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  1. Oh, gravely misinformed on the light token... my bad. I have two priests (from player gods, as you low key predicted) and they both just happened to have it, giving me a wrong sense of ubiquitousness of that spell. ¯\_ツ_/¯ I just think it'd be more natural and in tune with the current system to have some new PvE spells added (Like Ignite from the OP) and perhaps even old spells revamped to scale a bit more with channeling beyond binary success chances, to have "non-enchanters" profit from it in a more tangible way without dramatically changing the system or adding "new" mechanism to priesthood.
  2. I see where you're comnig from, Finnn, but was there no way to be a tad more civil about it? On Topic: The idea is interesting but to be entirely honest this exact proposal doesn't feel very well thought out. I wouldn't bring this up in a suggestion thread if you weren't so specific, by the way. But there are some abilities that feel rather shoehorned or out of place here (For instance: Why a spectral compass? And every priest has Light Token for nearly no favor cost, so why do we need Moonlight and why is it harder to reach than Unseasonal Harvest, which is massively more useful?) The primary incentive for channeling is to get better rolls on your buffs, that's what a priest subjects themselves to the massive restrictions for. You could make a case that no priest does channeling only and that the spells may at least give them a little bit of an edge in the niche tasks they are now confined to, but I don't see why these couldn't be minor spells common to all deities instead of part of a completely new mechanism that is tied to a skill in some contrived way. Some of the abilities you suggest would still reward higher channeling in the same "tangible way" if they were spells, like the Ignite one. Geomancy, while intruiging, isn't a light suggestion though. It entails the question about how essential gems are to a priests work/livelihood and if such a thing really must be obtainable through non-RNG ways. There's a big design choice behind changing that and it's probably worth of a discussion on its own.
  3. I want to have things as low maintenance as possible aswell, because I have different toons that also require my button pressing powers. That's why I go with the jucing approach, but also climb and nearly drain my stamina with some "intense" action (Making cloth strings gets you there comfortably in the confines of your home). Juicing itself doesn't use much stamina but the timer and skill ticks increase proportionally to stamina drained, as with many skills. Not the most efficient approach in terms of skill per time by far but one click of a button gives you a good minute to tend to other things, depending on how many actions you can queue.
  4. Greetings, the Rift is in G19 this time. Made the timer a little bit later, may be a tiny bit off... Location on the comm map: There's plenty of docking space on/around my deed "Windspears" with a 1 tile road leading pretty much right into the Rift. Literally. The beam is 2 tiles apart from the road. The route is a bit scenic but after climbing up the serpentine road from my deed you just need to keep heading east. It's pretty straightforward. I'll get to flattening an area for the base camp south of the Rift later, this should be the best attack vector because the area in all other directions is pretty terrible to ride over. I'll bring provisions and tools aswell (Forge, barrels of water and food, mailbox, chopped corn, mats for stone altars, cotton. Anything I forgot on this list?) There's a nearby mine for iron aswell, conincidentally. Just ask me ingame when you're there, I think there was some decent quality iron in there.
  5. Not sure how it would per se, its core feature is entirely different. But Stanlee mentioned making a streamlined application once "things are laid down"? I wouldn't mind implementing your analytical findings as a feature if it benefits the community, and if you guys are willing to collaborate. From a mathematical viewpoint it's still interesting to look at, too. well, this first version was just something I made for personal use, so I cut short my work using WPF because I'm on Windows anyway and I was familiar with the framework which is pretty well suited for a dynamic UI like this one. It could be rewritten in Java but with some more legwork being done by myself rather than the framework.. So...no promises just yet.
