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  1. Just because it's legal does not mean it's right. I know plenty who have off deed areas. In fact, if we went around bashing everyone's off deed fences the new players wouldn't stand a chance. Many quickly build a fence to keep their one or two animals while they get funds to deed. Some never deed. IMO it's no different than if you found your neighbor's purse they dropped. You wouldn't go "ohh gee, it's not locked up. It's on the ground. Fair game. " I would hope you'd return it. Of course, some wouldn't, but people of integrity would.
  2. You can bash fences off deed. Indy has always had a gentleman's code that says you leave someone's off deed fences alone. It's clear by some of the responses that some people wouldn't care if their off deed fences were bashed.
  3. A plan is in motion. That's all I'll say on it until it's done. I do want to ask this then: is bashing fences off deed, when it's clearly "someone's deed" something we do on this server? I have always been told it's a risk, but as we're a bit more mature community people respect off deed fences. I put signs EVERYWHERE stating that it was my deed. Those signs were ignored by Niki, and premium horses taken from the deed, then an attack to me the only way she was able. Are we REALLY that server? Do we want to be? I know plenty of you throwing shade here who have off deed fences... That's all I have to say on that.
  4. Actually, the fences were there. I changed the locks on two gates so I could get in and out. The rest still belong to Kimi. I am getting REALLY sick of being harassed by Niki. I have not been called this many names in a long time, but of course, only where others can't see them. The buildings have not been touched. Nothing has been moved or changed on her deed, with the exception of planting some crops where she used to have her fields, since my alt is staying there. Well, except a couple horses that disappeared today during the two hours I was logged off, along with sections of fencing, which were admitted to being broke down in tells tonight. Such a good friend, but had no idea those fences were put in place by Kimi? Yea. OK.
  5. As many of you know from chat I deeded Kimico's deed in an attempt to keep it for her return. There were many attempts to contact her, and not one thing has (had) been removed from it. This is the LAST message to Kimi on June 15: Kimi, i slapped a deed right in the middle of yours that disbanded. It's not being used, just a "save it". I figure if you don't come back I'll take it over. If you do, let me know and I'll instantly disband so you can have it all back. I just didn't want it to go to someone else. The deed is being held in Salacia's name. She's my alt. I discussed this in public chat. I did not hide what I was doing. As stated, not one thing has (had) been removed from said deed. The only significant change was to bash gates so I could put a lock on them. I can not deed the actual fences as buildings block it, but have deeded the max allowed. I also put signs EVERYWHERE ( 18 of them to be exact) stating: New Ownership ChampagneDragon. Some say New Ownership PST ChampagneDragon. Indy has always honored off deed fences, or at least most of Indy has, which is why I put the signs up. Today I had a lot of RL stuff going. I came home to this message: Why did you fence in Kimico's and Shenzo's deed honeydo? That's really messed up, I get that it disbanded from lack of upkeep are you that hard up to loot her deed? Seriously? This person had no "skin in the game" so to speak, but I explained what was going on, despite the attack. So as soon as I could I logged into game and see fences bashed and horses taken. I am asking for those horses to be returned. They were five speed jets and bloodbays. You can also bring me the bricks to fix the fence you busted despite it clearly being signed as belonging to me. Thank you.
  6. Honey-Do Haven disbanded.
  7. Ty for the referral. Can't remember if I sent out a bunch to him or not. Got my 90, so the grind is done
  8. OMG Bookmarking this for when people ask about traits.
  9. Thanks Gofs! I think my alt and I shall sail for Cele tonight
  10. Bought some silver via Paypal. Instant transaction, no problems, good price. Had silver in my account in less than 10 minutes. Would def buy from again.
  11. From venerable black dragon. 7 day auction. Starting bid 5s 25copper increments. 1 hour sniper protection http://
  12. From venerable black dragon. 7 day auction. Starting bid 20s 50 copper increments. 1 hour sniper protection
  13. I'm sure its too far for you to make it Finndar....
  14. There will be plenty there.
  15. Venerable Black Dragon. Found. Trapped (hopefully still so) Public kill 5:30pm MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME Monday. Meet at the dock of Ring of Honor. 19x 7y If anyone wants to add a timer feel free.