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  1. Jet lag. Slept right through it
  2. Nirav and Teeebomb and I: - built a road from Green Ring Express egress to basecamp - built fencing so people dont fall off the edge - cleared the entire lane from basecamp to the rift, so there's somewhere to fight - built a fountain - etc.
  3. Raam's Weeping Angels farm during a cool moon event:
  4. So it's halfway up the mountain, not on the bottom. Go through the Green Ring Express, exit, and hang a right. Stay in view of the edge and walk along the outer rim. Easy to get to, but no road.
  5. So with this change, you're making concrete effectively worth gold. Concrete (one of the most difficult mechanics in the game because of how much material is used on each tile) requires a LOT of lye. Lye is a liquid. Being able to buy lye from folks who have excess is really important to users of concrete. Again, not because we can't create our own lye, but because we need so much of it just to effect change on one tile.
  6. Crystal Bay Estates Entire southern shore of Crystal Bay Directly west of Shelter. 44x, 29y
  7. And purchased. Thank you.
  8. WTB a Shovel with BOTD. 70 QL is about right. 70-100 BOTD please. Offering 1.5s.
  9. Third time in the 10 weeks I've been playing that the Rift has spawned in that general area of Spider Road. Thanks for posting, Ersitu! You're the best!
  10. Good job Joelle et al.! Approximately 183 people were in local when the Aged Goblin Leader showed up to play. He died in under 120 seconds. (Presently logged out because there's no way home at 0 FPS.)
  11. QL84 Rake with W35 please, if it's still available - believe it's under 30c
  12. I would like to please buy one of the QL80 hatchets. To Finndar.