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  1. PM me here on forums if you have one for sale Edit: Bought. That was fast.
  2. Ahh, thank you Arium
  3. Walking around part of Indy that hasn't been touched in quite a while (based on the MOB density). Found a rare guard tower. Inspected it: [20:03:39] A high guard tower. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a rock shards. Ql: 48.263298, Dam: 13.878659. The name of the founder, Melimazar, has been carved into the stone above the door. 'Melimazar 946' is engraved in a metal plaque on the door. So it was constructed in Year 946. But the problem is: [20:04:15] It is 19:57:47 on day of Sleep in week 3 of the starfall of the Leaf in the year of 1067. 1067 minus 946 means it was constructed 121 Wurmian years ago. There are 42 RL days in a Wurmian year. 42 * 121 = 5082 RL days = 14 RL years ago. Since that's obviously quite incorrect, help me out please What am I missing? Thanks!
  4. Found at 50x, 29y on the community map Found at J-20 on the in-game map Timer:
  6. A few updates for our cartography team's consideration 1) The "Damascus Highway Tunnel" was not maintained and is no more, due to cave-ins. Please remove it. 2) The tunnel boring through Crystal Mountain Highway was fully twinned and needs tile counting and remapping. Amath, Kenolein, and I took a mess of a tunnel and made it something good. Please re-census this tunnel for the map. 3) There was a recent rift in southern Grand Steppes that majorly messed up the area. It's now been cleaned up, and with it, the ancillary roads are all gone. Please re-census the small highlighted area.
  7. The point of hunting in WO for me is it is an effect of exploration. Exploring Wurm is an extremely fun and satisfying activity - especially as you go down roads and waterways you've never been down before. But Angel had the best answer I think. So much money in uniques, and sometimes really fun rewards for looting abandoned deeds in the middle of nowhere.
  8. Ah. I made a poor assumption in my reply. I assumed that since you were considering making material changes, you would de-spawn all wild animals, then kick off the new code.
  9. Apologies for the dumb question, but if you have an animal check slope of adjacent tiles, and disallow them from going in a direction of more than X slope, and then you set the ELSE to be truly random, wouldn't that solve the problem of favoring downhills?
  10. 46x 27y on Roughly J-21 on the in-game map.
  11. 6 minutes after the rift formed I had this posted. LOL. It formed. The beam was really large from my vantage at Crystal Bay Estates. And I put the ship away :-)
  12. Thanks kindly. 141 in local at the time the mine door opened.
  13. I was given some information in game which ties this whole mechanic together for me. I share here for posterity, in case another newbling has this question. 1) As Aeryck said, you can lose your affinity if you get killed on Chaos. A new one develops afterwards. 2) The player who kills you on Chaos gets that affinity. 3) In Finn's example of Xallo, we see that Xallo has killed a lot of players, and obtained a lot of affinities as a result. The number of stars reflects killing multiple players with the same affinity. Digging has two stars, so he has killed two players with digging affinity and taken it from them. Thank you all!
  14. (Can someone please explain why CD's milking affinity is no longer her affinity? What mechanic is at play here? I was taught your character has one affinity, and for Freedom, that's it.)