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  1. Way to Go Wurmhole!
  2. caption: *Drunken ice cream truck music playing* Driver shouts and waves .. .. "Step right up folks!! EVerrryy body! Get your ice cold adult beverages here! Beer, Moonshine, Vodka, wine, anything your heart desires! Step right up! Come quench your thirst at San Escobar's Premiere Liquor Truck! "
  3. *waves sword in a grandiose fashion* "Magic! Presto! BINGO! On my command, this unicorn shall sprout WINGS!" (thwacks unicorn with sword like a magic wand) (His alt turns away rolling his eyes and hrrumphing in disgust.) . . . . stares down at a dead unicorn and his now-bare left hand . . . . *sighs abjectly* "hmm. . well lets try this again?. . . " Alt- "Sure, I guess. . you have six more pieces of armour to lose ... "
  4. Don't know if you still need one - but i have a star diamond to sell
  5. star diamond

    WTS one star diamond (ql 18) - Would like to get 3s but will take best offer. Can mail.
  6. Plz add Loch Lomond at x30, y15 thanks! Goldfinch
  7. +1 YES PLEASE!
  8. +1
  9. +1 would also be amazing to be able to do a few limited things while Embarked on the cart - such as Pick sprouts/Harvest??
  10. LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!