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  1. Steel Spear > Steel Staff
  2. Good ol' fashioned bump for bump's sake.
  3. bumpity bump bump - I like the idea of a one-handed spear, and it does look like it was intended to be that way.
  4. ^WTB - covers all of Freedom instead of spamming same post on every individual server board.
  5. The steel breast plate's shoulders seem to stick through every shoulder pad. I've tried it on Crafter, Left Shielding, and Double. Part of the plate's shoulders sticks through the shoulder pads.
  6. On the wiki it shows the double shoulder pad as working with Chain armor, it does not. It works with cloth.
  7. From what I understand you can't shoot someone if the fence is on the same level as them. A= Shooter B= Target ------> = Trajectory A ---------------------------------------------> B FENCE Good ----------------->B A-------------------FENCE Good A ----------------- FENCE-----------------> B No Good A -------------------------FENCE-------------------------> B No Good But I could be wrong.
  8. Seems the verdict's in, if you could just pick this deed up and move it, it would be sold immediately. xP Bump - good luck.
  9. This guy right here is legit. Would recommend.
  10. Join DD, have your fill of wine, bangers and mash, and some good ol' fashioned fisticuffs! xP
  11. Yay, that bug had me swimming in the middle of the ocean with no boat twice. Glad it's fixed.
  12. More coffee please. +1
  13. Nothing gets the nerves going like face-to-face inter-PMK trading. Ah, good group though. I'd vouch for this service.