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  1. Join a Kingdom where people actually have fun with each other on a PvP server.
  2. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee EDIT: going assume my pm sent before is just going be ignored. Don't pm him guys apparently that isn't way he sells things.
  4. Yea I prefer 5 minutes. 1 minute is too short. Edit; also just cause you work hard for something doesn't make it fair. Same tactic was used when nerfing sotg. Sotg users were screaming they worked hard for 50%DR even though its clearly a broken mechanic.
  5. Ordered another 2k bricks/2k Mortar and 1k Shards. Thanks again and as well selling me the shards. See you around.
  6. Ordered 7 more on new account all worked again. See you around shortly for more.
  7. NW side of new island now has a 1x20 bridge. Appreciate the offers to help but the village will take care of this for now. South side will be worked on during the weekday. EDIT: one thing we do lack is a high QL dioptra actually. If anyone has one better than 64ql one and willing cod to dridmar I will return once we plan the southern bridges.
  8. My only concern currently is preventing someone from deeding it and griefing it. With bridges only I can't prevent someone deeding it without making 1x1 islands along the way. While most don'y worry about bridges being deeded I do worry about our village invests in projects. EDIT: I will work on nw bridge right now.
  9. Realized I never replied. Knarr was able pass through what boat could not go through? EDIT: Previous comment here was not needed and me being a little irritated. EDIT:I will modify nw side of new island to make sure boats can pass that way. As for rest I can't guarntee it be done instantly. Amount bricks needed is why we dirted instead.
  10. Bugfix: Gold and silver horseshoes now use Jewelry smithing for improving. How was that a bug fix. I don't know any jewelry smiths that can make me a gold horse shoe.(and most them would stop talking to me) I know smiths that can make me w/e type of metal horse shoe though. EDIT: if you arm't going for logical smithing fine but really it isn't a bug fix.
  11. Thanks for the bricks/mortar was a pleasure doing business.
  12. nvm
  13. Bought 9 from him all worked. Village total has ordered 23 from him all worked for the stats they requested. Pleasure doing business see you around.
  14. wana sell me 6hrs of labor?