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  1. Couple of updates please! NEW DEEDS TO ADD: * Port Catnip * Silence in the Hills DISBANDED DEEDS TO REMOVE: * Everfree * San Juan Thanks pal
  2. Sorry everyone only 2 shoulderpads left. Happy to accept low offers for them just to clear them out of my inventory at this point.
  3. rare pickaxe

  4. Ozmods, I have this similiar idea of having two lions or mountain lions at the entrance gates of my deed
  5. Updated again.
  6. Just been saying in GL that a majestic looking large lion hota statue would look absolutely badass as far as decorations go.
  7. I dunno I have three cats and one of mine is constantly trying to kill me by trying to trip me down the stairs.
  8. So I've noticed there are dog statues and also dogs that feature in the hota statues but there are no cat statues in-game. Please add some kind of cat, mountain lion, lion.. feline-related statue whether it is hota or regular so that the balance between cat and dog people on wurm is restored. tyvm.
  9. Oh wow that's impressive
  10. Updated! Only 3 items left to sell
  11. The humble village of Port Catnip on Deliverance is open to new members. Experienced or brand new players are both equally welcome. We are a small brand new deed. We cannot offer you a plot (yet). However we would make finding you a spot on deed a priority if you join us and are active. Voice comes is very nice and we are English speaking. But this is not a must. While the deed offers very little right now the three players who founded it have good skills. We have a fo and a sme priest. Would love to get sermons going. The deed is also home to at least two pvp players. Right now we are on freedom however - but in the future we will likely both be going back and forth. Our alts would stay in then village. This is a great chance for new players or those curious about pvp to join a safe freedom village where they can train. Of course not everyone in the village is a fighter and there will never be any pressure. Just means it is likely the village will be a freedom base for a kingdom. Deed is in the SE of Deliverance. On the coast of Dragons Cove. P20 on the in game map over where everfree now stands. If you are interested drop me a message in-game on hexd, mizova or speak to matholameu. Also accepting forum messages if we are offline or leave us a post here Feel free to ask us all kinds of questions!
  12. Welcome to Port Catnip! We're all normal here.