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  1. right ok, I think I found another bug, but unsure if it's a mod causing it or not, I dropped a small magic chest and all of my tools into the c art so I can move to the building, but they've all vanished, will get back to you on that one, shortly definitely a bug or something, rebooted the server everything is still gone, lost everything including food... not happy jan
  2. yeah get onto it, you should have it installed anyway, so you can verify whether it's a bug or just... well me lol.
  3. not really sure I understand any of this lol, I can confirm that, the custom maps are working fine with 1.3 albeit a little slow on loading, but that could be the size of the map,... also before I report this as a bug, can anyone clarify whether or not the adventure and creative folders should have come with the server software, 1.3 as mine didn't I had to pull them from the client server backup folder..
  4. Yup but dumb it down a bit further lol, im none too clever when it comes to understand scripts like the recipes lol
  5. No such mod available that im aware of my skills are fully maxed out, so im guessing the amount of crop depends on what your skill level is. There are 3 levels Mature gives 1 old gives 2-3 very old gives 4
  6. i have no idea what you just said lol, If someone can interpret it for me that'd be great LOL anyway, I've just done half of the southern blue grapes, I lost count how many vines there were, but it came out at 2600 grapes, pre 1.3 it would have been around 300 at best.
  7. new engine

    yes I saw this ages ago. i'm more interested in them adding things to the game that will make it more enjoyable, not just "pretty" #replayability
  8. just a little update, started harvesting grapes today and the new system is off the charts lol, i'm residing in Westlake, and to the south is a large grape and olive area, the olive trees down there are thick as mud, not to mention the camellias that exist down there too. I've done one small area around the where the olive groves are, and already accumulated 600+ grapes, last time I did grape harvesting down there, I got that many for the whole area, which is roughly 100x100 tiles I would guess, I planted 3 rows of white grapes and I ended up with well over 400, they were mostly just at maturity stage so this is quite small, but I would say by next season i'm going to have a lot more grapes in storage lol kudos to the dev team for this new addition
  9. I can confirm that both hazelnut bushes and orange tree's are growing beautifully, I've received sprouts from both, crop system works great, with the fix, but the developers will need to make sure that is working properly before the beta goes live, so we the fix becomes superceded. a message to the dev's before next alpha please throw in some alcohol beverage recipes as in beer whisky and vodka recipes that we can use with the still, I've tried to use it to make said items but when I press lore, it comes up with no known recipe, so we need to get that sorted out as well.. looking forward to the next alpha up-date to see what is fixed and what is still being a bug.
  10. idea

    like this idea, but this should be in the suggestions forum.
  11. I think they mean WO not WU lol ... and it aint really free your paying a monthly sub. with WU it's a one off price this is why I chose WU.
  12. hate to down vote this, but tbh I have too much going on as it is, buildings, waiting for grapes to grow, learning the new cooking system, ...
  13. I want to write my own recipes, all I need is something that says put food type xyz here, put pan or pot or whatever here, and then whatever else needs to be done, if someone can take a json file, and just show what needs to go where, the rest I will work out on my own... I know I put it in this forum I did it deliberately, because I am asking my fellow WU players for help, no point asking anywhere else because the format is different to WO post 600
  14. new engine

    as much as I would like to see this game on a better engine, it would take them years to do, as it's a big project to consider, voting this one down because it's just not going to happen -1