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  1. So I'm not sure if you guys want to do anything about it, but the two big tunnel projects that were done a long time ago have been closed off. The wall and floor tiles weren't reinforced, so nature took its course, and these tunnels are no more:
  2. Never mind.
  3. Ebriel and I established a camp south of the rift. Narrow but good alleyway for fighting up through the leash range. Ebriel erected a fountain by the camp spot.
  4. I was home on Friday recovering from a bout of bronchitis. I decided to get on my horse, and take a leisurely ride around the entirety of Crystal Lake. My journey started in Crystal Bay, denoted in the black circle here. I went east through Grand Steppe, south along the eastern side of the lake, then around the southern edge over to S Mtn Road, and back. The journey took approximately 4 or 5 hours, with an extended break in the middle when the wife unit wanted to do some errands. Some screenshots along the way. East Crystal Highway, off the path, someone murdered around 100 trees. Oddly, the stumps were all gone, but the logs were still there. Saw a picket fence painted lavender, which I think works quite nicely with Wurm's natural colors: Found a chess board they had created - using statues for pieces, and turrets for the rooks. VERY creative. Kenolein's champion mountain lion was peeking his head out the window as I drove by. Cute kitty! Came upon someone playing with new housing textures, including this plain marble facade. Very clean lines. I liked this large grape vineyard, which had alternating rows of sand and grapes: On the shoreline, I found a MOB I didn't know existed in the game: a crab. 4 months playing the game, and I had never seen or heard talk of a crab One of Indy's more famous players is Darwin ("DOOM") and I happened upon his massive bison farm: Next door was a really interesting (to me) mine entrance. Note that the bushes are hazelnut, all planted center in two perfect rows. Inside this mine I found a sandstone node, too. While walking on S Mtn Hwy, I came upon two gift-wrapped presents. I have never seen gift-wrapped presents here. According to CA Telurius, these are really old. You used to be able to wrap something in a wood scrap and send it as a gift. These two items were on the ground with 99.9+ damage, so their time in Wurm is quickly ... wrapping up My final stop before home was this week's Rift site. The pic doesnt do it justice, because a lot was outside my clipping plane. There were thousands of pieces of filleted meat everywhere. An absolute slaughter.
  5. Gents, In the April 2 update, you accidentally deleted my deed. Crystal Bay Estates Entire southern shore of Crystal Bay Directly west of Shelter. 44x, 29y When "The Darkest Place" disbanded (and you removed it from the map this update), I went ahead and expanded over it, too. So Crystal Bay Estates is now the entire south AND western corners of Crystal Bay. Thanks kindly, Finndar
  6. Gumbo and I cleared out both a camp spot and a fighting alley. There is a pen above the camp spot with spare horses for players who lose their horses in battle, courtesy of Mr. Gumbo. If you need water, there is a fountain east of the camp spot and the rift fighting area. The road on the way north from the main highway is marked with a turn-off sign amongst the Marble Statues of Nymphs. But the road down to the rift itself is part of the rift no-touch zone, so it cannot be improved. It's good enough, however, to get a wagon down.
  7. "Venerable Fat RetroGrade is flogged again by the one-handed forum warrior!"
  8. @Retrogradesorry to tag you but so much caption spam Will the April 13 update include the dredging changes? Thank you kindly, Finndar
  9. "Retrograde removes his gauntlet as he checks on the forum's dead horse to see if it's been flogged again."
  10. Concrete is a broken mechanic. Too much work for too little reward.
  11. Nothing to stage. Everyone just picks a spot at the base of the hill, on the tundra, and improvises. A view looking at the rift:
  12. comic relief

    "I can't wait to start bashing these off-deed stone walls"