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  1. This one is being taken care of by Zahrkon. PM me when u catch me on line or post here, to get your horse!! TeeeBOMB
  2. OMG! Great tool! Thank you very much your effort this very useful tool. I used it before my computer crashed/melted down. Just now getting back to using your Wurm Assistant/Granger on my new computer I am just taking this opportunity to post my appreciation. I can only imagine how much effort you have to put into such a thing to keep it up and working. Thanks. Funny thing is, I saw ur Granger, loaded all my horses into it my last computer, but - never figured out what the different colors were for. LOL. Just now, I clicked on a horse, and noticed all the colors changed. Very awesome. So I guess, green means GO! Very useful. Another note to post here... I am not sure what Alendhor was talking about when he posted... ...but ya, it does sound like a good idea to me too. ;-) Thanks - and good job on Wurm Assistant !!
  3. This glitch confirmed. At around 8:09am, on 25 Feb 2017, my alt tried to enter a building door he did not have entry access to: My alt (Ldcal) tried to enter my house (the same house Perodin got stuck in, Teeebomb's House), but the entry door was locked (my bad, forgot to add my alt to permissions). My alt entered into a loop glitch, got stuck in the door, and could not get away, was stuck there. On a more positive note, my alt was not being attacked by any monster. Can you please fix this glitch, so that people do not get trapped at entry doors they do not have access to enter at? Thanks. link to youtube vid of looped glitch, stuck in door >
  4. Nice photo set of screenies, fun. While it appears Wilca the Splendid got a bit big for her britches, I really like the Gnome on a flying carpet one the best. Altho, I never ever seen a Wurm Gorialla, this screenie is my 1st ever such sighting. Keep up the screenie fun ! o/
  5. ...it's a Shrimpalong mystery...
  6. Enki and his minions: Cecci speaks w management: TeeeBOMB screenies :-)
  7. Shrimpalong crime wave update: Security cam footage as 3 skeletal ruffians move in, a possible theft attempt against innocent event participant. Everyone beware, the tower guards seem to be in on it, as can been seen in this RL photo, they move away instead of moving in to assist the potential victim. Thanks to Keyos and his skeletal goon squad. Also a big thanks to the random event participant w/ the shiv. Screenies by TeeeBOMB 29 Dec 2016
  8. Breaking news! We interrupt your normally scheduled programming to bring you this important breaking news update on Shrimpalong 2016. Caught on camera !! Not too bright thief absconds with the contents of yummy picnic basket! This image was captured by Shrimpiie's security cam. Newly installed after several complaints, picnic baskets, set down for just a moment, later found emptied by disappointed Shrimpalong participants. This 'not too bright' thief was heard to say in local chat even... <actual recorded audio from security system>... [00:38:42] <Teeebomb> oh is that [00:38:46] <Meyfei> yup xD [00:38:51] <Meyfei> a setup! [00:38:52] <Teeebomb> ... a picknic basket? Not only can this 'not too bright' criminal not spell (has dumb fingers), he/she failed to notice the containers, fully loaded with free food, not 2 tiles away from the actual crime scene location! This is an actual photo taken by Shrimpiie's security system (if you are looking away from your monitor, you need to see this, look now to witness the exact instant the suspected perpetrator commits the dastardly deed): If anyone can ID the suspect from this image, please contact Shrimpiie or any of the event organizers. Crimes like this, will not go unpunished. Or, as Shrimpiie was noted to say, in local chat: "[00:13:06] <Shrimpiie> fgbsjfdhgbjfdukjefrdgbgfvdmlkcasmaskv" <if anyone can decode this obviously crustacean diatribe, please do so as all of us are wondering...> Thank you Shrimpiie, an awesome event :-) ...and special thanks to Meyfei for handling the security that brought us this very revealing shot. A crime just bearly gotten away with. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Wurming...
  9. Hi, I just got new computer with Windows 10. I have been incessantly crashing, over and over from Wurm. Was wondering if this was the correct spot on forums to post my problem, this type of problem, or not. My crashes come in different flavors. Mostly, my Wurm window just disappears, and I get a crash report text file dropped on my desktop (I got a bunch of those now). Sometimes, my entire computer crashes. Once, my Wurm online client window, suddenly went all black. could not see anything but a consistent black screen. Had to use task bar to close my wurm window, since I could not even see the little box that asked me if I really wanted to quit or not. Is Windows 10 normally buggy w/ Wurm? Is this a known issue? Any ideas at all what I can do to fix this? I just recently paid 1 year premium on this and would really like to continue playing Wurm, if at all possible. Also, if there is another place I should submit my issues, please do let me know. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB
  10. Fixed! Thanks Shakys !
  11. Ok cool, I did that. It left a message on his 'board'. I was wondering if that was a public 'board' and if it was safe to send personal data on that 'board' or not. Of course I'd not want to post my personal data on that if it were a public 'board'. Also, I just now noticed, it says... at the top of Jberg's page, that he last logged on June 16th.. I think I'd prefer to ask someone been on more often, lol. Thanks :-)
  12. I was told/read that I needed to send Jberg a 'forum pm.' Does anyone know how to send a forum pm by chance? Thanks your time :-) TeeeBOMB
  13. Howdy. Is this where I can send u a forum PM? or is this posted publicly? I am supposed to send my personal info to ur 'forum PM'. I don't want to accidently post it publically. (its a pw issue)

  14. I got a new Windows 10 computer and I got a new Wurm problem. I loaded Java (I got 32 bit java loaded onto a 64 bit computer, have not figured out how to get 64 bit Java loaded yet. This part now figured out. I ONLY have 64 bit Java on my computer.). In any event I can load and play in Wurm. But now, every single time that I minimize my Wurm window, then maximize it, I get client white out. When that happens, I can not see any thing inside the Wurm window. It is all just blanked out white. That means that I can not even log out properly. The only way to close Wurm from that point, is to shut down the Java process in task manager. Is there a fix for this..? I have been trying to get all my game settings like they were before.. and am still working on that. But this white out condition is not workable for me. Thanks for your time, Teeebomb
  15. Very nice images... But you got to visit this place to believe it. Huge. Awesome. Very impressive solo achievement. Great work Hauler!