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  1. my mole and i will be there
  2. Ty smooth transaction
  3. Please add my deed Avalon at the location in the image at R23 Rectified the position of the entrance / exit to the Green Tunnel at P19 as indicated in the image. Settlements of Standfasta and New Helix disbanded. Please rename my wifes deed at S21 from Sea Horse Bay to Windigo
  4. As there seems to be an interest from players regarding the event i will share the relevant info. Unfortunatelly i did not get a screen capture in time. [Event tab] [22:19:32] YOU ARE HIT BY LIGHTNING! OUCH! [22:19:32] A strange dizziness runs through your head, eventually sharpening your senses. [Skill tab] [22:19:32] Mind speed increased by 3.1010 to 23.7014 Each piece of equipped armor and weapons received 20 damage (ouch) and no title
  5. Cod to xxxpoisonxxx please 87QL hatchet 79botd-79c
  6. yea just a pity i dont have them