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  1. Goodness! Thank you for these! I'll get them uploaded and updated right away!
  2. Yet another quality boat ready for sailing!
  3. Thanks for posting it!
  4. Brand new trick boats! Boats that literally defy gravity!
  5. 33% of this boat 'floats'. Act fast, this is a limited time offer!
  6. New boat, ready for sailing!
  7. Could you please get me an examine of the bush? I don't have any near me.
  8. Sorry, misunderstood you. Fixed!
  9. What skill does Kelp use to gather? I believe it has the stages listed because it still uses a farm crop mechanic, so it ages and goes through its life stages. Under notes, Kelp can only be found in the wild and cannot be planted like reed.
  10. Personally I think the realism would go out of the window in something like this, but it would make sense.
  11. IMO it'd fill up a bit more space than a large cart. The point isn't to mass transport them, but to have a secondary small ship at your disposal.
  12. +10000 to this, would absolutely adore this feature.