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  1. An acquired taste.
  2. Thanks for clarifying.
  3. Only one archery tower or turret will fire at any one tile (and anything on it).... why? That doesn't seem particularly realistic. Not hating, just curious.
  4. Haha, yeah, this whole game requires a lot of patience to deal with. And ty for moving it.
  5. Well that's great. Man this game just has the most top quality back-end. >.> (Not hating on you dev team, just frustrated.)
  6. Just realized this is in the wrong spot. Some mod move please and thank you.
  7. I'm unable to change my forum profile picture or cover photo. Any tips or is this a bug everyone is having?
  8. Sadly I gave up, I could have built a house up there, but it would have been a ridiculously inconvenient place to live. I may go back one day and build a little house up there for the lulz. But I gotta finish my living area first.
  9. 2 thumbs down.
  10. Can you imagine what they'd charge for this here on WO?
  11. "I think I'm gonna make it..." famous last words.
  12. That was supposed to be a secret. >.>
  13. They come off the yuletide reindeer.
  14. Just mining away...