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  1. Great server! Awesome, friendly, and active players and staff! Join for fun today!
  2. Damn. Woulda bought this instead of paying as much as I did for my non rare ones
  3. WTB 15-23 QL 94+ CoC Skiller Pickaxe. Post below or PM Wimble in-game.
  4. Wouldn't you want high quality so you block more since you get ticks when you block blows?
  5. They were sold to Gofs
  6. 90+ WoA shoes + 80 WoA saddle + 79 WoA Bridle sold.
  7. http://prntscr.com/e9e2o6 Selling cheap! First come first serve!
  8. Please close
  9. +1 I'm going to open a organic mcdonalds.
  10. Omar, I'm going to message you. Very interested.
  11. CLOSE
  12. PM Wimble in-game. I'm interested.
  13. So when I try to go to a Wurm Forum players profile it shows what is in this screenshot. I also cannot follow topics and stuff like that. Any help would be appreciated. http://prntscr.com/dvekds
  14. So I wondered what if we could ride Roosters, and Hens. Like you put one on each foot and just levitate around the map.
  15. COD Saddle - 71+QL - 82woa (89c), Horse shoe - 71+QL 95woa (200c), Horse shoe - 71+QL 93woa (160c), Horse shoe - 71+QL 92woa (140c), Horse shoe - 71+QL 90woa (110c) to Wimble. I need it today so please mail over ASAP. 6.99s + CoD