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  1. 61ql, which is a 3-4sec turn, for 50c
  2. There must have been some delay in the funds posting. They weren't there 48 hours after sending, but relogged and they appeared. Thanks
  3. Currently have Rockhard fathered by Strongkiss who replaced Hardkiss. The best name though: Jollysad. Gave him to a friend who calls him Bipolar.
  4. Sent three charcoal before you updated the list and took charcoal off. It hasn't been picked up yet. If you're not going to accept it please return.
  5. "Hopefully this Unishark has my gauntlet in his gullet"
  6. I think what he's getting at with the blue box is there's a few deeds in that area that thought it would be good to block the road. Getting around them is a pain. Don't block roads people.
  7. So what happened to this?? This rift same ######. different day. The same few,, some of whom never even fought, stood around with their pickaxes and took all the resources. AGAIN.
  8. Add Little Harbor Preserve please. It's at 33x and 28/29y. Thanks.
  9. I've got them, but they're not five speeds. Hit me up in game for details.
  10. Isn't that what the ocean is for?
  11. My thoughts exactly: imagine the divorces.
  12. Last night I made a batch of 10 pottery jars. They were 70QL. My pottery is 81. Normally I can put a batch of 10 70ql out in an hour or so. (BOTD or woa on tools). They took me 3.5 hours. I started getting repeat failures in the 40s. Not happy. FWIW, as an 80 skill potter I have yet to be able to get any piece to 80, despite great tools. Failures with hand and water, which I have no control over quality of.
  13. The floors in Freedom Tunnel need to be done also.
  14. And last rift I was #1 in participation points (only three of us showed for the entire first wave.) yet I got NO rift materials because before third wave was over everyone was standing around to harvest while mobs were still active. Several of those standing around were alts that never even fought. I applaud this update.
  15. I know of a couple disbanded deeds that would fit your specs on central Indy, on Inner Sea. If you want a tour let me know. i'm online most evenings (EST from around 8pm to 1am) for several hours. One in particular just disbanded, and I have had my eye on it. It's a bit more remote (not sure how active the deeds near it are) but it's a gorgeous spot with so much potential. Another is more active, but a bit more creative thinking to get it to fit all my needs. In game name same as forums.