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  1. if this can be made into a mod it would be great for wurm! I like the idea of keeping the ability to leave the floor open you could also you use a ladder so you can have an attic. If you can make this a mod pm me
  2. Hey bdew love your mods your doing a great job and thank you for sharing them with us. I have a small problem with the Hotsfixes. Mycelium is not spreading around my spawn area, I have the tiles gm protected and the area has a deed and towers, no altars. it was spreading before but has stopped. Please help thanks
  3. Good advise thanks guys
  4. Thanks guys
  5. I don't know if its just me but wurm buildings would look much better with ceilings. Please let me know if your interested in making this mod. ;-)
  6. bump
  7. I have tried changing the value in the db to 5040 I have also changed the value in the gui but the hota event always restarts around 1d 7h I want to set the hota event to 3d 16hr
  8. No its not a home server. I have 2 kingdoms freedom and hots.
  9. Nothing they respawn. I delete them in "items" they respawn if I delete them in "endgameitems" they respawn. if I turn endgame items off and delete them they dont spawn but then my altars dont work
  10. bump
  11. all good. How do I remove artifacts?
  12. This will destroy my altar that's not what I want to do. I need to remove artifacts from the map.
  13. I'm not very good with code, could you please make this a mod?
  14. How do I remove the artifacts from my server? I deleted my altars and spawned new ones they were working but now if I turn endgame items off my altars don't work, I cant seem to delete the artifacts in the db in "endgameitems"
  15. How do I remove the artifacts? if I turn endgame items off my altars don't work, I cant seem to delete the artifacts in the db without the server replacing them?