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  1. Again, it's essentially you imposing meaning on things that isn't there. I also wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. People have demanded my resignation over telling the truth before in harsh terms, I'm not sure why I'd tell a lie now? Integrity is all a person really has in this life.
  2. Do post your issues in the client bug section of the forum. Remember to note the full version in the title bar. Should also be in the console log.
  3. Wurm Unlimited has had a section on these forums since launch and has had content incorporated into the news for just as long. There is no persistent encouragement, outside of your own personal interpretation of what you're reading. I strongly recommend you adjust as we will be developing for both products for quite some time.
  4. I was summoned... And here I had hoped it was to something useful and interesting. Instead it's someone quoting me out of context from an old thread about a tired and fruitless topic. I direct you to Retrograde. I only speak to players who directly need my assistance, and the server hamsters. The server hamsters are the ones who truly care about me. You lot, you have no heart.
  5. Closing this thread. The issues posted here seem to either be related to lag or other issues (some known) which should either be posted under the bugs forum or posted under the bug if it already exists there. Thanks!
  6. I will post any news regarding the downtime in this thread. Please keep it on-topic. Why the downtime? Deliverance has been having stability issues as of late that started sometime around Christmas. Some may have experienced the locking up and subsequent restarts. I will be addressing this issue today as well as using this time to update some software packages. Why the weekend? My time has been split up quite a bit lately, and I didn't want to risk attempting this resolution without proper time to give in the event that things go wrong. I don't expect things to go wrong, but I've also worked in the IT industry for over 15 years. You always hope for and do your best, yet prepare for the worst. What should I do while I'm waiting? I recommend visiting other servers if you still want your Wurm fix! You could also join us on IRC. What should I NOT do during the downtime? To be safe, do not use the shop to add time or silver to any character still on Deliverance during the downtime. Do not send mail to characters on Deliverance and do not try to plot course or travel via normal borders. We do block most of these things in the event that a server is down, but it's best to be safe rather than sorry.
  7. We do not support OpenJDK at this time. Seeing as you're using Ubuntu, this guide will help you with installing the Oracle Java 8 installer:
  8. Update #3 DONE! Deliverance is open for business! Please post here if you have any issues connecting.
  9. Update #2 Ushering hamsters back to their assigned posts as I bring the server up in maintenance mode. This is a precaution to ensure everything went smoothly.
  10. Update #1 Maintenance is going smoothly! Server hamsters are enjoying the down time, though the boredom has driven them to chew on various wires. I hope none are important.
  11. Did you happen to get the client update that went out about an hour ago?
  12. This is a known and low-priority issue.
  13. Yes, unfortunately. The maintenance is required and this is my next available day to be around to do it. It will resolve some of the instability issues Deliverance has had over the last few months.
  14. This deserves an award for the most Wurmian thing ever.
  15. First off, everyone is entitled to their opinions so long as they hold no illusions that they are simply that: opinions. Secondly, Retrograde is going to hate me for this post. O:) For the first 'myth', I have to half agree with you. There's a reason why we're prioritizing the UI, and it's because we're not unaware of the problems with keeping people interested in Wurm. The UI is definitely a throw back to when the game was originally designed over a decade ago. We do have a steady stream of people who are interested, but are rebuffed in some way. But to say that "everyone" knows about Wurm is rather folly in an argument. In conversation when I tell actual gamers I know "hey, I'm a game developer" and they ask "oh? which game?" - I always get "Oh, never heard of it.". It's hard to maintain an ego when it's constantly crushed like this! On the flip side, I also have a good idea of who would like Wurm and who would not. There has always been a flavor to Wurm that not everyone can stand. I usually ask people if they fancy the idea of building a house from scratch and potentially dying a few times first. So there's a good mix of needing to update some of our concepts and mechanics as well as advertise. For the second, I've never really heard anyone actually say Wurm is "pay to play". Hell, some people don't even pay. They earn silver in-game which pays for their accounts. I don't think a game where you can actively buy and sell whole accounts and items can ever be free of the "pay to win" label. That said, it's not "pay to win" in the same sense as some games where you literally have to pay more money for more "labor points" or whatever. In essence, I think you're just talking to talk at this point. Whenever I see posts like these, I try to give them a quick read-through to see if there's any good points in them or anything we might be able to kick around that we haven't already. For the most part, they are almost always declarations of opinions. Usually the opinion translates loosely into "this isn't a game I can enjoy".
  16. Set your external IP to This will bind to all available adapters every time. Internal should be Of course if you run a cluster, you'll need some additional settings. As Bdew said, patches should not change IP address.
  17. As I'm usually doing both WU and WO updates, expect them to be morning Eastern US time. Hence the "midday". We try to give times in UTC. I also made a post about the rollback on the actual Steam forums. You really should check there for updates. I tend to post WU-specific items in the place where you actually purchase WU!
