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  1. Let's stop making animals into wurm spam in a can, we want freedom for the animals on freedom, for their free transport instead of the current butchering tax
  2. Come join Friday nights Good Fights club, best place for PvE and PvP players new and old to train together, and teach others how to improve their abilities.
  3. Aye, but you have to select each tool to use, it doesn't auto sort which one for you. Like the proposed farming/seeding combo action the OP suggested. My opinion was no, only for the fact it will trickle down to other professions. If I made it unclear, sorry.
  4. I have to -1 this only because..... Then woodcutters would want sow after chopping the trees down. For sprouts. Smithing would be so screwed, they have to do each action many times in order to process one step of the imping. I see that as way more tedious work than what a typical medieval farm would be expected. This is my opinion only not knocking yours.
  5. Even if it's 1 animal per crate, or 1 animal crate per boat it would still lead to greater sandbox options. Anything is better than nothing.
  6. +1 agreed
  7. I am no one, literally no one in regards to wurm staff :). Just assumed that'd be the top liked post for this subject. Made sense to me.... Lol
  8. Long stemmed roses, fantastic like shimmer, but you take DMG as you hold them. Bittersweet enough for everyone?
  9. So many new PvE players showing up. :). Really happy to see that there is a place in our server cluster and the wurm community for everyone. Keep on wurming everyone o7
  10. I have the same issue. One suggestion, try horde settlement first then make the freedom. Instead of the reverse.