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  1. You can submit an ingame ticket. They will help u get out of there. Otherwise suicide, or karma teleport. Also, I don't think this is a client bug. Not if u are actually stuck in a mine area. Not sure, but if u actually feel thru the floor and are stuck in a mine somewhere.. it may be a Server issue. Oh what may have happened... maybe u just had one of them one in a thousand cave ins behind you. Trapped you in a mine. Either way, in game support ticket, and I'm sure they would help get u out of there. Teeebomb
  2. Crocodile sinks into mine floor. Inside a building but on an unpaved floor tile in Cornersville, Independence. 22Jun 2017
  3. I am waiting for a few throw away horses to test underground. I will try it w/ horses underground when I get them. I don't want any of my good horses eaten by trolls. Thanks your post Sklo:D. I am testing a croc now in underground areas.
  4. We have the same issue on Independence. So this is still happening on June 18th, 2017. Also, sometimes a rug dropped on to a paved cave tile, will fall under the floor. We had to remove this floor tile to discover the lost carpet which had dropped under the floor (may be the same sort of issue. Also, horse legs and peoples legs sink into floor over here. Thanks your time :-) Teeebomb PS: this may be a server issue. Hard to tell for me tho.
  5. Ok this is new underground issue. When I (or my alt or other citizen) examine a 'cave ceiling' tile, it shows the message for what would normally show up for it's associated mine floor tile. If the floor tile is reinforced, the message we all get when examining the ceiling tile is : "[06:49:25] You see a cave floor has been reinforced with thick wooden beams and metal bands." In that case, if they try to mine that ceiling tile, they get the following message (because they do not have the 'add/remove reinforcement'): "[06:54:11] This action is not allowed here, because the tile is on a player owned deed that has disallowed it." When any of us cursor over the ceiling tile, the pop up cursor over message still says "Cave ceiling". So there. The problem is the game thinks we are trying to mine out the reinforced floor tile, when we are actually trying to mine up on a ceiling tile. When the mayor (who does have 'add/remove reinforcement' permission) tries to mine up on such a ceiling (has reinforced floor underneath it), the mayor's attempt mines normally up and the ceiling will lift normally. Can you repair this ceiling tile thing. It has been a problem for us in Cornersville on Independence server for last day or so. It may have been a problem longer that that. I am not sure when this issue 1st came up. Just we noticed it here when my citizen tried to mine the ceiling on a tile that had a reinforced floor. Thanks your time :-)
  6. Agreed. Maybe an issue showed up when all the underground locks disappeared. It was odd for me, two different guard towers completely blowing me and my ven troll off.
  7. Ok I just yesterday had same thing happen. Sort of. I had to kill a ven troll (too much for me w/o help). I went to guard tower area and called for help - several times. Lots of times. Guards stated they would come, but they never did. I ran in circles a loooong time, lots of circles. Lots of calls for help. No tower guards ever showed up. So I lured that ven troll to other nearby guard tower. Ran in circles there and called for help. There were 2 guards just standing there watching me and the troll run in circles. I called for help several times.. over and over and over. Repeatedly, the tower guards stated they were 'on it' and 'gonna get u ven troll', but no guards ever showed up. So I left that troll there, went to a nearby mine where I knew the local tower guards loved to just hide when work is to be done. Sure enough, a tower guard was in there w/ his back to the door. (May have been another guard or 2 in that mine, but I did not check) So I attacked that lazy mine dweller tower guard. He got mad (lol) and came at me, so I lured him to the ven troll, then got completely out of everybody's range for a time. After a bit or two, I targeted the ven troll, and called for help. That one single tower guard engaged the troll - and that was that. Dead troll. Apparently... normally... when u call for help the 1st time, the 1st two guards are sent (team 1). If you call a 2nd time, another one or two are sent (team 2). If u then call a 3rd time, u can get the rest of them come help. But, if the 1st tower guard team is stuck in a mine, they cant get out, so they 'say' .. oh ya i'm coming to help.. but they don't. Then when u call the 2nd time, that 1st team is still not engaged in battle, so that 1st team, again says, "I'm coming to help, no lie" but still won't come. The 2nd and 3rd teams never get the call, because they are waiting for the 1st team to be 'engaged' in battle. I'd like them to fix this yes. So sad to see well paid tower guards loafing about when there are innocent Wurminians getting killed by evil hungry monsters. I recommend players be allowed to 'lead' lazy mine dwelling tower guards w/ a rope out of the mine. Or maybe, players should have a 'lazy tower guard' emote that would cause the tower guard to come out. .. of them mines. Something. Maybe players should be able to call for the 2nd team, or 3rd team if 1st team is just too lazy. Maybe if we just quit paying them if they are inside a mine? I mean they never help in battles inside mines.. why pay them if they are just gonna stand in a mine? Completely irresponsible work ethic on the tower guards part. How about.. if a tower guard enters a mine, he (or she) immediately starts to starve, and very soon after die of hunger? Something needs to be done here. My name is Teeebomb and that's my lazy guard story.
