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  1. I sense some deeper things that are disturbing, not the mirror. Good job on the campaign again. It doesn't break the game but makes plenty of people happier and less anxious about the future.
  2. Also rare herbs and ingredients get you different recipes I thought ?
  3. So, dinosaurs only like change if it means less options. Things that never change or get more flexible usually perish first. Cough.
  4. -1 If you want better rares, do other activities that get you desired wants. Example: sick of wasting rolls on farming? Don't farm, forage and so on. People who use those rares from dirt need them for others things. Rock shards too don't forget to imp your tower.
  5. Congrats on the campaign, Wu is getting a gender swapping one time use mirror. Agreed on the comments above. Lol
  6. I'm lost, can't you already use the food in one part crafting window, and a knife in the other, click create instead of right click ?
  7. -1 removing sandbox elements because you don't want to interact with others but also don't want to do the work yourself to get the achievable outcome hundreds of different ways.
  8. Retro, didn't know that was you yesterday when you asked about the wagon. If I had to guess the server, redneck solutions.
  9. -1 rock paper scissors is the key to making them all feel unique again. I don't mean to down vote without a solution, I think an entire player God rebalance would work better. Getting every priest to use every spell through grinding seems to take away from who you follow, or am I missing something?
  10. Can always trellis up the walls for a start :).
  11. Nope it happens if you're too low to the ground over fences for me too. 😀
  12. Also you can right click anything built in the game with a gm and ebony wand. Set all building to decay disabled. You have to manually checkbox each building but easily done. I have had buildings take zero decay in our spawn for over six months
  13. Gm, create deed with gm created silver, 500x500 or whatever distance you want it. Set all permissions so they cannot do anything until invited into town. Problem solved they won't be able to do anything unless you change it.
  14. Much animal love bump
  15. Awesome screenshot ^, bump for off hand shield