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  1. Given that I've never hit the fatigue cap, but I would very much like a pink hell horse, I'd say the priorities are just fine, thank you. More hell horse colours instead of fatigue cap changes, please!
  2. you can feed it to pigs, and possibly cave bugs.
  3. This would make a nice starter priest, although faith really needs to be a bit higher; at least that's easy to fix. Power is vaguely useful from time to time on an alt, but 50 med isn't going to push the price up much. Personally, I'd peg this around 50s - 55s, perhaps a bit more if you found someone who really wanted this specific setup.
  4. -1 - if all you care about is filling your CCFP bars, there are plenty of simple recipes that require almost no ingredient prep, and work just fine at 40-50 HFC. The systems are there, you're just choosing not to use them (and then whining about it).
  5. if you think it's a bug, then you should probably be posting this in the server bugs section...
  6. rare containers shouldn't make any difference, but rare cookers (e.g. oven) do - they add 1 to the skill for rare, 2 for supreme, 3 for fantastic.
  7. No database tweaks are necessary to add your own recipes to WU - you just create a JSON file (following the basic format of the already-existing ones) and put it in the right directory on your server. Restart, and bingo, your new recipe is there. From memory, I think the directory is 'Recipes' in the main server directory - each file in there is a recipe (the name is the recipe ID) - find an unused ID, create a new text file, and off you go.
  8. yeah, good luck at that kind of low-ball price - I wouldn't sell my mining pots for less than 3s per.
  9. Trolls, goblins and rift ogres can drop recipes. The rift ogre recipes seem to have a particular 'flavour' as well.
  10. Still getting wierd random posting delays...sometimes it just works, sometimes you click 'Submit Reply' and nothing happens, but if you refresh the page, your post is there. And sending PMs randomly sends the same PM twice...
  11. ...must be like sitting on a cheese grater! Bet you get lots of '...fail to relax' on that one
  12. As opposed to a load of random alts? Seems like a better option to me.
  13. can you pull the item from the other side?
  14. ...and spare a thought for those poor chat mods, who'll have one more channel they have to keep an eye on!
  15. yeah, which server, sport?