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  1. sent please close
  2. Grats! PMing you for COD name
  3. grats! pming for COD name
  4. because I refreshed and it didn't bump
  5. Last Day
  6. well... amd and the 8 core is prolly not helping much with wurm or any/most games >.> <.< but yeah a lot of research should be done regardless. Wurm will never run as smoothly as modern games no matter what... java and larger games have teams of people working on optimization for lower end pcs etc. Plus you should never buy for 1 game only. There are many factors to look at when it comes to PC performance... and a lot of conflicting personal experiences because of the interchangeability of computer parts. If you have specific questions Attenia you are free to PM me and I will do my best to help you through buying and what things mean. However, I only buy Intel, I have for the last *insert all years* so I have 0 experience in the naming and stats of AMD cpu and gpus. *wow all those spelling errors... I am not sleepy what so ever*
  7. mmm i don't know much about internet to be honest, I would have to look at my bill/call and see what my internet speed is but as long as you aren't having connection issues now on wurm I do not think you will need to upgrade it with multiple clients. I think my ISP gave me 3 opinions when setting up cable and my internet... i just picked the middle one in regards to internet speed since it seemed to have the best value XD. Someone else would need to chime in if 4mbs/sec is a good speed or not. computer hardware end tho you will have 0 issues.
  8. gpu is for graphics and cpu is for things running in the background (layman's terms) you will need RAM since java is a eater of RAM but there is more to look at than just RAM to be playing multiple clients. I dont know your budget/what you know in terms of tech/a comp you can toss in 2 years or a comp that lasts 6-8years that you slowly upgrade... but a quad core cup, with a decent gaming gpu and 8gb of ram should be able to run 8+ clients np. I would get 16gb, 2 sticks of 8gb in dual channel for system longevity since a new system will mostly have a mobo that has ddr4 RAM and will not have to be upgraded for the life of the system.
  9. Make as in brand? no internet speed has to do with you internet service provider... now if you are doing things like gaming wirelessly then hardware has a hand in that but brand/marker no.
  10. mmmm I guess the main question is are you building your computer or doing a premade from dell/hp/etc?
  11. \o/ my beloved sandstone <3 <3 <3 I was going to work on my deed this weekend building walls, I am glad this came out before hand <----super excited and I just cant hide it!
  12. PS gowai Traveler777 those pots are mine >:D!
  13. yes 10 pots, they are all rare. gif is because I asked for a picture of them glowing. We are bidding on the package of 10 rare pots.
  14. Hello I have a 6.16ql Rare Maul, Iron (Blank). Starting Bid: 2 silver Increment: 50 copper Sniper Protection: 2 hours Delivery: I will send via mailbox with COD No Buyout *I always PM before sending anything via mailbox/delivery so please look for my message :). *If you do no see a message from me after winning an auction then please send me one since sometimes it seems forums can be finicky and it might have gotten "lost". *I wait 7 days for a response to my PM for mailbox/delivery coordination... If you do not contact me I will put the item back up for auction :). *If you change your bid without a PM/explanation in thread... any further bids you place will be considered invalid and not count. *If bids are being changed I will more than likely add time to the auction - with a posted explanation as to why I am extending. Have a happy auction! Launce~