  6. Seems I have picked a very unfortunate phrasing. I was saying I made a spreadsheet to loosely record my affinities (just for me, nothing to be released because there's nothing worthwhile to be shared in a simple table), but didn't like it. And it was used for something entirely different. Basically a barebone version of this tool. I was presenting a case why I did what I did and where I was coming from, which is apparent from the following sentence that you're conveniently missing in your quote. My spreadsheet has nothing to do with yours. I reckon enough people made a spreadsheet to use the tabular layout to record their affinities. But I'm repeating myself here. No, I'm not calling anyone out, you're absolutely misreading this. I was vaguely hinting that out there you could go ask some datamined oracle for the affinities, and that's fine and all, but I personally prefer experimenting and finding them out. This isn't downgrading. I respect the work that goes into working out these machinations based on data samples, I just personally prefer to explore it myself. And that's why I did nothing remotely comparable to your tool. So you'd have to elaborate on how this is a rip off from your tool, as I understand both do completely different things? Mine is just an easier storage than a spreadsheet, while you're trying to predict affinities given certain samples? One can even use them concurrently. Really, I don't get why you're gettiing your pants in such a twist other than by completely misreading just about everything that could be conceived as bashing your work.
  7. I just followed up on this and you are correct, a rare bowl produced the same affinity as a normal bowl. Updating the post, thanks for pointing that out. Don't know where I got that idea from.
  8. Woah, easy there. I wasn't ###### talking anyone or didn't intend to. All I wanted was a simple tool to record the affinities you discover get experimentally because that's how I prefer to do it. That's why I said "personally". I also seem to be missing what fact I should get "right" here. What you describe seems congruent to what I vaguely hinted at. The spreadsheet on my part was just a table I loosely punched everything in without any code, and I was dissatisfied with it and replaced it with my solution proposed above. That's all I said, not that you cannot do it with spreadsheets. I'm clarifying that because you included the spreadsheet part in the quote but I'm not sure what the problem with that is.
  9. Greetings, Wurmians. I'll cut to the case where I'm coming from with this: With the introduction of food affinities I quite immediately started making records of what affinities I can get on which characters, of which I have 3, with which meal. As a sort of "affinity hunt". (I'm aware some people have data mined the crap out of it and can predict affinities somehow, but personally, where's the fun in that?) First iteration was a spreadsheet. A quick and dirty approach that gets the job done somehow. But finding duplicates in this mess is almost impossible and using multiple tabs to separate types of food to bring some order into the long list of clutter only makes searching for affinities take more time. Also, I had resorted to abbreviating a lot just not to be typing a minute before cooking. Granted, you could probably set up a spreadsheet to make this all more comfortable, but I wanted a more streamlined approach. Which I implemented in a small WPF application that uses combo boxes to cut all the typing short and make searching for a recorded affinity a few clicks away from results. This was made for personal use mostly, but I decided I might aswell put it up for the 3 people who might use it aswell. https://github.com/StandbyMode/WurmRecipeManager/releases Requirements: This is a .NET application, so naturally you'll need that. You'll likely have a fitting version anyway unless you are still stuck on Windows XP. .NET Core appearantly doesn't support WPF, though, so that won't work. And no, Mono won't cut it either by a long shot. But the sources are up in the repo, if someone wants to do a Mono port, permissions is hereby granted as long as the original source is credited or you send me a request to incorporate your solution to be put up on the release page. (In which case, the porter is being credited, obviously) Installation: Extract the contents of the .zip anywhere you like, it should be able to run as is. Before you run the application, open "consumers.txt" and enter your characters names whose affinities you want to record, one line per character. Usage: You'll find 3 tabs to work with, which will allow you to assemble meals, record their affinities on your characters that are listed in "consumers.txt", and let you search for affinities or given names respectively. A quick rundown of each tab: Workbench: What do? Give your meal a name; or don't. Names are only used later in the searching function and solely for user convenience/recognition. Duplicate names are allowed, as long as the recipe is different. Empty names will default to "Generic Food". I'm creative like that. Choose a container this meal is cooked in, then add ingredients. The big "+" button will conjure comboboxes to choose an ingredient from, alternatively you can press CTRL+A, unless your cursor is currently in the text box. Tip: I specifically used combo boxes