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  1. Wow. I'd pay anywhere from 1,400 - 1,600e for this. Maybe more. High end accounts are not my thing when pricing them. Maybe someome will value it for more.
  2. 26c
  3. Free Drake and Glimmer for everyone!!!! ...well, not really, but we have Queen Lettuce! Fights to be had nearly daily. Come join the fun!
  4. I would caution against jumping to conclusions. Tax reports.don't tell the whole story. Although CC has never said what their finances are like, it would take a financial audit to be able to say anything with certainty, and that is something thats none of our business. Keep in mind that regardless of what their financial situation is like, we are customers and have the right to request for a quality product. Just keep pushing until things get better
  5. Lump + Small Anvil.
  6. Bump. Still looking.
  7. My best moment in Wurm is already well documented. Ayuna was my villager at the time and I had given her a horse by the name of Rageed. But she failed to secure it and it went in a climbing expedition of its own and dissapeared. Using the feature to find direction of cared for horses, Ayuna went on her own trying to find it but fell off a cliff and died using all her gear. She went then back to retrieve it and died again. So I grabbed my cart and we both headed in a super long expedition to find her body and her horse. Now I wont bore you with the details but it was not easy. Neither of us could kill trolls and we had a hard time avoiding them. Eventually a priest friend showed up and helped us locate her body, and with some totally unexpected help we found her horse. Rageed is now proudly displayed in Ayuna's village. A story came out of what should had been a simple search, but we made the best of it. This would never had been possible without the people I've met along the way playing this game.
  8. I don't know why I bother. Last time I give you a PC bud. You've criticized everyone who has given you a PC you don't like. If you know what your character is worth, why are you asking for a PC? Just put the damn thing for sale and call it a day.
  9. 100 faith batteries sell for 70-85e per recent sales. As for things you need, you don't need anything at all. If you are okay grinding anything yourself, by all means do so. But you can't put a value on an account based on what you can grind or not when you purchased. You value an account according to stats it has, at present. A basic alt priest should have access to a cart and the ability to load crates as a minimun. This is what is expected when you create an account to sell. These are selling points, however, things that you rather have when you purchase. A character than can ride a cart but is unable to load/unload crates is of not much use, and as a Vynora is not an easy grind, given you cant mine or dig. You are left to cutting trees, which is not as easy as the other two. This is something that should have been ground up before priesting. Another common thing is meditation to 30 and enchant grass. Its very standard among most priests. This account has none of that. When characters with 100 faith, channelng 85ish and all the previous things mentioned are available have been sold for 150, it is very hard to justify one lacking for the same price. However, there are not many Vyns available right now, so someome might buy. Let me offer you a realistic comparison. He wanted 130e for Rockeater. It never sold. Its a far superior Vyn priest than what is offered here.
  10. I exclusively use. Chrome. it lags horribly both on pms and posts. I have to refresh every single time.
  11. That is good news indeed. I am, thus, pleased. Then again I am a simple man. Very easy to please.
  12. Yes. Every single post I make requires me to refresh the page or wait about 3-10 minutes for it to post. How is that acceptable?
  13. Np. Thanks anyways.
  14. Rare Unifinshed Obelisk, 5s?
  15. You are welcome to put it up for 200e+. I had someone ask 300 for an epic character thats not worth 100 at best. You can sell for whatever you want. No one is stopping you. But you DID ask for a price check. That is its current value wether you agree or not. I purchased my 54 channeling, 80+ faith Vyn for 40 bucks and it has more base skills than yours including enchant grass. 25 levels of channeling simply dont add 150e to your account any way you look at it. Price checks are based on supply and demand and recent sales. If the devs remove the time restrictions on channeling, the price of SOTG accounts will plummet. However, nothing stops a "whale" player from dropping godly amounts of money for what they want. You might get lucky and find someone who will pay what you want. But as it stands? Thats the value wether you agree or not. Put a price you feel comfortable with and negotiate as you see fit. This is Wurm.