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  1. Sorry i was not able to video the Goblin Leader slaying on Deliverance but instead I have this gem of a spar between Hexd (me) and Dadd (dave). Just a bit of fun on rainbow bridge while we were passing the time before the slaying event! **warning - mild swearing/language used in the comms but it's all light hearted stuff and none-offensive
  2. Message Hexd in-game
  3. You are welcome to work for free! I welcome and embrace all slaves of Port Catnip! I can make you guys some tools (up to 70ql) (though I can't do casts x.x) My future plans is to expand the deed so we can have a row of villager houses/plots
  4. Thanks everyone for coming! Was great to experience my first unique on WO and share that moment with all of you! <3
  5. Come to Deli! I'm totally not bias xD As for labourers, unfortunately I'd rather not fork out anymore silver on deedwork for now since I'd much rather spend it on more dangerous decorative items like my DD wagon! Only issue is I'm probs gonna be on chaos now until the next round of rifts so you guys probs won't see me on freedom for a few days. Eventually I'd love to setup Port Catnip so i could recruit people, especially all the awesome WU players But I haven't got the place ready just yet for more villagers i don't think and without me being there it might be awkward ;-;
  6. Yeah alot of names were given to me but also alot of people forgot t give me co-ordinates. A few places I ran around trying to find but with my sense of direction it got missed acidently ;-;
  7. I'll be in touch then jake, thankyou Will be 1-2 weeks before I step foot over on Exodus for this trip yet though. Just threw this post up to get some ideas and plans
  8. Alot of good deeds didn't make it in simply because i didn't stumble into them. I'm hoping to make a list of deeds or places I missed for a future video I guess when you only got 5 mins you can only fit in so much.
  9. buyer lined up for the rift mats!
  10. Hey everyone on Exodus! Within the next couple of weeks I'm planning on embarking on a journey across and around Exodus on a giant tourist trip. I'm going to be taking lots of screenshots and most likely filming my adventure. However not being a resident of Exodus I'd love to know what are some of the "wonders" of the server? If you had to pick 10 most beautiful, epic, awesome, important or amazing places on Exodus what places would make your list? Finished or near finished impressive deeds, awesome looking canals or boat tunnels, really cool bridges... could just be a really pretty part of the map. Along with suggestions please please give me map co-ords because otherwise I'll never find places and I want to try to plan out a rough route to see as much as possible - thanks!
  11. Thanks it's been sent! [04:20:00] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  12. Congrates guys on your promotions and the new bridge paving is going to be amazing! I must say I was super excited to see a picture of my lighthouse in the news header, I put alot of work into it and almost didn't complete it due to lack of skill needed for the final floor and had to ask for help haha. But yeah then I read down and saw not only that my video was put up and seeing that people had actually gone out of their way to tell Retro about it. I dunno what to say I'm feeling really humbled <3 I'm so glad people enjoyed it and I'd absolutely love to try to do more in the future and show off the hardwork put into some of the other servers <3 But yeah I'm just really glad people like it I guess! Wow thanks everyone!
  13. Really love this idea. Definetly don't make them anywhere near as fast as drake or scale but to make them slightest faster then their iron or steel counterparts would be good. Especially considering a plate set at 80ql is worth 2.5s and a seryll, glimmer or addy plateset consdierably more. It would kinda of make moonmetal armours an option for players who don't have the funds available for drake but want something a bit better then plate! Middle ground so to speak. +1
  14. Dirt might have sold.. pending..
  15. Selling 2k of meat (humanoid & canine meat) for 70c per 1k. 1x Rare Slate Shinge - 10c 1x Rare Pottery Brick - 10c 1x Rare Pickaxe 5.10ql (blank) - 4.5s 1x Left Basic Shoulder Pad (iron) 75ql - 25c 1x Left Basic Shoulder Pad (iron) 50ql - 10c 1x Left Shielding Shoulder Pad (iron) 75ql (4.05dmg) - 20c 1x Right Layered Shoulder Pad (steel) 75ql (1.07 dmg) - 50c 1x Left Elaborate Shoulder Pad (leather) 75ql - 50c 1x Small Shoulder Pad (cloth) 75ql (1.33 dmg) - 10c 1x Deplated Necklace of Focus (seryll) 75ql - 1s (can be smelted down for seryll lump) 1x Ring of the Eye 75ql (seryll) - 3s Selling some gems too! 1c per 1ql Bulk Selling Rift Materials - would like 10s for the lot! Collection from SE Deli (Port Catnip) or COD only. x13 Rift Wood x2 Rift Crystals (would have had more but threw them on the floor by mistake instead of arrows >.>) x66 Rift Stone Shards Can provide screenshot with qualities but they range from as high to mid 80's to very low. Average quality of all the rift shards and wood comes to 45ql. The two crystals are low ql. Please reply here, send me a forum pm or message me ingame on Hexd - thanks <3