so one can enter the first few letters of an ingredient and have it jump to the best match. Modifiers like "chopped" and "diced" are thus placed in parenthesises behind the ingredient so I could just use the arrow keys to select the modifier after I selected my basil or canine meat. All combo boxes do this by default. You can also press TAB to circle through the boxes, so that using the mouse is obsolete up until finishing the recipe by clicking "Cook Recipe". This will check if any such recipe cooked in this container with these ingredients are already in your database and make avoiding duplicate records an absolute no-brainer. If the recipe is new, it is moved into the next tab. Consumers: This is pretty straightforward; the recipe is cooked and up for tasting. My 3 characters have had a bit of fried troll here. If someone were missing at a given time, worry not; closing the program will not delete recipes listed here and preserve them as you left them. There's also a non-skill "Unassigned", for when you have any reason not to taste a meal with some character. You can still search for "Unassigned" later on like any normal skill and change it. (See next tab.) When you want to save the recipe with the recorded affinities for good, click the ugly little "->", which is tooltipped with "move to archive", which is what we'll do now. Archive: The troll based recipe is now in the archive and could be found - for instance - by searching for the "Baking" affinity on my main character "Flubb". Alternatively, I could enter "troll" in the text box and search by name using the obvious button. In the left column, this will return the results of any given search. The middle column will tell you how to reproduce the meal, and the right column shows all the recorded affinities for this recipe. A selected recipe can be deleted for good ("Delete from archive") or moved back to the Consumers-Tab ("Reassign affinities") in case you have an unassigned affinity you want to record after archiving a recipe or when you realize affinities have changed for a meal after an update. Troubleshooting: An ingredient I want to use is not in the list! Like your characters, ingredients are loaded from a textfile. Notice the "Lists" menu in the top bar? Here you can choose "Open ingredients file" to open your standard text editor with "ingredients.txt", which is shipped in the .zip and needs to be in the same directory as the executable. Add your ingredient, or change the list to your hearts content, and save. No need to restart the application though, just go back into the menu "Lists" and select "Reload ingredient list". I'm doing it this way because including EVERYTHING from the get go would be tedious and there are also recipes that use other things that need to be cooked first, like pastry based recipes. I don't know how deep that rabbit hole goes, so I decided to do it the lazy way; if I don't need it yet, I'm not missing it yet. Though ideally everything that fits in a FSB should be already in the ingredients.txt in shipping state. You forgot a container in the list! Any missing container can be added the same way ingredients can. A skill is missing in the list of affinities! Turns out copypasting the wikipage for skills didn't include them all. Just to be sure, I just put all the skills in a textfile instead of hardcoding them into the program. Who knows if any new skills will be introduced in the future aswell. So basically: See both points above to fix that. I want to add a new character. Well, you know what to do by now I hope. Though with consumers I should warn you that it might be a bit finnecky and buggy. I tried to cover all ends theoretically that I could think of but didn't delve into a lot of testing. To be sure, try not to have any active recipes in the "Consumers" tab while reloading it or even better, make sure to have your characters listed prior to starting the application for the first time. Restarting the application should solve most situations of bindings going haywire, but make a backup of your "recipes.sqlite" file prior to modifying the consumers.txt nonetheless. Until I can be bothered to really try and break ###### and fix it in the next update, the safest bet is to just not modify "consumers.txt" while the application is running. With every other list, it should be totally safe though. Patch history: 1.0.1: (Minor update, just extract it over your installation to update) - Hovering over names in the consumer tab shows its ingredients and container. - Ingredient list in the archive is sorted alphabetically to line up better with a sorted FBS' content. - Some fixes TODO: - Fix reloading consumer list to be more stable Any feedback can be left in this thread, if any reasonable TODOs arise from it I'll add them to the list. Happy affinity hunting, with or without this tool.
  10. If you're coming by boat and wishing to take the scenic route, you can also dock here at Windspears, pretty much exactly west of the Rift. There's a serpentine road climbing arduously uphill to the east with a road you can pretty much blindly follow by sticking to going east whenever a chocie is presented and continuing until you run into the mountain under which the Rift is situated. After that it's obviously just the road south and then cutting into the woods at an appropiate point, unless someone has already paved a makeshift one.
