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  1. are you prem?
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  3. -1 cause I think you need to face your fears.
  4. I guess my question about the change is for those that have bought food. Will it be like with the old meat system? Where the old meat stayed the same. If you made something out of it and got a food affinity, once old meat was gone you could not recreate? Example: I buy a piece of food that gives me prospecting. It was made in a rare pan. It has the +1 w/e math stuff. If we go with the new change would that prospecting food still be prospecting food once the change hit? (I assume so) or would it magically change to paving food?
  5. Just looking for a PC on a Rare Knife, Iron and a Supreme Knife, Iron. Both are around 70ql. Please and Thank You, Launsel~
  6. sold, please close
  7. bump
  8. Looking to sell the Supreme Pickaxe I just made. Will be imp to 70ql. I am looking to get 35s but will haggle. Also I am willing to trade partial payment in way sleep powder. Please and Thank You, Launsel~
  9. awesome thank you very much the both of you >:D
  10. Looking for a price check on a Supreme Pickaxe, 70ql blank. Yes I will be selling this item, please PM me if interested. Please and Thank You, Launsel~
  11. 2.4s
  12. 2.6s
  13. 2.8s
  14. 3.8s