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  1. I forgot to post an update. I think I isolated the issue and am working with Retrograde on scheduling the downtime needed to address it as well as make a few other performance tweaks. I do not want to make the changes needed without taking them down and doing a full backup. The software manufacturer did chime in, and we are in contact with them. We're covered on everything else, so no worries on that.
  2. The issue appears to be an AJAX call when sending private messages and in certain cases when posting a reply to a topic. I've been trying to give Daryl a hand by doing some more research and trying a few things. I did do a few things that seemed to improve the overall performance, but did not resolve this specific issue. We are still actively working to find a resolution, but unfortunately none of the logging and debugging I've done has helped shed a light on the issue. We will keep you posted.
  3. Not really open for debate.
  4. We're not shutting down servers. End of story. Rolf's policy has always been so long as there's even one person still playing on a server, it's going to remain open. There's no post size quota, like quota, poll quota, or any other unit of measure that's going to change that. You might as well get used to it and move on. Did you check out what you can do in caves now? Might be a better use of time.
  5. Alright, be nice. I know why you're asking for his name. Get back to breaking things for me to fix!
  6. I'm confused, because the hotfix will also resolve the PvP ban. If there's another bug preventing you from playing the game, please post it in the appropriate forum so we can investigate it. I do apologize if you feel I'm "trolling", but that is not my intention. As for understanding, I spent over 3 years on Chaos with the Empire of Mol-Rehan. I know full well how frustrating a PvP ban is as well as how bugs can ruin the experience. It's unrealistic to assume every bug will be caught between test and live, but we will always work tirelessly to resolve them when they get through. Especially something as game-breaking as security being removed from structures. Servers are back up now, and the GMs will be verifying the fix and addressing the ban soon. Happy Wurming!
  7. As a developer, that gut-wrenching feeling is even more pronounced. We've had people on this since we found out about it. Since we all come from the player base, we know what that feeling is like.
  8. Fixing bugs is precisely what I'm doing Sorry for the interruption. On the bright side, meditation timers and prayer timers are reset!
  9. Budda and I, as well as the rest of the team, are very keen on complexity and reducing lag rather than adding to it. I found the time to get some profiling running on Oracle (our test server) and we have plans to introduce it to live servers as well. The profiling of Oracle alone has already given us a few hot spots that we hadn't considered looking at yet, and that was with zero player load and a rather modest creature count. It may be a good topic for another dev blog once we have some fixes in the pipeline and more data.
  10. The JNLP just tells Java Web Start where to get all the files the program needs. main="false" means those jars do not start the application. There's absolutely no reason to ever manipulate the JNLP. Try downloading and installing it from this link: All of our libraries are downloaded from that same path, so if that fails then for some reason you're unable to connect to our servers. Steps to take prior: Start -> Run -> type javaws -viewer and press Enter. Right-click any and all Wurm installations and Delete. Wurm, by default, does not install files under "Games", but under the user's folder. C:\Users\<YOUR USER>\wurm - delete that as well. Make a backup for your logs and such if you have any you wish to keep. Download and run the JNLP linked above. This is all assuming your Java install isn't corrupted and your video drivers are fine, though we usually see people getting to the launcher and then crashing on video driver issues. Also look for any files like: hs_err_pidXXXX - where the X's will be numbers. If you find these, share them or email them to
  11. Item: as well as other prefixes are namespaces in the wiki. Knowing that at the time rendering an HTML document in Wurm's client was neigh impossible, the idea was to simply fetch the body of article and display that in a text window. These namespaces were designed to keep in-game help pages separate and with as little markup as possible for readability. The inherit problem with this is that it creates a lot of extra work to maintain several articles. That's why one priority I have when we get the new UI rolling out is to ensure we can create an in-game browser window and simply use the Wurmpedia's full articles. There's other options on the table too, such as using an API of some sort so we can do more in-game (like context sensitive stuff) but that's more dreams of the future at this point. The only thing I'm absolutely set on is to start using the actual articles and not the namespaces. That isn't to say that namespaces are a bad idea. It might be worthwhile to use them after this is done as a means to bring order to the articles.
  12. Just a heads up, WU has a different skill gain system than WO. It's not recommended to try and compare skill gains between WU and WO.
  13. The in-game wiki should be replaced with a browser window for the Wurmpedia, which is a pretty good source of information. Yet another thing waiting on UI and a few other upgrades which should be coming nearly at the same time. If you find issues with the Wurmpedia, I recommend you reach out to @sEeDliNgSor @Wolfeyso they can arrange to get it corrected, or you could post on the forum for that purpose as well. Going up to PvP, and this is going to be a personal opinion of mine, I think one of the main issues is that we have a few different ideas of what PvP "should be". In my experience on Chaos, you have quite a few older individuals who like the slow and grueling pace of building and raiding fortresses. Yet some would prefer it to be easier and less risky. The real issue I saw is that numbers play quite a bit into who actually wins. There were a few sweet spots, when people were able to turn the odds, but for the most part it was a numbers game. The more people you had show up, the more successful you were going to be. For me personally, this wasn't very fun after a while. I began to crave something a little less grueling and punishing. Yet the idea of a "lighter" PvP always gets rejected when I talk about it. A PvP where losses aren't felt as hard and yet rewards still matter. It still blows my mind how much has been lost in some of the raids MR carried out against other kingdoms, and likewise how much I saw my friends lose when Macedon got the jump on them. When I say loss, I mean the actual real currency conversion of the items that were lost. I've actually apologized to some folks when I've had the chance to talk to them because I always felt guilty about taking their stuff. Horrible PvP player, right? To me, the final nail for my time in PvP was when individuals decided to hack accounts to take when they couldn't do it via in-game mechanics. PvP isn't dead in Wurm, but the toxicity is a primary reason why I've kept out of the discussions and only assisted in designs when asked. (Reminder: In a developer capacity, I was still voluntary - my paid positions until recent were administration) Can there still be PvP in Wurm? Absolutely. I just don't think it can exist in the same way it has and it must come with stronger account security mechanics, better anti-cheating mechanics, and better tools so GMs can properly remove individuals who seek to ruin the game for others. NOTE: GREEN IS TO MAKE IT INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS THAT THIS IS A PERSONAL OPINION PARAGRAPH. I HOPE THIS HELPS THOSE WHO ARE GENERALLY CONFUSED BY THIS NOTION. THANKS. Now rounding back to "easy" Wurm: I don't mean that the game is hard once you figure it out. I mean improving is the same basic thing 100 different ways. The difficulty is in the skill grind, the quality limitations, and yes the action failures. We still have a heck of a problem with getting players accustomed to all you can do and how you can do it. I know this first hand, not only teaching a friend the game recently, but trying to write wiki pages to describe things. I was reminded of the Permissions page as an example. That page alone took me at least a week of working several hours a day. We need a more intuitive UI design that has the ability to include natural indicators as to what does what, and that's precisely the direction we're heading.
  14. Budda literally mentioned this in a dev conversation today while discussing the new UI he's working on. The UI isn't ready for teasers or anything yet, but it's more than just a wish list of things we'd like to do "when we have time", and one of the guiding points with the UI is to bring Wurm closer to what people expect from a game's interface. You'll likely see a lot of oft-requested features being put into this. Things we couldn't realistically do before, but will be able to now. It's also not about making Wurm "easier to play" as a game is concerned. It's about making Wurm more approachable and easier to learn HOW to play. My own experience with guiding a friend recently left me frustrated with how I had to explain every little oddity. "How do I resize the event window?" Yeah. That took a bit. The UI is also a major blocker in a lot of things we'd like to do in the future.