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  1. WTB 15-23 QL 94+ CoC Skiller Pickaxe. Post below or PM Wimble in-game.
  2. Wouldn't you want high quality so you block more since you get ticks when you block blows?
  3. They were sold to Gofs
  4. 90+ WoA shoes + 80 WoA saddle + 79 WoA Bridle sold.
  5. http://prntscr.com/e9e2o6 Selling cheap! First come first serve!
  6. Please close
  7. +1 I'm going to open a organic mcdonalds.
  8. Omar, I'm going to message you. Very interested.
  9. CLOSE
  10. PM Wimble in-game. I'm interested.
  11. So when I try to go to a Wurm Forum players profile it shows what is in this screenshot. I also cannot follow topics and stuff like that. Any help would be appreciated. http://prntscr.com/dvekds
  12. So true. It won't hurt to try.
  13. I'm miswording that, someone was in a private message with a staff member when it was brought about.
  14. Someone did suggest it, and that's why lots of people are pissed. If one person states their opinion and gets what they asked for, but if several people over a course of several years ask repeatedly for change and it does not happen, don't you think we have a right to be pissed? Yeah, I agree. The staff will do what they want, but expect to lose players then. Epic fought this for several years.
  15. It wasn't our choice where DD placed their deed. Should have made it somewhere else near HotA. It's kind of first come first serve, or fight for the land. That is what PvP is.