be dragon their feet when it comes to these things.
  2. Well, I'm probably an odd case, but my old name kind of offends me now. I've made no secret in hiding who I am and what that account was, but I can't stand to see the name anymore BECAUSE I've grown. The name isn't me, it doesn't fit me. I haven't done anything bad, and when I came back many folks on cele welcomed me back with open arms. Some who saw my new account even asked if it was me, despite it being years. I want people to know me, I want to keep on with what bit of a reputation I had. I just don't want half of that name. I just want people to see me as Ellie. And while I'd have like to have all of my old skill levels, I was willing to start over with a new character. A name change would have helped immensely. Though, again, I'm not advocating for or against name changes. I'm only speaking from how it would have personally benefited me. I can see how there would be merits from it, but I also see that it could have major drawbacks.
  3. Grats to those who killed it! A shame to have missed, but I'll catch the next one! I'll grab it by the tail if I have to
  4. Thanks! But I think the main thing I need at this point is more hours in the day, lol Lots of catch-up to still do.
  5. I'm reading it now. Hard to believe this thread is already that old. And my 'leaving' Wurm was unintentional. I got sidetracked for way too long.
  6. This feels like it fits the atmosphere of Wurm for me. Actually, quite a bit of this persons work does. I'll have to load up my playlist next time I do some grinding.
  7. Seeing as I'm starting over from scratch and losing access to all my grinded skills because I couldn't stand looking at my old name anymore... I would have liked something like this. It's 'only' 1500 or so hours of time lost. I know many others have higher, but still. That's a lot of catch up to do, lol. Edit: I'm not saying I agree or disagree with something like this. Just that it would have helped me. If the devs want to add it, I'd welcome it. If not, oh well
  8. Guild Wars 2 is the game I ended up leaving Wurm for, for nearly 2 years. >_> Actually played it again yesterday, but I don't have a habit of logging in much anymore except for one day to do the living season content that's been releasing every 2 months now. I'm a lore nerd in MMOs. In most MMOs it's the lore and worldbuilding that suck me in the most. I guess my secondary games now would be... Overwatch or Skyrim. Probably gonna hop into Resident Evil 7 soon, but I don't see that having replay value to the extent that it'll be something i'll be playing for more than a few days/a week.
  9. Wrong.
  10. Thanks! Good to be back!
  11. Thanks~
  12. Here's to relaxation
  13. These rifts that have been added since I last played can look pretty ominous. I like them.