  11. "After chasing it down for what should have been a task of 5 minutes and ended up taking several hours, Torbjin decided to remove his gauntlet before digging through the unicorns intestines who ate their key to the house because "it would get dirty". Failing to graps at words, Harvald turns away and pretends to not know his travel companion."
  12. Sounds great, I'll be there, bringing my Nahjo and Paaweelr priests aswell. The only skill I can offer fully is carpentry at 85, but I have around 50+ points in BS, FC, Fletching, Masonry and Pottery to help with intermediate imping if that's any worth to you.
  13. Please add "Windspears" at [4757,-2014]
  14. "New" deed 'Windspears' between the quadrants of F/G-18/19, as shown in the screenshot below.
  15. Hello everyone, I've been playing for the past 2 months and am relatively new, but I went ahead and got a membership and a small deed anyway. Unfortunately, the people I started out with had pretty much lost interest at that point already, so I'm basically on my own on a semi-reclusive coastline in the north-eastern parts of Xanadu, shifting dirt around to create more space for whom exactly anyway. To rectify this, I'd like to recruit some slaves people of all grades of experience interested in conquering new parts of Wurm by means of terraforming and help build a village pretty much from the start. New players/characters would be accomodated with easier digging tasks which I'd prepare; or you just get a spot to dig in and drop the dirt to cheese the digging skill. Some information about the deed: Politics: Having started pretty much on my own, it's an autocracy and will probably remain this way for the imminent future. I plan to change this according to potential player contributions, especially to the upkeep. Location: Currently mustering a meager 15x23, due to the useful area being slim at the moment, Windspears is located at the eastern shoreline at the upper bound of G19. There's little neighborhood and none immediate that struck me as active. Most times I see people it's a boat coming from or on its way to Whitefay. Wildlife: A few badies like wolves, lions, spiders, trolls and hell hounds pass by every now and then to keep you on your toes. Up the mountain spawn more docile animals suitable for taming and slaughtering on your own. The climb, however, is long and tedious and being supported with but a few fences to rest on. Assets and buildings: There are currently 2 buildings occupying the little area useful for structures: 1 multi-purpose building (aka clusterfuck) with a well filled food bulk storage and an oven, 2 beds, a general bulk storage. The other is a 2 story smithy next to the entrance of an on-deed mine. The second level of the smithy could be used as a temporary housing for new citizens until Windspears has been suitably expanded geographically(see "agenda"). There's a guard tower with up to 3 guards who have usually managed to dispatch any of the above creatures who happened to wander in; unless the guards were stuck in the mines again. (Right now, they're in there again and I'm waiting for them to exit the mine so I can place the last mine door, as I assume this blocks them either way.) There's a small rowing boat and a small sailing boat to get to Whitefay for trading purposes. Resources: 2 exposed iron ore veins, 1 silver vein and 1 iron and lead vein to be dug up Clay, tar and sand not even a minute away. Predominantly walnut and olive trees, with a few "imported" specimen on deed to be cultivated and spread. Agenda: Since the area is quite shoddy and lop-sided, not much else can be build without giving up farming tiles as of now. For the deed to become a viable village, lots of terraforming has to be done (At least it's a lot for a single person) One annoying feat of the nearby forest is that it's on the very sloped mountainside. To make this more accessible, I plan to dig up the dirt and flatten then area, then use the same dirt to fill up at the coastline to create more flat space to build or farm on. For the particularly insane, mining plateaus into the mountainside would also be an option. To better reach the top of the mountain (for foraging and hunting), a road upwards is also planned; meaning more terraforming. But that's entirely optional as the fences just might suffice. There are enough resources to build up to 4 more beds at the time of posting, so assuming not a whole lot of people will join this trainwreck in the near future, it's reasonable to say that despite not going to have a house of your own noone will go without sleep bonus. If you feel that'll appropriately occupy your time in Wurm, message me under the same name ("Flubb"). Some screenshots to give you an idea what it looks like. Yes, there sure are many trees...