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  1. possibly an issue with one of the mods you installed? Did you try removing the mods one at a time to see whether the problem resolved itself?
  2. Given how long this has gone on, I'm guessing the web admin chap had to step away for RL stuff or something.
  3. What are you paying for rare sheets?
  4. I'd chase after you to teach you the error of your ways, but unfortunately, having materially contributed to the chocolate shortage, my fat bar is over-full. So I'm just going to sit here a little while...
  5. Aah, right, now I understand. Fair enough, I can see how that would be useful.
  6. The problem is how to give new players stuff they need, without annoying vets with endless useless junk. Perhaps give a newbie forage buff (or link it to one of the existing newbie buffs) that wears off after 12 hours of play or something?
  7. Can't you already plant sprouts in the centre of a tile? There's an option for that when you plant them, right?
  8. I'm sorry, I'm having a senior morning, and I don't think I'm correctly understanding your explanation above. Please would you break it down a bit more for me? Are you saying that just being logged off for 24 hours doesn't regen 8 hours of fatigue?
  9. Ok, I LOL'ed
  10. The problem I have with your 'suggestion' for fixing cooking is that it's entirely unnecessary, and would serve to distract dev time from fixing something that actually needs fixing into changing an already-working system for the benefit of a tiny number of vocal whiners. Once again, the cooking system isn't where the problem lies here. If disliking whiners who are more interested in attacking the people concerned than actually fixing problems makes me a brown nosing fanboy, then so be it. Do tell us, though, how's your approach working out so far in getting changes? Fortunately for everyone else, your attitude and character flaws make the changes you demand unlikely at best.
  11. Some way of removing off-deed reinforced tiles in a sensible fashion would be lovely - +1
  12. Aside from PvP, where cooking actually has become part of the meta, Wurm is not a competition. So your sleep bonus use is less efficient that mine, because you'd rather complain about the cooking system than participate; so what? Who cares if someone gains more skill than someone else? Yes, fine, you could sell your char for more if you were more efficient levelling it up, but honestly, who plays for the sole purpose of making a saleable character? You could use the same time to stack shelves in your local megamart and end up with more money for the same time investment. Once again, if you choose to opt out of the cooking system, and carry on as you always have done before 1.3, you can do that, and have everything work for you just the same as it always has. If you're really so jealous of all the other kids getting better value out of their stamina and sleep bonus, then come play that part of the game. Or pay someone else to do it for you (there seem to be enough people around selling ready-made meals). The cooking system isn't badly implemented, and it's not annoying. Except to you, apparently. That suggests the problem isn't with the system.
  13. No, CCFP is a bonus for using the new system. If you choose not to use it, then you don't get the bonus. You just like to pretend it's a penalty because...well, I'm not sure, really. You like complaining that the devs (and most other people) don't agree with your whims? If all you want is full CCFP, then just do what you always did before 1.3, and basically done - a reasonable quality (40-50ish) meat+veg meal will fill your bars and nutrition. Oh, but then you won't get the extra affinity bonus, and poor penalised you will have something else to whine about.
  14. If your alliance recruiting policy is loose enough that handing out general alliance permissions isn't a good idea...then you probably shouldn't be handing out general alliance permissions. Given that pretty much everyone else in the game is, at root, a stranger that you only know online, it's generally better to give out specific permissions to specific people, rather than using blanket ones. Regardless, if you think it's a bug, post it in the server bugs forum.