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  1. Visual clues +1
  2. I meant it weeks ago and I mean it again, you all make this game double with content (sandboxness) every update! Thank you so much
  3. We are not a true PVP server, and we are no where near as awesome as all the other PVE servers out there. We are a mix of the two worlds with a twist of our own. We value long term game play, community interaction, pvp with maturity (you eventually have to trade with your enemies someday) and lastly, we want a toxic free escape that still feels real to us all Start in PVE, stay there forever as traders are greatly sought after for goods, PVP lands are there anytime you wish and are welcome to freely use both places when you are well aware of the rules. We make every option of gameplay possible, and with our west map being 16 times larger than the starting ocrea map, you can hermit all you like We welcome all who are tolerant.
  4. You should try cheese making in wurm with all this.. (it helps me relax)
  5. Wurm-athalon (PvE Team Based Event) Olympic team based marathon of X events over a suggested Y time frame to complete. Teams of 2-3 players, All players have to be present at the start and end of the race. Difficulty of the race (basic, intermediate, hard, legendary) will determine the intensity of each event and the amount of time to finish overall. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Examples, basic race, easy (5 events picked by the GM) team of 2-3 players officially enter the race, they are given the tasks, the events, and the word GO. The clock stops when the entire team crosses the finish line with all tasks completed. Lowest time wins. Teams can compete at any time or day during the weekend of the race, to allow for all players of all timezones to have a chance to have fun. The time of each team will be posted as they complete the wurm-athalon and small faires will be held at the finsh line in town for everyone waiting all teams to finish their qualifying runs. We plan to make this a repeatable event and increase difficulty and intensity to match rewards. Legendary are planned to be grueling 12 hrs+
  6. Seriously, keep up the awesome content adds, bug fixes, and amazing stuff you all do to make this place more fun. Best sandbox ever!
  7. Our server did the same thing, same settings post 1.3 update, no crashes, so no logs.
  8. Miz, just golden mirror his comments Love the announcements retro, thank you so much wurm, this game doubles in size every patch past. 1.3
  9. Only 1x server with PvP, no mods, no epic, no alts, no macros. Best part is there is a perfectly safe pve continent to spawn in on and live until you are old enough to travel the strange lands beyond the Colossus of the gods. Come try out the best combo of pve and PvP in one cluster.
  10. I'll spread these vids around to our pve players, maybe some might join you online
  11. Once you get those, you won't play a sandbox without having those as an option again congrats miz
  12. What about a cool down on the same player, can't locate within 15 mins of same person or 30. Giving them ample time to get away, but this also keeps the potency of current compared to old.
  13. Server is still up and running, growing larger everyday. Took down our old posts due to toxic players wanting to create drama so people would quit. Nipped that in the butt, so if you enjoy a friendly community based server that doesn't cater to high attention craved people. Try us out. More details, pics, links and whistles to come. Brew
  14. I like the QL matters idea budda, static 50-60 at 1 ql didn't make sense in RP terms. But you slowly imping the tower to create the largest area of influence seems better than everyone stopping at 50-60ql towers for max guards. Secondly how hard is it to create a no influence focus zone? Easy thing to add to the gm tool to allow them to help fix hotfixes too. Lastly, if people want change, it's hard to read the comments where having to redo stuff is avoiding the suggestion train seems counterintuitive. I dunno I guess. ^ to clarify the last, people want PvP fixed, but they don't want to redo any of their work...