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  1. 13s
  2. Please cod the following 2 items to Khador, WoA:97 = 1.60s WoA:97 = 1.60s Thanks
  3. Pick 89 QL 95 WoA 89 CoC - 2.5s Please cod to Khador, thanks
  4. QL93, WoA93 3s22c Please cod to Khador, thanks.
  5. Send to Khador, thanks
  6. 19s
  7. saddle, leather 70ql WOA78 - 1s5c saddle, leather 70ql WOA80 - 1s15c horse shoe, iron 70ql WOA68 - 35c horse shoe, iron 70ql WOA69 - 35c horse shoe, iron 70ql WOA72 - 55c horse shoe, iron 70ql WOA73 - 55c Please cod to Khador, Thanks.
  8. Bought three, all worked exactly as advertised. 6 hours with one bite, great and quick service and response time. Will be using again.
  9. Please send taste kit to Khador, thanks
  10. sickle, iron 9ql COC85 - 80c lantern, iron 80ql RGB245 (white) - 60c Please cod to Khador, thanks
  11. Iron shovel (botd 85) to Khador, thanks.
  12. Please cod the following items to Khador, Thanks. carving knife, iron 70ql BOTD69 - 70c saw, iron 80ql WOA67 - 65c wild cat pelt 60ql COC71 - 45c
  13. Placed an order and Mrzodiac delivered quickly. Great service and I highly recommend.