  18. Because people are jealous of my good looks and skill with a blade.
  19. Alright, this is the second time you've brought this up. Yes, my attitude toward you was regretful earlier, but we do have a bit of a rough past. So leaving that history and my feelings about you aside, I want to lay down the facts. As I told you, I don't have it out for you. I want us both to be able to enjoy the game, though as a developer - and a neighbor - and an alliance mate as well, I've had increasing complaints about your release program. I honestly was only mildly involved until I was hearing reports of branded aggressive creatures that you've released attacking players. I could not find these myself and I did not do a full investigation - I merely ran around to see if I happened by one. While I found your catch and release program an annoying and unintentional use of the branding functionality, I couldn't feasibly see how you'd ruin the hunting on an entire server with a few hundred branded animals. Then I was informed that you've increased your deed size to allow for over 700 branded animals to release. Then I was informed that you had intentions on expanding more. Lastly, recalling how our pathing works in Wurm, I realized that at this number you could very possibly destroy hunting in a localized area of the server. You have stated several times to me and others that your intention is to catch-and-release animals to prevent them from being killed. As a player and being in your kingdom on Chaos, I was well aware of your no-kill policies in your village there. I had not anticipated you to leverage a quality of life feature in PvE to force this policy on others to this extent. I did not try to make a case to get you banned. I actually suggested that you remove the brands from aggressive creatures to avoid issues in that regard. I also told you that I felt that you were misusing a feature, and that I was bringing this opinion to the team to fix it. To me, this is an obvious misuse of the branding feature and I feel we must now take steps to curb this in the future. I can see no viable game play reason to release branded creatures into the wild except to circumvent the creature ratio, which is pretty much what you've stated here. TL;DR: I don't want to get you banned. I feel you are misusing a feature. It's not up to me to decide if your misuse is a violation of rules, but it is up to me to bring this potential loophole and misuse of a feature to the team. My opinion is not an official dev team ruling, though it's also not something I've come to willy-nilly. I won't touch on the so-called "personal vendetta", except to say that I only wish I could play the game in peace.
  20. I figured I'd get this post started. I'm writing a mod that works with Ago's Mod Loader that will give you the ability to configure working portals from within the game. This will be the main thread for this mod when it's released, but for now I'm looking for some ideas and feedback to use during the initial development. What I have so far: A working override for the PortalQuestion code (as in, I can already hijack portal actions and hard-code working portals in the mod as it is). A data encoding scheme that stores all data for the mod in existing fields on the portal itself. TL;DR: Everything is done in-game and stored in your database. All changes will be live, nothing will need a reboot/reset of the server to make work (except for a few advanced things I'll get to later) Current feature list in design: *This may change in development!* Same-server point-to-point travel. (i.e. set an X/Y and go) Cross-server travel (set an X/Y and server ID) Kingdom features (Allow only XX Kingdom, Convert To XX Kingdom) Set specific kingdoms or prompt from a list. Epic-style "separate" player files (if possible in WU) Item limits (old style portals) Individual portal cool downs (still a WIP idea) List of spawn points instead of X/Y List of alliance spawn points (WIP idea) Server Listing (instead of just setting server ID) Advanced features will require the use of and a restart of the server to incorporate (though I might see about reloading this file in-game... I have to look into that) Specify a list of villages, spawn points, etc for a specific portal to show (this will be based on the portal's WurmID) These are all of the things I'm going to be working on implementing now that I have the data storage finished. Feel free to request features and I'll see what I can do.
  21. Sadly this is actually not the same bug, but has been equally difficult to sort out even with it being 100% reproduced by mounting a horse and reconnecting the client.
  22. Embark-Frozen is the bane of my existence. The many hours logged trying to reproduce it in a debugger to actually understand why it happens is many. If only it was as easy as "spending effort". A post isn't my call, but here's some food for thought: 1) We could never post exploits. 2) You mentioned no one is "spending effort" on fixing bugs, yet ask to "spend effort" on maintaining a forum post (instead of fixing bugs) 3) Whenever Alectrys can actually confirm and reproduce a bug, it's usually fixed fairly quickly. 4) #3 means that even if we wanted to, often times the details of a bug are so vague, weird, or completely random that a post would literally be... well let's take embark: "Sometimes you might get frozen while embarking" 5) The majority of the bugs are sourced from the bug forum. In essence, that's the best list we have and what we actually use to bring data into our internal tracker. I'm sorry you've had a few affect you - there's probably a good dozen players by now who know me because I've had to fix them after a particularly pesky bug. We take it all very seriously, and if a bug hasn't been fixed yet - it's either because we've been working on more important ones or we just haven't been able to crack it. Not all bugs are equal. Some can be spotted just by the end result. Most that I've had to deal with though, they take hours or even days of reviewing logs, data, reports, and finally code in order to narrow down the cause. Then it can take just as long to come up with a solution that doesn't break anything else. If it does, it's rinse and repeat - either we trace down the new bug or we have to alter our fix. The best way to help us kill more bugs is to always report your findings, provide clear and complete information, and be willing to provide more if needed.
  23. As for any poor reviews, we've been paying attention. Part of what I've been working on with the 1.3 update for WU is to fix some of the glaring problems that the server launcher has had. It should be more stable, and the new classes and solutions I'm adding will make it easier as we move forward with what we'd like to focus on this year. Personally, I'd like to make WU as easy to play (as in, start up and get into) as any other game off of Steam. We're not ignorant to the fact that it takes a bit more than common gaming knowledge to get up and running right now. I think you may find many of the reviews you mention actually name that fact as their reason - then top on things like the in-game user interface (which is also slated as a project for this year).
  24. No, it doesn't have "mega issues". It has problems that must be solved due the fact that I can't pop over to your house and patch your databases for you. The fact that we have to take into consideration the modding aspect. We can't just push it out, let people's servers crash and burn, and just say "Oh well! Shouldn't have modded." You understand nothing of the update, nothing of what we're launching - despite many posts - and yet you continue to make the same misinformed points over and over again. You do have technical background. I've seen it demonstrated, so surely you understand the technical difficulties this update brings for us? Not to mention if you've not been following along, we've had some issues crop up in Wurm Online that are related to 1.3. I'd much rather resolve these issues than push out bugs. I mean heck, your dramatic "(since every patch seems to introduce bugs)" would be proven true. Feedback is one thing, but you've gone beyond feedback at this point. I'm willing to answer questions, but you're bordering on using misinformation to cause FUD.