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  2. Given the new influx (for the rest of us) of (Xan) tags on CA HELP, I now lovingly call you Xananewbs
  3. Rift camp is ready because it's still standing from January's rift here. Rift shelter building , a fountain, an altar of Vynora, a mailbox, and a paved fighting/healing area. Even a mine with a forge. This rift, however, is a few tiles closer to the camp than in January. So everything is just a few tiles too close to the rift. Suggest tents and horses go further west.
  4. The El Rancho Knarr Canal in far NW Indy has now been fixed, and is easily passable and exit-able without pulling/pushing. ChampagneDragon and I spent the day yesterday surface mining the lagoon-side exit and smoothing out the slope of the canal egress. The water level is now considerably deeper than it was, and ships pass through the eastern exit quite easily.
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  6. 83 toons were in the local area at the time of kill. Lots of tents and ships: One guy brought a lot of toons Gumbo has awesome hell horses: The horde begins arriving at the mine. As they came into view, I crashed hard. Closer now No pics during the fight. Close quarters for a really small MOB. [11:28:03] The aged starving goblin leader is dead. R.I.P. [11:28:03] The aged starving goblin leader has been slain. Thanks to Jacquesfoch, Rishy, and the folks who freely let us poke at their Goblin Leader. Enjoy the mailbox and the colossus.
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  8. This is in NW Indy - far NW corner - E-10 ingame:
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  10. wts

    All the supreme rock shards to finndar please
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  12. I have connected two highways in central Indy on the Grand Steppe: East Crystal Hwy is now connected via a two-tile highway to the unnamed road going north to Colossus Lake. The curve/turn was removed, and a straight shot was built from east to west. Please consider updating our community map accordingly. Thanks!
  13. If you're underground, and you reinforce the floor tile that the lamp is on with a beam, you can bless the lamp and have it on permanently.