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  1. many thanks for this, only just discovered your post, so very grateful for the reupload. love the long flat edges, perfect for building on, (after terraforming of course lol)
  2. I haven't been able to successfully get a 3 wide tunnel as yet, still some things about wu that I don't understand lol, I know all 3 have to have flat borders, but that's the part I have trouble with getting the borders flat.
  3. everyone loves you, I think you are an A... lmao I joke your a f legend mate lol
  4. 404, anyone still have this map, would love to check it out.
  5. agreed, rain shouldn't be coming through a solid roof, and the same with fog, these need to be fixed, +1 here
  6. just a headsup, someone tried to hack into my apple // iTunes account, and I've had to change my password, so if you are a user of these devices it might pay to change your password, not a happy camper..
  7. ok I've just logged out on the "second floor" or first floor as we say it here in straya lol
  8. occasionally when I log back in on my private server it leaves me on the first floor, but most times it spits me to the ground floor. Im guessing to you guys first and ground are the same thing lol
  9. just popped on for a look around looks impressive I must say, however those living "colossus" scared the shite out off me lol...
  10. I don't understand any of this, but i'm sure someone else does lol. what I would like is some kind of tutorial that allows me to make "decorative" items for wurm, as in 3d models, I have a few ideas but I am not familiar with how it all goes to gether, I know ausimus did a wall decoration of sorts, I would like to do something like that, so I can cover up my timber frame and instead give them a plastered look. sorry don't mean to hijack just saying a tutorial on this sort of stuff would help those who are clueless on this stuff lol
  11. is It possible to flattening the border of a rock, so you can open multiple mine entrances?
  12. whats deeding and upkeep costs like?
  13. yeah it's a common thing, I don't know why it happens, it happens to me as well.
  14. righto i'll try it again then. sweet that worked a treat, thanks
  15. unfortunately I cant get it to work, it comes up with unknown command I put it in server launcher folder, have I got it in the right place or does it need to go to client mods folder>?