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  1. I'm looking to address that for the next beta release, yes. I looked at the code, but I want to investigate further to ensure that is indeed the case. Forgot to comment on the issue.
  2. Updating the OP with a disclaimer.
  3. I've updated the WurmServerModApi to include common from and to have coloring for orange trees, rock salt, and sandstone. Something I did a while back and updated today is an easy way to grab this package into your own projects! I've been using Jitpack, which does a just-in-time maven packaging for Github repositories. Information on how to pull this into your own projects can be found here: I'll be working on a TravisCI config that will automatically ping Jitpack on releases in the future. The best part about this is that WurmServerModApi includes common, which is quite nice when working on standalone projects (such as MapViewer). No need to drag in a jar file as it's built into this package. For future updates, I will be trying to time updates to this package with updates to WU. This way beta and live will exist as they do in Steam and the version of the WurmServerModApi and included common will match the version of WU available. That should help anyone using this package in the future.
  4. Bah! I forgot to add... There's a lot already going on, but more in a large overview and information gathering. Restrictions have been brought up as something we're willing to work on and change, but I doubt they will go away completely. Perhaps make more sense, but there's literally no actual decisions made on that yet. Not until we have a complete overview of the current system. That said, I'd like people to contribute ideas assuming that everything is fair game. It's not, at least not entirely, but you never know what creative spark may help guide us in what we end up presenting to the community as a plan of action. It's not that we don't have our own ideas as a team, but it always helps to bring in outside influences.
  5. I have to disagree. As I said in a dev chat, priests as they stand right now are not a realistic play style or choice to main. Not without serious support, which you may find but in the larger majority, no. Rather than down the opinions being presented, could you offer some constructed thoughts on what could make them viable and yet balanced so it's a choice and not just another add-on for a main? That's really what we want to avoid. Priests should not be like a meditation path, where you just add it to your existing character. It should be a choice with both benefits and consequences, and the hope is they will work to balance the experience to make it an enjoyable choice for people who want something different.
  6. There's a whole deity revamp in the road map. I don't have specifics to share on that, but one thing I personally would like to address is the way we handle player gods so that we *can* more easily handle balancing issues as they arise. My point was to keep it simple for now to help focus the discussion. @Finnn- I'm not sure where you got all that from my post. See above. My point was to help get this thread on a productive path. Ideas and improvements for priests based on the four base deities in the game. Obviously ideas that are way outside what we have today may be less likely to be implemented, it wouldn't hurt to hear what people are thinking. We can pull bits and pieces from various ideas to create a better whole. I would also like to caution against devolving into hate and drama toward PvP and PvE. The fact is as developers, they're both important. We can obviously tweak the mechanics between the two on a conditional basis, so something that may be weak in PvE or overpowered in PvP can be brought in-line as needed. There's no need to draw lines in the sand. We're smart enough to know when something suggested from a PvE stance may need to be scaled for PvP, or when a PvP idea may not work well in PvE and may need some adjustments.
  7. Facts are that it's a prayer skill check with a faith-based modifier. You're both semi-correct. Can we get this thread back on topic now? It's taken an unfortunate turn. Also temper your ideas and improvements with the fact that player gods are generated and we do not take lightly to adding in hard-coded fixes to generated content. Consider any ideas here based on the four base deities to keep things simple.
  8. I was recommending something specifically for the resources needed by a new player. My personal opinion is that the foraging system has always annoyed me. We say in common speech things like "foraging for some food", or our tribal ancestors may have foraged for berries. I don't think I've ever had anyone say they need to forage for a stick, rock, or piece of cotton. Yet a system like foraging isn't something we can just completely revamp. There's a lot of other things needing attention, but for the new player experience, I would like to see about doing something to help with this. I was playing with a friend who has never even tried Wurm and he found it confusing to forage for these things. We do not direct players to this feature at all for these supplies. So a new player is quite literally left scratching their head. I've already documented all of this, so I do hope we can make some changes to help. Retrograde has some plans to help with the latter part as well, so together I hope we can improve the experience.
  9. 8s 50c
  10. Like I said, to be fair I had the same issue. Specifically I was looking for cotton to start a farm, and ended up just throwing myself off a cliff so it became the most important thing I needed at the time! I think this could use work, and appreciate you bringing it up. We probably shouldn't encourage people to fling themselves off of cliffs just to forage the right things.
  11. Hey Brash! I recently did a do-over in WU myself and found that foraging seemed a bit off. Budda reminded me that we had changed the way foraging works so that you usually find what you need based on some criteria. So if you're hungry, you'll find more food. If you're hurt, you'll find more healing items. When I started eating the food I was finding, I noticed branches and iron rocks became more plentiful in my foraging. Edit That said, I do think this should be made a little more obvious to the player perhaps and will bring that up.
  12. The core mechanic was intentionally left alone with one exception: We removed all the remaining disadvantages of low nutrition. You can make the same food with the same resulting nutrition/food gains in the same way. You can completely ignore this update and you can even toggle off the CCFP meters. What we did was added a new system that operates on top of the old one at the base level. We added bonuses for participating in the new system. It is entirely opt-in. This system was designed and implemented by a developer who has a focus on new features. We have other developers, including myself, that tend to focus on bugs. Indeed, if you review the patch notes you will see that the entire team worked together over the many months cooking was in development to bring many bug fixes out. Budda focused on many broken mechanics as well. The evidence for all of what I say is freely available on in the patch notes here on this forum.
  13. I'd appreciate a better review once you've taken advantage of the test server and seen for yourself.
  14. It's more that I am returning the respect given, Joe. I can be very professional, but I expect the same from you. Is that too much to ask? Edit I get this a lot when I push back. The corporate mentality of "customer service reps should deal with me and still be nice" applies to much of the gaming genre. You can be as nasty as you want to developers and staff members on some other games, but that's mostly because they don't ever read what you post. Here, we read quite a bit. We may not always agree and we may not always have a reply to post, but we usually read it in some form. Let it be through browsing the forums or by Retrograde's weekly email bumps of community issues and commentary. Not only do we read it, but there's an IRC server where several of us are able to actually talk with you one-on-one. You don't get that everywhere, but you do here. I'm not obligated to be so available. Nothing in my contract says I need to leave my forum PMs open or my IRC PMs open. I do it because I want to know what's going on and I want to hear feedback. People who come to me may not always like my answer, and undoubtedly I may send you to Retrograde or Budda if I feel it's not something I alone can answer, but I do try. Especially with Wurm Unlimited, as that's pretty much my domain at this point. So yes, Joe. I pushed back a little on you. I apologize if that offended you, but I did the same earlier with someone else as well. It may seem like people are justified to hang us when mistakes are made or you disagree, but you may find that we react much better when we are treated like people and with a little bit of respect. After all, we all want the same ultimate goal.
  15. This isn't a WU issue, but a mod issue. Please seek support with the mod loader's author. Also for mod loader authors: Expect that bundled runtime to change frequently. I will be updating it with each new jvm version. (131 will be going out to WU with the next beta)