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  1. pm me to do the transaction. Can pay with Silver or Euros with paypal.
  2. Will take one.
  3. Pretty sure opening the map is set to server you are on. Isn't the bigger issue that even if it was delayed theres the graph site that tell you how many are on each server... People would use that to get around epics /who system that was changed so you couldn't see pop of server you are on.
  4. kek
  5. Should sell then my vyn priest would get all dah skill gains.
  6. More time to run to minedoors eh? <18:25:06> "Mclovin": yeah <18:25:07> "Mclovin": say <18:25:12> "Mclovin": -25 on behalf of crusaders <18:25:18> "Mclovin": plz
  7. 350-500E
  8. Pm me with offers thanks. Payment will be with paypal can maybe do silver if you prefer that.
  9. Pm me dat offer
  10. Account is worth 1.2k-1.7k euros. If it was pvp ready and without cherry you would see me outbidding anyone up to 2k euros.
  11. I want offer but the red cherry is just triggering me. It's like buying a new car knowing it has a scratch on the hood.
  12. Only one actually follows order. Stop leading them all. Command to move somewhere. One that moves is the one you can command to attack. EDIT: the other ones can attack sometimes but its weird cause half the time agro mobs won't even try fight them if left alone with it. EDIT: realized this is on WU. Might be different from WO.
  13. Its called risk/reward. You have go out and fight others for hota statues and moon metal. As well no one affinity trades besides that ebo guy who spam kills alts. Which should be bannable imo but everyone screams -1 to logical suggestions. The only nerfs that hurt PVE are the ones the staff completely ###### the rework and then reglect any feed back. For example shield training nerf, archery and taunting. PvPers arn't spoonfed these "advantages" they earn them like you can as well. Also champs can't leave chaos which for a majority is a huge con.
  14. except I have always valued accounts highly in my pcs. 500e is a laughable amount of money.