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  1. As the title says, I need 2x Smelting Pots at 70ql+. PM me with price and quality.
  2. If you want to hunt for pelts, your best bet is zoning to another server or server hopping to north Xanadu. You can find pelts in the south, but most mobs migrate to the north for some reason so the south is generally light on mobs. I can mail you a pelt if you are having difficulty finding any. I'm in South Xanadu myself.
  3. Rare Dirt to Angelklaine if it doesnt sell.
  4. I'll buy your silver. PM me with info!
  5. The weapon is too expensive at its current price. I've seen you trying to sell it for a few days, figured I'd give you advice on that. Blank Huge Axes go for about 4.5-5s. after Imp (85+ql) they would be 6s. Enchant adds to that. Given what you have is a weapon, I would say most people would pay prime money for good casts. On your case your casts are below average, with at least two casts who are mostly useless for the weapon. Then there is the problem that its a Two Handed Sword. This is of even lower value than a Huge Axe. No one uses them for pvp and the select few who use them for freedom use them out of RP reasons or style. Two handed sword blanks sell for 3-4s tops, so with your current casts I would say its worth about 6, give or take. RT and Dragon's Demise are just not that useful, and the two casts that are, are of average quality. Wish you luck with the sale.
  6. Med path?
  7. Like I said before, I have a feeling the bug is position related. We all know the amount of positioning issues that the game has: I have loaded 3 clients and seen all my characters standing in different places from where their client indicates they are standing. May it be that the game breaks when you try to board when not supposed to? Could be a server/client communication issue.
  8. I just logged in and my character has this bruise. I logged off at full health with no wounds, then logged in with a massive wound which apparently I obtained while logged off. Did I just fell off the bed? Character name: Bloodtooth Server: Chaos Deed: Sheer Pandemonium Building: Toothblood Bed Type: Oakwood Canopy Bed Building Lock status: locked (Verified). Deed Villager Status: Yes Templars on Deed: Yes. Logged off in Bed. Woke up all messed up. What gives? Am I going to die while logged off?
  9. I recently had to go through a very nasty version of the embark bug. And although usually logging off and back in fixes it, it did not do it this time, and it seems to become a common occurrence. I was hopping servers to Chaos and back from Chaos. (Xanadu -> Exodus -> Cele - Deli - Chaos, then back to Deli) and ended up with the embark bug after I dropped into the water to use my compass, and hopped back on. Upon relogging I would be able to jump off the ship and back on but only once. The next time I hopped off and back on it would bug me out again. This persisted until I logged off for /lotime. I have a feeling that some versions of this bug might be related to hopping servers (similar to when you cross a server and get stuck because your boat went to boat limbo). It might also be related to positioning (lag from server when it tells you to move slower). With carts it happens to me more often in Xanadu.
  10. I look forward to sampling your beer. That Nadroj Flavored Water I get from Marganon's Rest isn't cutting it.
  11. People complaining about free beer... What is wrong with you!
  12. The embark bug is not reproduceable. Is not that we dont want to say how it happens: its just that nobody knows. It seems to be super random, and I personally have no idea what causes it. It doesnt happen everytime you board a boat, and the only visible action that causes it is boarding the vehicle/boat. Saying there is nothing you can do to fix is is not acceptable, especially when you have a horde of Mongols (TC) chasing you and you board your boat to escape, only to find out you are bugged and need to relog for /lotime with enemies in local (5 minutes). Its the difference between surviving, or loosing your scale. Its game-breaking.
  13. Never question the dedication, resolve, and fanaticism of the old MR guys. You only have to look at Nadroj and his deed to understand what they are capable of!
  14. I also noticed it gets particularily bad/happens more often when logging over an active client (you relog a logged in character while trying to log in an alt). Might be worth exploring that venue. Seems hard to reproduce. I have a feeling it might have to do with multiple clients on the same machine.
  15. I've died to this while parking my wagon on a ledge. Get out on a safe tile, sprout a tree, get back on and get stuck... Requiring me to disembark on the same tile I am on, tumbling to my death. Game breaking bug that needs fixing. Can get particularily bad on ships requiring multiple relogs.
  16. Excellent starter for a good price. If you want to dip your toes into the game, this is a good starter to get your foot in.
  17. Bed is on the 3rd floor of the building. First floor is grass for the horses, 2nd is living area, 3rd is where the beds are. Lol! Fixing that now! On another note, I just spoke with a kingdom mate, and she confirmed the same thing happened to her, on a Canopy bed. she woke up with about 80% damage. Apparently its related to Canopy beds. Hopefully that helps narrow it down.
  18. I dont see this feature being much use. Prices are set by supply and demand, and not everyone breeds for profit. There will always be those who will sell the "Non gilded" horse cheaper than yours, and take the business from you anyways, so in essence you will have to stop gilding them if you want to make a sale. Not to mention the added drama when a clueless player (one who doesnt do breeding) sells a gilded horse and the buyer goes to pick it up only to find out he cant breed it. Its a mechanic that lends itself for a lot of trouble. -1
  19. Join us. The best team you can play with is here. Come be part of something great.
  20. I havent really done much other than for decoration, but whats the difference between that and a bush then?
  21. Hope not. Then they would REALLY be useless. Whats the point when you can have bushes that will regrow on their own? Just let them grow wild and pick them when in season, just like trees. Why do all the extra work? You can just as well spend your effort on a off deed fenced area and grow your bushes there.
  22. My guess is it was in line with the Almanac to make everything more standarized and the almanac more useful. But to be honest, they shot in the head an already poor skill. They took Gardening out back and shot it.
  23. 2.5s
  24. Is it fixed yet?
  25. So are you saying is the only benefit at all of the skill is the ability to make an item that does exactly the same thing as the bush, only more compact: something no one cares about? ...I see... *Adds to the list of things not worth leveling*