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  1. Dr Lecter is our best recruiter.
  2. It's now week 1 of fires, and I've seen no hint of harvestable blueberries, not even an almost ripe message. Is it working properly?
  3. Combat priests I guess
  4. Detects arrows on the ground in a 100 tile radius lol
  5. Hawk sound maybe? That could be mistaken for a scream.
  6. It's the nature of the animation that bugs me, I don't mind a visible difference between occupied and unoccupied, but these bees, when they aren't making honey and wax seem to be conducting experiments in bending spacetime. Perhaps beds should have a paranormal animation so we know when they are occupied too.
  7. I was wondering if maybe beehives could not do the cutesy wobbly thing to show they are occupied, I mean it's made of wood right? not jelly. I think the smoky effect alone would be enough, or maybe you could have a few things recognisable as actual bees flying around. ...Ah not important I guess.
  8. 1c coin to operate?
  9. This looks fixed now as of 4.00-c56478 & java 131. Can tag & close unless others still have it.
  10. It looks too long now compared to the bowl.
  11. "HotS Emperor declares explosive unicorn program a resounding success, JK animal welfare groups inundate developers with complaints"
  12. Retro already peed on this suggestion but I'll ask again anyway: give us a way to remodel existing walls into the new types. Eg. activate hammer on normal stone wall to change it into another type (much like you can turn normal walls into plain and vice versa). Let it require a small portion of the new mats, eg to turn normal stone into round stone might require 3 round stone + 3 mortar. Just a thought.