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  1. OK. I'm updating the page(s) to reflect better on how spindle ql actually affects success chance.
  2. Something I find funny. I call it "Deed chores, or glory?"
  3. Just checked, shoulder pads can NOT be mended. EDIT: Actually read post above me, oopsie.
  4. Seems that the spindle MINORLY affects success chance. Have you tested higher ql cotton, to see if that influences success chance as well?
  5. I can be a pretty pretty death princess with those pink hellhorses! >:D
  6. I... Honestly think that your chances of killing a troll depend on if the troll has eaten his Wheaties in the morning. I was killing trolls (With NO damage to me) at level 30fs, 15 longsword. But then when I felt cocky, I tried to kill an adolescent troll. Do you know what a bad headwound suddenly appearing on you feels like? I do! I wish the fighting was a tad more consistent. The same thing happens with hellhounds. I feel like if they get the first hit in, I lose. Always.
  7. I've been planning one for a while at R21 Xan.
  8. Bump! 1 Cedar knarr in stock, oddly. This one seems to not have sunken to the bottom of the bay. Imagine that!
  9. Bump! Talking about casting opulence on food.
  10. @cccdferndo you have a rare saw as well? I'm getting this problem too.
  11. Amazing avatar. :)

  12. I agree! And I had to post that I agreed to, apparently. It would be nice to see those skills be able to used for a bit of fun.
  13. Lmao, love your avatar.

  14. I think the rift system is a perfect 'right way' of doing it. Everyone gets a chance at loot, and gets to work together.
  15. With the exception of 1.3, absolutely!