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  1. up to 85ql

    Great prices great service Quick on the job as well. Happy customer.
  2. Good Afternoon, Please CoD the 83QL scissors 71botd-71c to Burdok. Thanks a lot
  3. Good Morning, I'd like to add my deed please Lemon Grove - Also the previous deed at that location "Labyrinth Lab" Has been disbanded and decayed. Thank you kindly Burdok - Mayor of Lemon Grove
  4. +1 This looks soooooo cool, I want. Gimme Gimme Gimme !!!
  5. Thanks for the quick delivery on the Mortar and Clay, great service
  6. Great alliance, very friendly and active players. Also some great events going on now and then
  7. Good Morning Eleraan, Please CoD the following to Burdok Rare Stone Shards x 10 5c each Rare Labels x 5 5c each At work right now will claim when I get back home Thank you kindly
  8. Goood Evening, Please CoD the following to Burdok, QL 33 oak Grooming Brush c62 (28c) QL 59 Large Anvil c74 (60c) QL ~48 Oak Bucket c76 (52c) 3 Rare Hunting arrow (12c each) Thank you kindly
  9. Good Evening, Please CoD the following to Burdok. (The highest you got available) 67QL oak mallet 79 botd-79c Lanterns ranging from 58,35QL to 66,83QL painted with gold dye-60c (The highest you got available) 61QL meditation rug 87coc-87copper 13QL fine meditation rug 83coc-83copper 69QL Longsword 76botd-76c Thanks
  10. For 50c I would like you to CoD the following Item to Burdok. Iron Rake 15.62 c75 Thanks
  11. Hi Again, Please COD the following to Burdok, At work at the moment but will claim as soon as I get home. 61QL scythe 77coc-77c 46QL trowel 78coc-78c Thanks for the great Business
  12. I think I broke the like button
  13. Thank you very much for an extremely quick delivery, very happy customer
  14. Please CoD to Burdok Great Helm Steel(a84) Q81 25c Recipe "Green Veg Curry" 5c Recipe "Mushroom Stir Fry" 5c File (c68) 70Q 5c Ropetool Oakenwoon (b70) 82Q 15c Whetstone (c77) 97Q 10c Thanks
  15. Hello again Please CoD the following to Burdok. 45QL butchering knife 94coc-1,4s 40QL stone chisel 92coc-1,2s Thank you kindly