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  1. bought 3 items and got a free gift =D
  2. *remove*
  3. *remove*
  4. leatherworking

    9 slot tool belt to stickher
  5. 7.5
  6. whetstone
  7. highest cast of the following shovel (iron) sythe brush pickaxe chisel butcher knife
  8. i would like to buy pikeaxe for 1.5s has 20ql 99c
  9. is it a priest?
  10. idk that looks like a title to me maybe you should logout?
  11. title says price check nothing about what the characters name is
  12. what is the character name?
  13. nvm found it on wurmpedia also not going vyn because my friend has one.
  14. Hello all I’m looking into becoming a priest but I am unsure about which religion to pick. I don’t care much about the activities my priest may or may not be able to do. I care more of if it the religion can pvp or heal and or if they have really good enchants. My main will be a fighter with 2handed sword and a bow if that helps. I looked around on wurmpedia but with my knowledge of the game and the over whelming information I don’t feel like I can comfortably pick a religion. So I guess I’m looking for pros and cons that don’t relate to this religion can mine and this one cannot. Thanks in advance for any inputs. =D