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  1. Updated original post to include your most resent data. Thanks your post JakeRivers.
  2. Glad you got your wolf buddy back JakeRivers! Thanks your posting.
  3. Oh? so.. fences may do the trick then... I'll modify my post, remove the mobs passing through fencing. Apparently the mobs are passing thru walls/doors of buildings only then. I have not done any of my own underground fencing testing as of yet.
  4. WTS: 6 speed horse.... 5 normal speeds, plus vertical lift ;-) TeeeBOMB screenie
  5. New update: Today (18May2017) I lured a local champion goblin in thru an underground building (had the doors unlocked for this part) into a very large mine area. No way for this goblin to get out, once I lock the doors. I locked the doors once the goblin was in the large mine area. The building I'm referencing here is 'S Mine entry' on my deed (Cornersville). So, now I had the Champion goblin locked in a very large mine area protected at all entry points by locked doors on buildings, on deed. As I stood there watching my new friend.. he became un agro.. then, danced about crazily as goblins will do.. later, he walked straight thru the locked door in front of me (the locked door was between me and the goblin), then past me, then through the locked door behind me too.. . just as if the locked doors were not there. Is this right? Does this need corrective action? Most people I ask about this, point out a locked door on a building underground, should stop mobs.. even if they are not aggressive. Apparently, as it is right now...Locked doors on buildings underground, will stop an agro mob that is chasing you. Stops them dead. They can not follow you through a locked door on a building underground. But, mobs that are not agro, seem to be able to pass locked doors as if there were no door there at all. No door open/close animation or sound. This is an on going issue, am posting here to update, the problem is still here, not corrected. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB
  6. Ok, this is an issue I have with net traps. I got no idea how they work. experimenting,,, Read in Wurmpedia to 'place' them on tree or bush tiles. I try that, just experimenting on a PVe server (independence). BAM.. trap wasted. No notification, no nothing.. Just no way to get my trap back. Please have a look at things like this where nobody gonna know anything, they loose their stufs because dum lacking game mechanics gives you no warning/notification ur about to do something irreversable. I think i should have been able to retrieve my own dum net trap. But if we can't go that way with it.. at least make a warning that if I set this trap, it will be lost to the game and I will not be able to get it back. Especially on a PVe server. Thanks for your time. very miffed, TeeeBOMB
  7. Captured this while visiting a friend on Xanadu. Not sure what it is, in this image, that fascinates me. But there you go... A stone wall.
  8. I was stopped dead... I knew I'd have to find another way to the other side of the bridge... TeeeBOMB screenies
  9. On a recent Eastern Plains safari on Indy, I made a new friend... (I still think we should be able to ride champion wolves.. and champion rats too for that matter would be fun-ish) PS, I released that Champion wolf there in the Eastern Plains, too far for me to try to get it to my deed. If any one interested it a re-taming. I let it go Eastern portion of Eastern Plains, north of the east/west road shows up on Albia's map. TeeeBOMB screenies
  10. This one is being taken care of by Zahrkon. PM me when u catch me on line or post here, to get your horse!! TeeeBOMB
  11. OMG! Great tool! Thank you very much your effort this very useful tool. I used it before my computer crashed/melted down. Just now getting back to using your Wurm Assistant/Granger on my new computer I am just taking this opportunity to post my appreciation. I can only imagine how much effort you have to put into such a thing to keep it up and working. Thanks. Funny thing is, I saw ur Granger, loaded all my horses into it my last computer, but - never figured out what the different colors were for. LOL. Just now, I clicked on a horse, and noticed all the colors changed. Very awesome. So I guess, green means GO! Very useful. Another note to post here... I am not sure what Alendhor was talking about when he posted... ...but ya, it does sound like a good idea to me too. ;-) Thanks - and good job on Wurm Assistant !!
  12. This glitch confirmed. At around 8:09am, on 25 Feb 2017, my alt tried to enter a building door he did not have entry access to: My alt (Ldcal) tried to enter my house (the same house Perodin got stuck in, Teeebomb's House), but the entry door was locked (my bad, forgot to add my alt to permissions). My alt entered into a loop glitch, got stuck in the door, and could not get away, was stuck there. On a more positive note, my alt was not being attacked by any monster. Can you please fix this glitch, so that people do not get trapped at entry doors they do not have access to enter at? Thanks. link to youtube vid of looped glitch, stuck in door >
  13. Nice photo set of screenies, fun. While it appears Wilca the Splendid got a bit big for her britches, I really like the Gnome on a flying carpet one the best. Altho, I never ever seen a Wurm Gorialla, this screenie is my 1st ever such sighting. Keep up the screenie fun ! o/
  14. ...it's a Shrimpalong mystery...
  15. Enki and his minions: Cecci speaks w management: TeeeBOMB screenies :-)