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  1. The other option is to let how the three champ per kingdom changes play put first before making more changes.
  2. Champions start off with one life, for every x (RL days) inside the enemies light area = + 1 life. Or increase to the above suggestion of dR and other ideas. Simplistic equation. Champion life's = 0 extra 24 hours of RL time in the enemies light = 1 life ( or some DR reduction ) stacks above current conditions. (( Fill in ideas here)) Forces the to be in enemy territory often to gain strength, force PvP and force map position and dynamic fight to occur more often. Especially with the added announcement as you suggested.
  3. +1 do it for the RP team, do it at least for the RP
  4. +1 pve servers only @nicedreams
  5. Log in as group. Tp. If not near a place to raid, everyone logs off for 59 mins. Log in again and repeat. No roaming, no need to risk anything as the entire group will tp in any fight they know they will lose. Continue pattern adding more goons to the swarm, biggest and most skilled kingdom that can do this owns, horses can be grabbed from anywhere you tp you want to stay m8 o7
  6. "hot drops" *Black ops drops* This has already been done in other games, it destroys the map distance (power projections) = the new PvP thing. Group gear up for jumps. 1 hr jump if not nearby enemy, wait 1 hr logged off, then jump as group again when ready, rinse repeat until you're where you want to be without having to travel or risk anything. The more people you have in a group doing it, blah blah creep power projections goon swarm, I mean... -1 Sorry just my opinion I know it's in the minority just want it known now.
  7. I'm the pessimist when your post above says I want gold coins too then -1. Sorry I'll go get more satirical, I mean more optimistic
  8. ^ personal opinion/greed affecting the overall health of a game suggestion. Makes complete RP sense to not transport animals by boat, but your priests and craft accounts can whip up anything if needed on the fly? Tldr, me me me. +1 bump
  9. No, if everything is the same, there's no market, no need to specialize, it sounds like you'd prefer no skill ticks or gains afterward too? Why? This is almost one step away from asking for free gold coin handouts for everyone and saying the market will be ok.
  10. Eva I never had nor ever will have an issue with you sending the public warning. Some people don't read, I had an issue with the suggestion for a rule change based on an in game mechanic. Keep on warning people as it has already helped out some.
  11. Then what's the real debate then Jake? Seems like they can do this anywhere on wurm, so why the outcry? Lol
  12. The issues would be dealt with in pve policies there. And PvP issues would be dealt with PvP policies over (there)
  13. Thus my suggestion about chaos and freedom not being (inventory or mailable ) accessible/transferable etc etc etc. 1 of many Problems solved. All PvP issues dealt on PvP and pve on pve. Whine over with cheese fondue fountain begins.