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  1. This looks fixed now as of 4.00-c56478 & java 131. Can tag & close unless others still have it.
  2. It looks too long now compared to the bowl.
  3. "HotS Emperor declares explosive unicorn program a resounding success, JK animal welfare groups inundate developers with complaints"
  4. Retro already peed on this suggestion but I'll ask again anyway: give us a way to remodel existing walls into the new types. Eg. activate hammer on normal stone wall to change it into another type (much like you can turn normal walls into plain and vice versa). Let it require a small portion of the new mats, eg to turn normal stone into round stone might require 3 round stone + 3 mortar. Just a thought.
  5. Poor retro, he's going to end up sectioned at this rate.
  6. By the by, if this does cause a catastrophic server crash, I want it known as the Czarmageddon
  7. No idea what causes it, but commune was 7 hours out of date compared with the gameboard just now. Libila was in the Fence according to twitter, but commune thought she was in Rusty Daggers. Like any good player I decided to test it for laughs. And it appears to have worked. In theory Lib will now make an impossible move in 5 days or less (thought not to any particular advantage to Lib this scenario). If it works, could be replicated and the board started with favourable item positions, it could be used unscrupulously. Or ... it might trigger another wurmageddon, I don't know. You may want to keep an eye on it.
  8. 4.00-008396b still here.
  9. That's what I'm inclined to believe too. Yet... all over affliction we have random patches, middle of thick forests, nowhere near deeds, current or ruined. I guess it's still likely some deranged player is doing it, but it is rather odd.
  10. To settle an argument. We have tiles popping up in places where no one we know of can get to. Does it spawn during a valrei storm perhaps? Or just a weird player who hides well...
  11. Let me just get my calculator. /who - rotabs bot - lorenas alts - MR spies in alliance (where did you hear about that hmmmmm) - priests... ... calculating... There are 3 real players on affliction. Yep, still the most populated hehe.
  12. Give us underground buildings and we'll spend the next 12 months making huge underground dwarf deeds and forget about the nerfs for a while.