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  1. pc for 100x 35-40ql planters
  2. pc for 30ql+ planters x100
  3. Hi Galigan I have offered a price send me an email cade.lloyd@yahoo.co.nz or message IkaDemandred on Discord if you have that way the messages stay active
  4. #4 11c #6 11c #7 11c #12 10c #13 16c #14 16c #16 10c
  5. 5ql steel pickaxe coc 78 for 40c cod to Ikademandred cheers
  6. 94coc steel hatchet 5.07ql cod to Ikademandred for 50c
  7. hi gavin have you still got huge axe ql 70 nim77 lt79 c77 ms98 for 3.18s
  8. scythe 76ql sickle, rake coc82,small anvil, cod to Ikademandred please
  9. best chances!

    Rune attaching services please at Northwood which is at esteron please provide availability and price if interested
  10. yes exactly that but also for buildings but same principal-I have seen flat raising as you say I would think that filling in behind a wall would be a simple matter like raising the ground without the spill over that occurs now when raising a shame if not possible as it would create some massive building potential
  11. retaining walls for both buildings and landscaping so that ground can be leveled in behind make it skill dependent ie masonry level would require reinforcing bars for foundation and maybe even concrete base