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  1. +1 it would make things alot more tidy thats for sure.
  2. you are not human lol i have a nescafe 4-5 times a day. wurm needs coffee
  3. i dont know whether it is this mod or something else causing it, but when i use the bulk transfer mod, to say for example bricks i transfer a pile of bricks from one bin to another it doubles the bricks i'm taking the bricks from, ie bin a. has 4000, when i transfer to bin b... bin a. ends up with a couple hundred thousand, yes i'm serious it ends up with that many, i dont know if this is an exploit i've discovered or something is awry, let's just say right now i have 2 bins with around 500k worth of bricks and about the same for mortar boards and more lol.. if i turn it off (disable) it doesnt happen. let's just say right now i'm not interested in a fix if there is one out there, ii'm just posting this to see if this has happened to anyone else?
  4. it's the "convert" keybind that's causing it not pray, sorry my bad, i've changed "pray" to f11.
  5. i need to shut the f thing off, i keep bumping it, it seems to be somewhere on the number pad but i cant find it, any help please
  6. this is by far the best comment here, the rest of you need to pick up your game lol.. as i'm "retired" i dont have to worry about that.
  7. I will take your pos4 and raise you an xb1 😜
  8. Over at WU we have a mod that prevents wilting, its a shame you guys cant have something similiar to that....
  9. is anyone getting this, or is it just me, tonight while i was doing something in wurm, the mouse jumped all over the shop at least 3 times, one minute i'm looking forward, the next it just goes spack and i'm looking at the ground, before i report this as a bug can anyone tell me if they're getting it too, it's pi##sing me off big time. it's been doing it since day dot. but not this bad.
  10. my very first lamb spit, i have my server running when i'm off working on my tapestries, and only check in of a late afternoon decided to see how my orchards are going and came across a dead ram, so decided to turn him into a spit, rather pleased with myself lol
  11. the current wood texture is hideous, so as a WU i changed it, and it looks loads better, are you not able to change texture files in WO?
  12. Now ive noticed this, notice, i will take no notice of your notice, because your notice made no sense... Disregard this notice reply to your notice