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  1. i'm glad it's gone, it was ugly as hell, the new one is so much better
  2. this is the stone arches that were implemented, I wasn't able to use them without iron fences, it seems so I used the gm wand to build them, the wall texture has been changed, I've used rounded stone for this, they were changed to a sandstone brick, and yes i'm aware there is a sandstone material, I just don't like it, so i'm changing little bits to suit myself. the middle will be stairs leading up stairs, the others are thoroughfares
  3. these are stone brick walls, rendered with the clay, I've changed the colour of the render to something a little nicer, I know it's not for everyone, but I love it.
  4. Json files are opened with something like a notepad I would use notepad++ you then save as once you have made the changes you want to make, as for getting them on your server, I would suspect, that you simply drop them in your "recipe" folder on the server folder don't quote me, because I could be wrong lol, but I hope this helps a little
  5. agreed, my great uncle David fought in the battle of crete in world war 2, even after these wars that destroyed the lives of millions, we have learned nothing, we are still fighting.. peace will only come, when we learn to love one another, regardless of who are what they are or believe.
  6. yep all good here, seeing those numbers on my screen here. thanks for the fix.
  7. I think that i'll be changing the colour of the render to something lighter, apart from that i'm in a happy place right now lol
  8. for now there is a fix in the WU general discussion forums that will get you through until it's fixed
  9. ok reporting back on that "crash" there is no issue, I replaced the "server launcher mods" and they work fine, it must have just been the digging bit that needed updating no crash this time cheers
  10. yup will do, i'll put em back one by one, until I find out which one it is, then post a log.
  11. today is ANZAC day, in Australia. the day we remember the fallen diggers from all conflicts, specifically the 1st world war, They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.
  12. yep I reinstalled last night cobber, before I went to bed.,, and this morning I wake up after having a cup of coffee, and see that @bdewhas come to the rescue lol, so i'm a happy camper today.
  13. well I tried your updated files and soon as I did it crashed, so I took out the "base mods" that come with mod launcher, and it's working right now.
  14. mods will definitely need to be updated, thankyou for your hard work on this fix.
  15. Is there any likelyhood of a fix coming before then?