  8. Ya we had a troll pass onto deed.. He may have come thru underground locked doors. I will ride around try to see where he came from now.
  9. Thanks your posts. Please also mention (edit post) if you definitely had locks b4, which server, when did they disappear exactly (if you know for sure), which server you are on, etc...
  10. Server: Independence Deed: Cornersville Just lost all the locks on all of my underground building doors. I got no idea when exactly they disappeared. Maybe since this last most recent update. But for sure all my underground building door locks are gone now. All these definitely had locks before, I know for certain. All the doors I have underground (that have lost their locks) are plain stone double doors. Also, just found out, all my underground fence gate locks are missing their locks. I have 2 underground wooden fence gates. They used to definitely have locks on them and have no locks on them now though. My 'manage buildings': Thanks your time. TeeeBOMB I am able to 'manage' my underground buildings. I can reattach door locks. Please do post here if you did, or did not, loose any underground building door locks or underground gate locks. Add as much information as possible like server, time you lost locks (if you know for sure), did those doors/gates definitely have locks before? Stuff like that. Any information you thank may help.
  11. Lol , we are each of us a tool. But ya sounds right. It does seem a viable option if the issue is exactly as u described it here. Just leave it as it is as you say. I will watch for posts on this thread. I am not much of a cooker, but I do have a vote, will watch see as points are made and refuted here and in my chat tabs.
  12. I don't mind collecting snowballs. If some would rather pay to have it collected for them Is ok w/ me. Would be a very nice newby job.
  13. Update: All agro mobs can engage you in combat if you are standing next to the door/gate underground. Whether or not it can escape. This part seems to matter exactly where you are standing. Trolls stay put inside underground buildings (for me they did). Cow stays put in underground fenced in area. Black bear stayed put inside underground fenced in area and underground building. Brown bear walked out of underground fenced in area, but stayed put inside underground building. Got more testing to do, will post here as I continue testing.
  14. Thanks guys. Well for some reason. Wurm works normally and I am no longer having problems with Wurm black out. When I was having this problem, I learned that I could not watch utube vids when in wurm. Solved a bunch of my crashes & windows screen black outs. Just today, I spent like 5 hours watching utube vids. No crash. No black out. So - somehow.. it's fixed? I hope. Thanks your inputs o/
  15. Thanks Alectrys! Ok I'll retest w/ wolves, bears, and dogs, as I find them and have the time to bring them home. I can retest w/ that champion goblin if he's still down there. I have been testing 2 separate trolls locked in 2 separate underground buildings. So far (almost 2 weeks) they have not departed. I have been dropping meat there so they don't go hungry, which may influence them to stay put, I guess. One is ven, so maybe will soon be time to retire that one. I'll update my original post to indicate escape events that occur after Jun first, if posters here will indicate dates or time frames. I will plan to set up a couple test fences w/ gates underground later, and can test in those too (I'll post test results here when I get that done).