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  1. Again, it's essentially you imposing meaning on things that isn't there. I also wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. People have demanded my resignation over telling the truth before in harsh terms, I'm not sure why I'd tell a lie now? Integrity is all a person really has in this life.
  2. Do post your issues in the client bug section of the forum. Remember to note the full version in the title bar. Should also be in the console log.
  3. Wurm Unlimited has had a section on these forums since launch and has had content incorporated into the news for just as long. There is no persistent encouragement, outside of your own personal interpretation of what you're reading. I strongly recommend you adjust as we will be developing for both products for quite some time.
  4. I was summoned... And here I had hoped it was to something useful and interesting. Instead it's someone quoting me out of context from an old thread about a tired and fruitless topic. I direct you to Retrograde. I only speak to players who directly need my assistance, and the server hamsters. The server hamsters are the ones who truly care about me. You lot, you have no heart.
  5. Closing this thread. The issues posted here seem to either be related to lag or other issues (some known) which should either be posted under the bugs forum or posted under the bug if it already exists there. Thanks!
  6. We do not support OpenJDK at this time. Seeing as you're using Ubuntu, this guide will help you with installing the Oracle Java 8 installer:
  7. Update #3 DONE! Deliverance is open for business! Please post here if you have any issues connecting.
  8. Update #2 Ushering hamsters back to their assigned posts as I bring the server up in maintenance mode. This is a precaution to ensure everything went smoothly.
  9. Update #1 Maintenance is going smoothly! Server hamsters are enjoying the down time, though the boredom has driven them to chew on various wires. I hope none are important.
  10. I will post any news regarding the downtime in this thread. Please keep it on-topic. Why the downtime? Deliverance has been having stability issues as of late that started sometime around Christmas. Some may have experienced the locking up and subsequent restarts. I will be addressing this issue today as well as using this time to update some software packages. Why the weekend? My time has been split up quite a bit lately, and I didn't want to risk attempting this resolution without proper time to give in the event that things go wrong. I don't expect things to go wrong, but I've also worked in the IT industry for over 15 years. You always hope for and do your best, yet prepare for the worst. What should I do while I'm waiting? I recommend visiting other servers if you still want your Wurm fix! You could also join us on IRC. What should I NOT do during the downtime? To be safe, do not use the shop to add time or silver to any character still on Deliverance during the downtime. Do not send mail to characters on Deliverance and do not try to plot course or travel via normal borders. We do block most of these things in the event that a server is down, but it's best to be safe rather than sorry.
  11. Did you happen to get the client update that went out about an hour ago?
  12. This is a known and low-priority issue.
  13. Yes, unfortunately. The maintenance is required and this is my next available day to be around to do it. It will resolve some of the instability issues Deliverance has had over the last few months.
  14. This deserves an award for the most Wurmian thing ever.