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  1. pvp is pay to win if you think otherwise you either are new, grinded really really hardcore and are brainwashed or you paid to win
  2. Obv you'll need to start with dirt walls. Slap some long houses on top of that. Congratulations, you have the starting of the stupidest looking castle in history. Next of course you need a token house, your "keep", so noone drains your token. Don't make this pretty, just make this really really annoying. Next, stuff your deed with disgusting houses and horse pens, keep those hell horses separate and be sure to plan a specific reinforced mine with high quality steel minedoor to hide all the ###### you're too afraid to leave deed with. Once this is all completed congratulations, the game is completed. You can insult whoever you want however much you want and they'll never have the energy to spend 90 hours catapulting in to get your 90 woa trowel you forgot to log off on an alt. Welcome to chaos Oh wait you're on freedom ######
  3. We murdered some Jenn kellon we are relevant so join us already wtf
  4. Iirc increases damage you take, which may increase tick size.
  5. we know how to quickscope
  6. Can you explain though why overall skill increases twice as much as the sub skill, where as it's opposite for weapons?
  7. My highest gain on non variant mobs was a venerable hell scorpius, scorpions, crocs and hhs are my bread and butter as venerable pull .008-.01 skill
  8. Pvp gives much higher skill gain but if you haven't ever monitored the pvp forums practically every pvp kill is posted, it's extremely unreliable. Kills arent super commonplace. However many mobs give .015fs per kill over 70. The only worthless mob for the difficulty is trolls. Which are just terrible and need either nerfed, skillgain buffed or removed from the game ideally since they're just a nuisance and if I was a new player would be game breaking
  9. Skillgain is up the creek. 2 hours hunting over 70fs: .4 fight skill .2 normal fighting .4 shields .2 large metal shield .17 swords .39 longsword How is fighting the highest skillgain? Why do you get shields twice as quickly as LMS when its not even half as fast for swords? Why is swords so goddamn slow when I have less than 40 and over 70 in LS? There are some serious balance issues. At this rate I could have 90 fighting before 90 longsword, and by then my second highest fighting stat would be overall shields. This is stupid
  10. Bunkspace in cndos house hes taking 3-10 refugees from wartorn provinces "women" and "children" preferred and you can decide why those are in quotes