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  1. Can you put prices for those items?
  2. Priests here do sermons almost 7/24, all good fellas, come join us P.S: I'm a citizen of the deed.
  3. Daily Bump!
  4. Morning Bump. This seryl lump waits its new owner.
  5. Shoulder pad sold with the buyout price already.
  6. 0.25
  7. Auction 1 | rare left stylish shoulder pad, gold: [SOLD] Auction 2 | rare lump, seryl: [SOLD] Topic can be closed. Thank you.
  8. Please COD Hatchet, Steel c96 to me, Thanks!
  9. 75c
  10. 32c
  11. 11c
  12. Here you go!
  13. I've been away for a while, if the prices are irrational i can reduce them.
  14. Looks like prices are went down drastically, no need to sell them at this time.
  15. As no one bid for the item I canceled the auction.