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  1. Bumpity bump.
  2. There goes catapulting. It was nice knowing you. Skill up lockpicking bois!
  3. This is a great package for a starting player wanting to get setup right away. Will save you countless hours of painful grind. Good luck on your auction.
  4. You might want to decrease the starter bid. Might get more people to bite that way. Its a bit high
  5. Thanks for those of you who helped us find Rageed, and those who comforted Ayuna during her loss. Ayuna is a newer player and died to mobs at least twice while looking for Rageed. We offered to just give her a new horse, but she refused to let go of her white five speed. On the day we found it, she enlisted my help to defend her while we looked for it. The trip was made longer by hunting her corpse from her previous day's death. We had to enlist a priest to find her corpse, but both corpse and horse were later found after long hours and extensive fighting. I have to admit, it was quite an adventure. I never thought I would have so much fun doing PVE content, but I guess your experience is all the better when you have a goal in mind, someone to keep you company, and a horde of mobs to spice things up. Thanks for EVERYONE who helped us, including a special someone who made the whole rescue possible. You know who you are.
  6. Bump
  7. As the title says, I am looking for an account with SOTG. Looking also for the following stats: 50+ body Archery Weapon Skills Large Metal Shield Taming Lockpicking Animal Husbandry Message me with a Niarja link and a price range you are willing to sell for. I will also consider PoK characters who have the above stats. Have a budget of about $300 US. I can provide references if needed. Thanks for looking!
  8. That's hilarious. It goes to show how much we take for granted.
  9. Let's start it with an 80s.
  10. What's the path and level?
  11. Some sigs are sought after. For example, people would crave an Enki signaure For the cool factor. As wether it adds value to it or not, that's up to the buyer.
  12. I thought I had a very fast cow. Imagine. I think I am going to breed five speed cows now on Chaos.