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  1. Devs please close thread.
  2. There are plenty of people in the server, we have a steam group, discord, teamspeak and players in local in your spawn. Must play at an off time enjoy your search and come back if you can't find your RP PvP server you're looking for
  3. Seems you play on hours during my sleep, no worries. Anyone in town is extremely friendly and will help if you ask questions. Welcome and hope to see you around sometime!
  4. With all the toxic server items issues etc removed, we have a server where people enjoy helping another out again. The community will always be there to help. Players staff and myself will teach any and all things wurm. Don't want to play with us? No problem let's find a decent server with your wants or desires. We don't have to be the only or last server you ever want to play on. A great place for 1x. Non toxic community RPG old school feel. Look forward to streaming soon and showing off our server among any others which want to have anything showcased. Brew
  5. Pvp tanks? +1 for riding too
  6. Friday nights Good Fights club event today Champ lava spider killing in town to start off the party, community gathering, pve hunt all factions welcome. Then sparring or imp groups later. Other stuff is there just like to keep some secrets for the actual participants.
  7. Looking for a great vanilla plus more restrictive 1x pvevp server try TheTrust collective. Community makes the server great, tons of helpful people.
  8. Jimbean for animal protector role +1 for an awesome read, and just a well stated suggestion in this crazy world
  9. +1 to wilczan for attempting to fix things instead of pointing fingers. Idea looks good btw, I personally think having chaos connected to freedom is where a lot of the pve vs PvP debates put people on fence sides. Why don't we remove the fences by following what he said?
  10. The left (off hand) is empty, why not? +1
  11. +1 I left other MMOs for hot drop metas, let's bring the fight back to PvP and allow people to have the abilities still but agreed with all posters on a time limit after local is clear.
  12. I'd love to comment with the truth, but I do not wish to be sued or accused of violating privacy. Some people are toxic, some people want to watch the world burn. Some people are not the right fit even after every effort possible. You have no ability to pay the server any money what so ever to allow me to keep people like you away from people trying to enjoy themselves. There are so many issues that cannot be brought up it would be insane to do so. Best of luck on your ventures and please take care of yourself. Brew