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  1. Fix is pushed! PLEASE use the latest JRE bundled with the server as well as the controlsfx now bundled with it. The reason for the JRE push was for security fixes. My intent was to update libraries at a later time as that is usually more volatile than a JRE upgrade. I've also done a little reconfiguration of my own to ensure I'm using the bundled JRE with my tests. That was on me, and I do apologize. The builds are: Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server: 1778575 Wurm Unlimited: 1778584 You can see the build value by right-clicking the game in your library, clicking Properties then Local Files. The build number is in the lower portion of the window. If it has not automatically updated, you can force an update by clicking on Verify Integrity of [Game/Tool] Files... - when it's done, closing the window and opening it again should show the newest build version. There was not a beta version bump for this.
  2. Alright, there were enough changes to the library that I'll have to make changes to the binary which I cannot do until later.
  3. Actually, I'll just update the library now. New updates will be ready soon. Updating to controlsfx.8.40.12
  4. Thank you for all the work done so far in sorting out the root cause. I'm aiming for an update to beta tonight (US Eastern) to resolve this.
  5. Sorry for the delay. This is an informational error. I can tone down the verbosity of it, but essentially it looks like distilling resulted in a recipe that would normally be saved on the player as a discovered recipe. In this case, the owner of the woodscrap used is NOID, meaning the WurmID is -10. I'm not entirely sure how this could have happened in this instance. Could have been older data. If a player complains that they aren't getting any recipes from their distilling efforts, this would be what to look for. They may want to try with a fresh woodscrap.
  6. Unless my comprehension is bad here, you'd create an item that defines the style you want, and you'd apply it to the wall - in return you'd get the plain old reinforcement. So it's like what you describe as "simple" only you get back the original reinforcement. The tile's state doesn't change, only it's texture.
  7. You do understand that the reinforcement would not actually be removed, right?
  8. Finally got you on the test server I see.
  9. This has been covered to death and back and to death again. It'll take some time to get this done as we've hit a limitation here. That limitation does not apply to cave walls. Completely different systems. Bumping this in each news will not get it done any faster, but only serve to annoy the people who have to do it. Please be patient. People work terribly when annoyed. Oh! I know! I know! It's A SECRET
  10. Incoming server restart for Exodus to resolve this issue.
  11. Right, I was hoping for a more precise time between noticing them fight and follow and not. It helps me locate potential issues in the logs.
  12. Do you happen to have a time (and timezone please) of when you first noticed this behavior? Was it like this when you logged in, or did it specifically start?
  13. One thing you can try is a Google search for "Is Paypal Down" - there are a number of sites with varying accuracy that rely on user reports to detect issues with websites. With today's Internet, one website is most likely load-balanced and distributed across many servers in varying regions to provide the most up-time. What often happens is the server closest to you has issues and the fail-over doesn't kick in to route you properly or the routing just takes a while to update. Anything more beyond this would be between you and your provider or you and PayPal. If you have issues accessing PayPal's website, there's not likely much we can do from our end. A transaction failure we may be able to help with is when your payment goes through on PayPal's end, but it doesn't on our end. That's when you should reach out for support as there may be an issue with the communications channel between us and PayPal or some other issue. Keep in mind that this is usually instantaneous, but the Internet often has other plans at times. It's usually best to give it a good hour before asking for help.
  14. This was already a part of what is in the works. I'm not involved in that project directly, though I plan to incorporate changes depending on how far along things are. This is one of those changes.
  15. We've had something in the works for a while, but I'm of the mind that I may need to take a crack at this sooner than wait for that to get done.