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  1. Went to bump this and it was already bumped! Thanks, guys!
  2. It has been suggested
  3. Yeah, bottom line is I'm grateful for this Name and Shame post because I know now not to do business with this player due to this really... Sketchy situation. So thank you for posting!
  4. This is exactly my thought on the issue.
  5. The solution is imaginary. No sense in solving problems based on your imaginary solution.
  6. +1 kinda, if people want to waste moonmetal -1 to the effects though, last thing we need is more causes for lag
  7. Edit: My bad, you meant to modify the existing village message board. For some reason, the first time I read this, I thought you meant to add a whole new thing that was nothing like the recruitment board. Idk, multitasking and Jo don't mix well. +1 to the suggestion
  8. Does this really need another thread?
  9. I have to disagree. Gradually raising characteristics and skills over time may be the "concept" of the game for you, but for others it may not be as important. For me, personally... I don't enjoy grinding skills without a purpose. I enjoy exploring and building deeds. I could enjoy these things more freely if I didn't have to sit and grind my skills to do things I want to do, so I appreciate having the option to buy an account that will allow me to do what I want to do with the game without spending weeks, months, years playing "catch-up." (As an example... My account is my own, I've never bought or sold a toon before. I just like having the option to, if I wanted.) So if buying/selling toons isn't for you, don't do it. But don't remove the option completely for those who just happen to have different interests in the game than you do. Different people have different priorities and they should not be penalized for that. -1 to the suggestion, though. People can take care of their own sales and they know the risks before they engage in an account sale or transfer. Why put more on CCAB's plate? We're (for the most part) all adults here.
  10. +1 LOVE THIS YAS QUEEN Seriously though, great compromise. It just makes sense!
  11. Welcome back to Wurm! I'll refer you to the Recruitment subforum, maybe you'll find a deed there that suits your needs. Best of luck!
  12. No, it does not spawn naturally. Only way to create enchanted grass is by using the 'Enchant' ability from the Path of Love on a normal grass tile.
  13. Does your priest have over 40 favor, as well?
  14. What about the largest Freedom deed, though?