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  1. That gaudy house with the pharapets is mine I need to finish it. Thinking of removing pharapets and making fences like the others to make them all match. I better get back to mining too before Nadroj gives my house away and kicks me out!
  2. Need a high coc skiller medium maul. Other enchants considered but not necessary. Looking for a 80+ cast. I will be looking at offers and will decide in a few days according to what I get so please include price. Offers without pricing are likely to be ignored. Thank you!
  3. Lol awesome.
  4. 2.5s
  5. 2s
  6. Oh my bad. I did not take the months of premium into consideration. I will revise my review now. Note about mining: it does add value but not much. Mining is often used to raise body stats and its a very common denominator, and as such the increase in value is not high. Same with digging. The value of these skills has traditionally been botted into the ground. Apologies.
  7. Stop playing by yourself. Come be part of a community!
  8. Ok. Here is my analysis. WS has two very valuable skills that increase the value of the account. Both WS and Meditation are very valuable and it has the right path, so its right on track. On the downside thats pretty much all it has going for it. It has several lower level skills but nothing crazy. Attributes are rather low as well. Fairly low skill account. I would price it at 120 -135e. With the premium time, however, this account is worth considerably more, somewhat in the realm of 165-185e or more, depending how much the buyer values the premium time. (Premium time fluctuates between 40-60% of its value when sold with an account, but have been sold at rates of up to 80% or more). The BS on the other hand has nothing going for him. Only skill is Blacksmithing, which is not particularily valuable or hard to get. It can't even mine its own ores so its a mediocre account at best for its intended purpose. No meditation, no high value skills. Its only redeeming quality is body stats which are decent. I would price it at 60-70e. Hope it helps.
  9. Rare Large Anvil to Amazingrace please.
  10. Its an option. Not saying its optimal but it would continue to accomplish the goal without affecting gameplay. You hit your cap and can turn around and do something else, like working on your deed. Doesnt stop you from playing the game, just limits your progression.
  11. Just imagine... You go to a restaurant and order a rack of baby back ribs, a side of potatoes and a soda. Then the server brings you a chicken breast and steamed vegetables. "Oh here sir, brought you a healthy option because it looks like you are gaining weight. No dessert either, okay?" Then she charges you for the ribs anyways and the dessert. Get the F--- out of here!
  12. What you dont seem to understand is that is not the job of the devs to decide what are healthy amounts of playtime. What if I am a retired vet with ptsd what copes better on an online setting and I want to spend 16 hours a day of my life on an online community? I have paid my dues, why cant I do what I want now? What if I am filthy rich and dont need to have a job? Or what if I am married with no children and my wife is visiting her folks and I have nothing better to do? Or... What if I am a no lifer? Whats it to you? I pay my subscription same as anyone else. You're not my doctor to tell me what is best for me and is not your problem anyways. Now, a hard cap? I can get on board with that. But when it goes to the level that it wont allow me to play the game... Thats not cool. I have never hit the hard cap myself so my understanding may be flawed, but as I understand it prevents you from doing actions at all. If the goal is to limit progression, then make it so people dont gain skill after they reach the fatigue cap instead As for whats healthy or not, after giving it some thought, what people said here is true. Not anyone's problem. Shouldn't be part of the discussion.
  13. To be fair there shouldnt be a system that prevents you from playing the game. You pay for playing the game afterall!
  14. I think its an unintended feature. Its mighty useful for exploring underground where you dont have landmarks to guide you.
  15. I will be continuing on the mine once I can bring Seylene back btw. She is currently working on Chaos. I havent left, just getting ready for peveepee!