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  1. So I know I haven't ben on Chaos very long but I've noticed a few people saying how good this would be more then once. I know Chaos has a lot of history and ruins but it is so quiet right now. the HOTA area is a bit of a mess. It's kinda hard to travel and roam depending on where you are. How awesome would it be to have a brand new Chaos map and have the Kingdoms carve a new chunk of land for themselves! Especially with summer coming up there would be so much activity on Chaos. While it's quiet now would be the best time
  2. Ok got some daytime pictures!
  3. please this.
  4. At last the Port Catnip Lighthouse on Deli has been finished! Will take some more pics in the day x.x
  5. Yes I tried to do most of my shots via horseback/boat on autorun/move so that I had a nice smooth panning shot. When i was on foot I actually carried around a couple of dead cows in my inventory to weight me down because I was running far too fast and it was jerking the shots far too much (downfall of having so much bodystrength! haha) Really glad you enjoyed it though
  6. So I'd like to do a proper tour around Deli taking some screenshots and videos of some of the sights. Just wondered what do you guys think are the top 10 "wonders of Deli". As a complete newbie from my point of view I'm thinking about things like... The Underground Lake at Deli Keep, Rainbow Bridge, The Stadium. Basically I'm just looking for a few suggestions of really beautiful spots and points of interest on Deli
  7. :( Just nice to have a name that has a meaning/story behind it. That's where I was going with it ^^
  8. Hey is anyone on Deli overly attached to the name for Dragon Cove (in the SE)? A group of us have been referring it to Crusader Bay lately due to the sheer amount of Crusaders that have now flocked to the area and would love to put our stamp on the map! There are 4-5 deeds in that bay all Crusader deeds now and more coming soon Also plans to build a Crusader Causeway Bridge between Port Catnip and Crusader Bay (the deed). So it would really fit the theme
  9. Another video for anyone following
  10. For anyone interested I have just started adding new entries to my blog Mizments about my time spent on Wurm-Online. My post today was about the rifts and will also be updating with pictures and stories about my new deed on Deli http://mizments.com/hexd-the-carebear/ Just thought I'd drop the link here in case people like reading these kinds of things
  11. I've only encountered a small handful of toxic players and I've made a point to try to talk to and get to know as many players as possible. I think most of the toxic crowd are no longer on chaos but are either playing other games or WU. But I can only comment from my own experiences. Some players are more likely to rub people up the wrong way more then others creating that "toxic" mentality from players they don't get along with. My reasons for wanting a reset are as follows since Wargasm was curious... Yeah the map is great and amazing to walk around with rich history and such. But it feels so developed that I feel like as a new player I'd never be able to leave my mark. As a new player I'd also love to be there from the start (or close too). Right now it is quite overwhelming when everyone knows all the ruins and deed names, every road, ramp and tunnel. These things can take years to learn but a map reset will throw out that advantage that the veteren chaos have over new or potential new players. It puts everyone in the same position. Right now the hota zone is a mess. Would love to see a bigger more accessiable hota zone or multiple hota zones. FF is blocked by hunter's lodge so can't be deed or done anything with. There is no space really for anyone new to build their own hota deed. I'd absolutely love to see a fresh brand new map. Over the years especially with the release of wurm-unlimited there has been some fantastic map designs and creation tools. Something fresh and new to spark interest. I would absolutely love to see what happens in the first few days with the landgrabbing! the skirmishes for land and settling capitals. Also I think there would be a flood of interest. Lots of players who have been thinking about trying chaos and pvp but always feeling a little bit intimidated because of how established it is. Anyway those are a few of my reasons!
  12. I might do other servers but I have to be in an exploring mood and I just done plenty of that past couple of days. Still haven't finished my deed yet! D:
  13. So I've spent the past couple of days running around Deliverance and some of the tunnels and deeds are amazing! I've created a video with some of my favourite things I came across
  14. Ohsnap I actually recognised a landmark in WO! @Yaga Could we drop dirt and bit and make them less steep? I have alot dirt and I'm right nextdoor to the bridge. I'm not saying drop loads so that boats can't pass but enough to pave it? I can take a look when i get back to deed. I think I logged off somewhere on the opposite side of Deli though on my tour xD
  15. Is it just me or does that bridge in the picture look like the one outside my deed in the SE of Deli? Serendipity Bridge? Or does it just look similiar? I'm just getting weird deja vu.
  16. Anyone know the co-ords of the chess board? Not sure where to find it
  17. I'll pop by. I'm just starting my tour now Adventure has begun!
  18. Will be checking these out when I get the chance Busy Rifting yesterday, today, tomorrow but then I'll start my exploration of Deli
  19. Nice suggestions guys And nice pics Steve I'll be sure to visit! Still open for more suggestions/ideas - what do you rate as a top "Wonder of Deli"? Also please give me deednames or map co-ords because i'm a noob with no sense of direction
  20. found both this can be closed now
  21. Hey, I'm looking for a large magic chest (or small if someone has a good offer). Also looking to buy some silver, probably a gold worth but only from a trusted trader. Can pay for magic chest with euro or silver (but if it's silver will need to wait until I have brought some). Messaged hexd in game for offers or more info
  22. Poll is a good idea i added one for you oreo
  23. I wonder if all the kingdoms on chaos agree to this the dev's might consider it :D?