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  1. Bee hives reduce the efficiency of other nearby beehives. Based on quality, the top is about 10 tiles and less quality is less range, but also less honey produced.
  2. Trade definitely needs to be kept localized. However I think the interface could certainly be improved. An example could be some form of Trade hub NPC/Object, that allows you to view the inventory of all merchants in the nearby area (100 tile radius?) along with at least some search functions. Of course along with the option to just browse everything too. But this should still be something for players to place, this would keep the player made markets but improve the interaction with them.
  3. What about something like this: Behold my incredible art skills. Just have this liquid storage thingy require a bunch of pegs and different sized barrels to make in the first place.
  4. I tested a while back and am not broken. It should already specify which is rare oven or not. In my notes S.Oven = Supreme oven, if nothing is specified then it is regular.
  5. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XimF9jrQQ13DDxQAaOJrHJihWlg2nMqp_H9-ZkScYZU/edit?usp=sharing If this helps, it is a bunch of affinities/recipes I have noted down over time, beverage based.
  6. Any chopped herbs + water, in oven/fire and a bowl/cauldron, optional to add any number of sugar/honey/maple syrup and milk/lemon juice
  7. I believe water should have a value of +6. Great tool
  8. I would say no to auction houses. Some way to merge traders together however might be pretty good. Perhaps a window that would bring up all possible places to trade within 100 tiles, then either a list of all the items they have or search for an item by name. This leads to having a trade hub but not having to look through an incredible number of inventories.
  9. The reason I said no to imping was the realism side of it. You cant really just add more wood to an arrow and make it better again. Of course this is wurm... I do like the idea of making the head ql more important as currently I can just leave my low skilled alt hammering away for a few hours. I am currently about 50 archery and 60 fletching, which is a point where it is not so bad now considering all I need to make is new arrows. But at the start it was much harder constantly replacing arrows. Even at my 60 fletching, it hurts to see a 50ql arrow break. Still if I see a crocodile or scorpion I will avoid it. The idea of losing so many arrows is too much. But, I have not got good skills in using swords, so perhaps it is just as I have only used one weapon type to a moderate level.
  10. comic relief

    1. I ran out of things to do 2. Oh I dont need to keep that item.
  11. Currently for PvE not many seem to use archery. Main reason for this is just how much more difficult it is to make arrows, only to have them brake. Meanwhile a sword would just have a small reduction in QL after repairing it and you dont even need to go looking in the grass for it. Arrows in Wurm are actually longer to make (from having a shaft and point to a finished arrow) than they are in reality, due to having to spend a lot of time improving them. My thoughts on this are that creation time for making arrows should have a bit of an increase in time to create BUT cannot be improved and their QL is based off materials and skill. I have heard some people point out this could effect PvP negatively, if that really is a problem then the difference could be split over war/hunting arrows with war arrows keeping the current system and hunting arrows changed. In this situation the arrows would also need some changes to better suit them being PvP or PvE arrows, such as armour penetration for war arrows but not much for hunting arrows. TL;DR Arrows created at higher quality, cannot be imped anymore.
  12. I had no problem killing trolls at just 30 skill.... Although I will admit that skill was Long Bow so it might not be that fair to count. I don't do it often because it usually results in a fair few lost arrows.
  13. Pretty sure I tested it before and you cant. Oh as far as alcoholic drinks go, Fermented drinks give lots of different affinity as you can use different wood scrap. Distilled drinks however you dont have that option as its affinity is the same once distilled.
  14. I can confirm that, unless it has changed, distilling and even fermenting resets the affinity you would end up with. From what I have seen, if the input is always 'undistilled moonshine' the result of moonshine will always be identical, no matter how that undistilled moonshine was made. Changing the ingredients changes affinity, changing how the ingredients were made does not. Tea by the way affinity will also change based on ingredients. Different milk (cow/sheep/bison) will change affinity, and having milk will also give a longer affinity than having no milk. The more complex the ingredient generally the longer it extends it, so in theory *tea stuff* + lemon juice + maple syrup would be the best as it requires the most steps, picking lemon + juicing it, compared to just milking cow, and harvesting maple then cooking it, compared to just growing sugar, although I am a bit unsure how honey counts tbh, I think it also is fairly good. That said, it isnt really too important as with tea what I would do is make a small barrel full of 45KG of any tea I really want to have the affinity for, drink it in small amounts at once and that barrel could last you a fair while, just remember to stay fairly near the barrel - as I did with Vodka which gives me woodcutting. How I am still alive after drinking 10KG of Vodka in a day is another matter though.. One thing I am interested on though is how many containers/cookers can tea be cooked in? I know of cauldrons, clay pots, along with camp fires and ovens, rare supreme oven does give a different affinity too.
  15. http://imgur.com/a/auRk5 When putting either fillets of catfish, or chopped fillets of catfish, 0.3KG each into a FSB or crate, the crate keeps the correct number for weight and number of items, but on pulling them out they lose about 80% of their weight. Tested with catfish but pretty sure if effects other types of fish too. Meat seems to be ok with 1 fillet = 0.3KG. Edit: Could this be due to the ql of fish effecting weight? I don't currently have any other fish large enough to fillet to test with currently, but I have seen both 0.05KG/fillet and 0.06KG/fillet before, but I did not check the ql.