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  1. Have always been for removing local entirely, but this is a step so +1
  2. Great server. The server's version of hota is great too, does a real good job of causing pvp instead of promoting ninja wins.
  3. Had an offer for 600, but ofc this is only pc. so can use that as a reference i suppose
  4. Bump
  5. Yes afusion is sotg
  6. Bumpppp numbers plz
  7. Obviously, but thats not a pc
  8. Insanity.
  9. Bump
  10. Bump. Will continue bumping this till it is commented on by a staff that can do something about it/.
  11. You dont need to get involved in pvp fights to slay the eagle and uttacha. Both are soloable mobs, especially the uttacha. Granted you may be in enemy lands, but the chance of finding someone is generally low. But yeah i agree its pointless to do when you have demigod mission.
  12. Yeah i have the mountain, planeswalker, shadowmage, and some other i can do whenever. Just havent done them because of the two tome ones.
  13. Yeh i believe you, wasnt aware there was one that combined both. Sounds like a wierd mission to begin with. System probably makes it think you have to do it at the same time which as we all know isnt possible but yeah.
  14. Pilot a rowboat worked fine for me, I have it finished, may just want to do support. But yeah planeswalker, fantastic item, and tome ones are dumb. ' edit: nvm you said and sailboat. Thought you meant seperate goals