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  1. sorry what is this "mission ruler"?
  2. what is the purpose of summoning a "npc human" i just did it, but they arent doing anything, do i need to give them a task or something?
  3. i reinstalled my ded server yesterday, seems better than it was, still getting a lag or 5, but not as bad as it was.
  4. if i remove either of those controls above the game wont launch AT ALL. it spikes as high as 10 if i use the wand to create materials.
  5. i've added this to my wishlist, it's basically life is feudal on speed by the looks lol. sounds interesting.
  6. i was thinking along the lines, of stuff like maple, instead of having to hundreds of trees that have maple sap on them, if you have all the trees in one line instead of having them all over the shop then you can get the job done quicker, this is why i dont like making suggestions, because they're either "silly" or unfeasible, i'll keep my ideas to myself from now on then
  7. Hahah lol i find that the orange and hazelnut sprouts are very hit and miss. Rock ironreally isnt used for me, i prioritise, by getting a mine going firdt before anything else.
  8. Fair enough, idea was there
  9. So i been thinking about this for a while, not sure its feasible, but here goes. so you know how we can move tree stumps, when we cut down a tree for construction, firewood etc, why not have the ability to make trees centre of a tile, so instead of having to plant sprouts and waiting months irl for them to grow, you highlight x tree and use move to center as you would a stump, would make plantation farming alot simpler, as in maple,oak etc
  10. indeed it was the issue, frame rate is much higher now, thankyou
  11. omg what the hell happened there
  12. Stfu lol, dont you pick on my photography skills, or the lack thereof haha, yeah wasnt a good pic admittedly, but i was too excited about my new tower, wurm barely missed a beat tonight.
  13. oh yeah i like that, we definitely need those, forgot to add, make em rotate, so we can have them fold in, NOT OUT,
  14. lol, wurm even looks better, i need to do a couple of tweaks to get a better frame rate with wurm, it's stuck on 60 at present, i wouild like it higher than that,