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  1. Only when you're sending to an enemy who is currently on Chaos, even. So it doesn't affect Freedom play at all, really.
  2. Rift creatures wouldn't be able to pass through gates with the "Kingdom" permission set to pass gates. Same for other mobs like trolls, goblins. Everyone on Freedom is a Freedomer regardless of Chaos affiliation.
  3. Did you directly contact him in-game to ask for entry to the building? If not, this thread is a tad uncalled for. @Nadrojwould never maliciously keep someone from access to his rift buildings, it was likely an oversight.
  4. It's noted on this thread somewhere; there are still some unresolved issues since the forums transition. Dunno when it will be fixed, but it's a known issue.
  5. I know that if traders helped me with my deed upkeep (currently 8.4s/month on one deed) I'd have more money to spend in the economy, so... Yes, it is an investment. Just not a direct one. +1 to the suggestion, Odynn.
  6. Make pheasants great again!
  7. The bushes themselves are harvestable in week 2 of Bear's starfall. And I personally don't think lavender belongs on a trellis, because it's not a flower that grows on a vine. Unless I'm wrong, idk. I'm no gardening expert. Planters, though.. I could get on board with planters for all bushes. Would make for nice house plants.
  8. a lot smooser
  9. Don't derail this clearly vital suggestion to the game. MOOSES! MEESES! pls add moose to the game +1
  10. Went to bump this and it was already bumped! Thanks, guys!
  11. It has been suggested
  12. Yeah, bottom line is I'm grateful for this Name and Shame post because I know now not to do business with this player due to this really... Sketchy situation. So thank you for posting!
  13. This is exactly my thought on the issue.