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  1. Yes, starter towns on Xan only. No horse needed.
  2. June last year = Returners rewards December last year = Christmas gifts Of course there were premium spikes for these. The rest appears to be consistent, so I really don't see your argument.
  3. In my opinion, the problem doesn't lie with PvP in this case. It lies in the fact that the stolen items were taken to Freedom, where there is absolutely no chance of the kingdom getting them back. If the thief had stayed on Chaos with everything, it would have been a nice challenge for the kingdom to track the guy down and kill him to get their stuff back. *That's* what PvP is all about. NOT robbing your own kingdom blind then bolting to Freedom--where the mechanics aren't there to have any fair shot at getting anything back--to hide out with the loot. PvP should stay on PvP. That's my opinion.
  4. Somebody else was having this issue a few days ago and while I agree that paving floorboards on packed dirt and the result being gravel is a bug, the user was able to pave normally with floorboards on just plain cultivated dirt, which is as intended.
  5. HUGE +1 from me!
  6. Many of us have found Discord to be a more user-friendly option for chat. The teamspeak is still open but the majority of the "regulars" have migrated to Discord. You're welcome to join us, too!
  7. milk

    This is exactly how I approach my lactose intolerance. @Reylaarkthanks for the laugh this morning!
  8. Feel free to join, anyone is welcome. Be sure to give your in-game name in #chatter when you join, so we know who we're talking to!
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